Voices In Education Mini Series



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  • Fine Arts Education


    Roger Fedelleck is a retired Iowa middle school music teacher.  Roger received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa in music education.  He received a masters and later doctorate degree in music performance.   Dr. Fedelleck retired in 2001 after 30 years of teaching.  He has experience teaching at the elementary, middle school, and […]

  • Autism


    Autism is a disorder that affects 60 out of 10,000 children.  Despite the frequency of the disorder and continuous research, autism is a condition that holds many unanswered questions.  In the spirit of inclusion, many mildly autistic students are placed in mainstream classes.  Teachers must understand the challenges faced by these students if autistic students […]

  • Childhood Obesity


    The changing American society has altered the way that people live.  Many individuals now consume more processed and fast foods.  Children, traditionally the group least likely to be come overweight, is being dramatically impacted.  To compound problems, Americans are adopting a more sedentary lifestyle.  Children are playing less outside and spending more time in front […]

  • Paraprofessionals


    Mindy Fiala is our guest today.  Mindy has an A.A. from Kirkwood Community College in theater and a B.S.S from Cornell College in Mount Vernon Iowa in theater with a minor in art.  Mindy is now in her third year as a high school paraprofessional in a credit recovery program.  She helps students gain credit […]

  • ESL Students


    Darek Benesh is on the program today to discuss English as a second language students.  ESL students are an important topic in an increasingly diverse American population. All teachers will at some time in their teaching career have an ESL student in their classrooms. The program focuses on understanding what ESL instruction is and how […]

  • H1N1 Flu


    Monica Forte is this week’s guest.  She has a B.A. in biology and is a pharmacy doctoral student at the University of Iowa.  Monica works as a pharmacy intern with Target Pharmacy in Cedar Rapids.  The topic today is the H1N1 flu epidemic that is currently moving through the school population.  Disease cases have within […]

  • Global Citizenship


    Kate Kauper is a former social studies teacher from Colorado.  She currently is a doctoral student at the University of Iowa College of Education.  Kate’s research looks at the integration of globalism in secondary education classrooms.  Kate has mentored pre-service teachers in their student teaching experiences and designed a course in the college of education […]

  • First Interview


    The pilot podcast is with Bruce Fehn.  Dr. Fehn currently is a social studies education professor at the University of Iowa.  He discussed how desktop documentaries can be created by students using the Microsoft Photostory program.  The program was originally used to create photo slide shows.  Photostory is a free program available at the Microsoft […]