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Car Buyer's Etcetera is a consulting group designed to help people purchase an automobile, who have trouble buying on their own!


  • "Car Buyer's Etcetera Helps Aspiring Young Employees w/Sponsorship Program!"

    02/05/2014 Duração: 30min

    Car Buyer’s Etcetera has been helping women purchase cars since 1995?  But, did you know that we also help young adults needing a good start in life?  The CBE, Inc Sponsorship Program runs for 90-180 days; & designed to do the following.  Support, both financially, for housing when they move into areas outside of their family & friend circle of more than 600 miles, and; Studying to achieve a degree, or furthering their education.  Our 2 Newest Recipients are; Nicole Richman & Debra Brennan of Pennsylvania, & we offer;1).  Summer Internship/employment. (2). Products & services used to raise money for their cause. (3). A Guidance Program, to help w/ Mentoring, which they choose from.  NOTE:  Selected Products* you buy, gives half the cost as a donation.Selections are: “What the Car Salesman Won’t Tell You ~ We Will!”; $20.00 download to any Smartphone!  $10.00 donation. Our “Speak to an Expert” $35.00 buy/ $17.50 donation.  Men’s Executive Package, or Pampered Women’s Package, a $460.00 valu

  • "Are Black Women Gullible in the Business of Buying Cars?"

    13/01/2014 Duração: 29min

    A Sincere and Honest Talk about the Buying Strategies Black Women Can Use When Buying a Car!

  • Buying Your Car Just Got Simpler!

    16/09/2013 Duração: 28min

    On today's show we will talk about why women get hit the hardest when trying to purchase an automobile... How to avoid been taken advantage of, and what not to do... We will also introduce our new Executive Assistant in the Car Buying Industry, Ms. Nadia Edison.  Ms. Edison comes to us from Omaha Nebraska and will be heading up our division for Women Auto Buyers.  We feel under our tutaledge and her efforts, we can make a winning team for this entity of our business.... Please help us welcome her by Hitting the Like Us" on our Face Book Page for Car Buyer's Etcetera.   Our Call-In Guest Number today is 347-202-0582

  • " Our 17th Year in Business, and Still Going Strong!"

    16/01/2013 Duração: 30min

    Today we'll expound on the past  years of Success, and how we are moving forward... without giving up too much info.  We are sad to announce that Jannelle Gray; aka Gray Jaguar on Facebook, no longer represents (in any capacity; and for quite some time) Car Buyer's Etcetera, Inc... due to personal issues.... Admist the Holidays we were not in the Studio to make the announcement. Check with our office before engaging with "any person" whom may claim they represent us!  We wish her the best! Now, moving forward... We are currently seeking a "person of quality" whom can do the job in the capacity of an Executive's Assistant!  And; as an Auto Buying Consulting Company, we have opened up in 2 new areas; in January, which we will be discussing on the show today. This would be a Salary paid position, with incentive bonuses.  We will also be discussing the perils of tax season, and buying a vehicle in this season. Our Phone lines open at 2:05 p.m.; today, and our Call-In number to the show is 1-347-202-0582. Our show

  • Car Talkin' "Live" with co-host, Jannelle Gray!

    30/10/2012 Duração: 32min

    Today is all about women trying to purchase. Call 347-202-0582, and tell us why its diffult to buy, and let us help you. Your concerns and questions will be met with Expertise! Jannelle