Alphabet Scoop



You may know the alphabet from A to Z, but do you know it from alpaca to zucchini? Tune in every Wednesday to hear Heather and Ben scoop up some history, dish out fun facts, and serve each other some quizzes. Each episode features trivia about a subject starting with a letter of the alphabet. What happens after we hit Z? Better keep listening to find out!


  • 07: G is for Gameshows


    G'day! What is the history of game shows? Who are the most successful game show cheaters? What is Jeopardy? Find out the answers in this episode!Listen here!

  • 06: F is for Flowers


    Fâla! Think you can beat Ben in a quiz about the meanings of flowers? Probably! And Valentine's Day has a surprisingly dark past and why hearts are the shape they aren't!!Listen here!

  • 04: D is for Dummies


    Dobrý den! In this delayed-due-to-audio-difficulties episode, learn about what used to test before crash test dummies, where the mysterious Mystery Dum Dum flavor came from, and what a gastromyth is!!Listen here!

  • 05: E is for Emotion


    Elo! If you want to put a smile on your face, listen and learn the origin of the smiley face, the difference between emoticon and emoji, and if animals have emotions!Listen here!

  • 03: C is for Cards


    Ciao! We deal out info on why the ace of spades is so darn fancy, the person who holds the world record on receiving greeting cards, and one of us owns Beanie Baby trading cards! Listen to find out!Listen here!

  • 02.5: Breakfast Leftovers


    Need a second serving? Good news, we have leftovers! Check out this mini-sode to hear about The Cereal Project and second breakfast!Listen here!

  • 02: B is for Breakfast


    Bonjour! Ever wondered what a typical breakfast is like in other countries? Or when humans first decided to try drinking cow milk? And how the great Kellogg v. Post battles began? Find out those answers and more!Listen here!

  • 01: A is for Alphabet


    Aloha! Find out the mysterious origins of Alphabet Soup, learn how to pronounce the longest ever word in Greek, and there's actually a really good reason that Americans say Z and everyone else says Zed!Listen here!