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The Hordes and Warmachine Podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously.


  • Episode 102 – Back-ish


    Elite Cadre – Episode 102 Lockdown sent us all a bit mad. Well, more mad. Okay we’re largely unaffected but we’re bored. Here’s the ramblings of three people and Alex as we attempt to make some sense of our post-Warmachine, … Continue reading →

  • Quarantine Film Club (Episode 2)


    Quarantine Film Club (Episode 2) Returning once more for an episode about Danny Ocean’s True Love of Monsters it’s the Quarantine Film Club! Music Used: Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3522-cold-funk License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3788-funkorama … Continue reading →

  • Quarantine Film Club (Episode 1)


    Quarantine Film Club (Episode 1) In a break from your irregular programming we present…the Quarantine Film Club. Some of the hosts of Elite Cadre take a whole episode discussing films they’ve watched recently, and what they recommend. Music Used: Cold … Continue reading →

  • Episode 101 – Convergence CID


    Elite Cadre – Episode 101 Apparently this episode fell down the back of the sofa. Lost in time for several months it’s largely inaccurate, and a bit weird.

  • Episode 100 – Centenary, and Hungerford


    Elite Cadre – Episode 100 We’re back once more and this time with some hosts from the past as well as the inimitable Will Hungerford who popped along to talk to us about Oblivion, Riot Quest, and partially just experience … Continue reading →

  • Episode 99 – Lock’n’Load, and the Guide to Heists


    Elite Cadre – Episode 99 Commentary on Lock’n’Load, the Welsh Masters, the Iron Kingdoms RPG, and a Kickstarter from the San Jenaro Co-Op about heists in RPGs. Full Disclosure: Although this episode is not sponsored one or more of the … Continue reading →

  • Episode 98 – Oblivion CID Thoughts


    Elite Cadre – Episode 98 Some thoughts on the Oblivion CID.

  • Episode 97 – Pre-CID Infernals Thoughts


    Elite Cadre – Episode 97 Some thoughts from before the Infernals CID on the new faction. Don’t worry, we’ve already recorded an outdated set of thoughts on the Oblivion CID too!

  • Episode 96 – Champions, Theme Forces, and CID


    Elite Cadre – Episode 96 A little look into Champions tournaments now Kurt has been to one, and then discussion on the benefits that CID and theme forces are bringing to Mk3.

  • Episode 95 – Ramblesode


    Elite Cadre – Episode 95 Genuinely we did intend to have a topic for this but I think that intention got lost somewhere along the way…oh well!

  • Episode 94 – Odd Formats


    Elite Cadre – Episode 94 We talk about Champions and some other older and much weirder formats… Note: This episode was originally recorded in October and was delayed due to an audio issue.

  • Episode 93 – Benj in Charge


    Elite Cadre – Episode 93 We let Benj choose the questions for this one. Buckle up, people, it’s going to get messy…

  • Episode 92 – Listener Questions


    Elite Cadre – Episode 92 In which we take weird and almost troll-like questions at times.

  • Episode 91 – Crucible Guard


    Elite Cadre – Episode 91 This month Kurt talks about his newfound love with the Crucible Guard. He talks about this a LOT.

  • Episode 90 – X-Wing v2, also Primer


    Elite Cadre – Episode 90 I admit I left this one a while as we were busy…well, it’s edited now, and as half the outro is movie talk I don’t think it’s particularly aged!

  • Episode 89 – Black Anchor, Bonescon, and Shadespire


    Elite Cadre – Episode 89 We talk about…look, is anyone actually reading these? Drop me a line on twitter @mrchom if you do. Anyway, we talk about models from BAHI, the new con on the block, and my new found … Continue reading →

  • Episode 88 – Super Series


    Elite Cadre – Episode 88 We talk to Chris Young about UKISS. Meanwhile Benj wastes his life, probably on Hearthstone again….

  • Episode 87 – Topics Are Overrated


    Elite Cadre – Episode 87 Benj hates it when I don’t do proper written intros. Hi Benj! Please be aware this is a recording of a general chat and not a normal episode. Recording for the next episode will take … Continue reading →

  • Episode 86 – Away Days


    Elite Cadre – Episode 86 Join us this episode as we talk about tournaments Alex and Kurt have been to, a bit of SR2017, the latest errata, and a bit of Mike and Kurt’s film hour…

  • Episode 85 – Blast From The Past


    Elite Cadre – Episode 85 In between my going into hospital and some very busy weekends this episode sort of got lost. Now you can enjoy Kurt talking about 40k for an hour!

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