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The House of Aquila Invictus is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a not-for-profit educational organization that studies western European history by recreating the "best" pastimes and crafts of the Middle Ages.
The SCA has 19 Kingdoms (regional chapters) located around the world. The populace in those Kingdoms devote their free time to tournaments, festivals, educational collegiums (classes), feasts, revels, and all sorts of arts and sciences dating from pre-1600s western Europe. We try to bring the best of the Middle Ages back to life, by making an attempt at the proper clothing (we'll provide help with that), or learning calligraphy, fencing, dancing, or whatever medieval activities you find interesting.

Most importantly, the SCA is not the same thing as a Renaissance Faire, because it is participatory. There is no audience. Every person plays a part in creating the atmosphere. We hold weekly meetings (sometimes called "fighter practices"), and "events" (get-togethers where costumes are required) nearly every weekend. Some feature armored combat tournaments and feasts, some are orchestrated around medieval pomp and circumstance (audiences or "Courts" conducted by Royalty), while others focus on learning more about particular crafts.

Aquila Invictus is blessed with a year-round sunny clime, so our events often feature full weekends of activities at camping events, including bardic revelry around campfires! So, look for the group that is closest to you, or check out "How to find your local SCA group" to find a group near you. And welcome to the Best of the Middle Ages!

For more information about the history of the House of Aquila Invictus, see Rudolfus Rebil. For more information about the SCA in general, please visit the new FAQ on the SCA website.
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