Step Three - The Official Podcast Of Love.make.share



Love. Make. Share. A simple three-step process to guide everything we do. The problem is, it's so often much easier to accomplish steps one and two than it is to do step three. That means this is my show and yours -- this is the platform to share, to talk about the projects we're working on, the amazing things we're creating, the things we've learned, and what we want to do next. So -- what did you make today?


  • Episode 1 - Love.Make.Share.

    09/07/2014 Duração: 25min

    Thanks for listening to the debut episode of Step Three! We cover a number of topics in today’s show -- The Love.Make.Share. philosophy VR shenanigans - Oculus, Sony, Samsung, and Google Cardboard on the cheap Imagine Space – public maker space in Ottawa Roots, Omer Stringer, and paddlemaking Tools of paddlemaking - the spokeshave Canoe Paddles - A Complete Guide to Making Your Own, by Graham Warren and David Gidmark Making by feel, and learning from your mistakes Leave us a comment or a voicemail at and we'll feature you in an upcoming episode!