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Spring Woods High School Technology Applications DepartmentListen to a Podcast for each project.Check for homework if you are absent.Go Tigers!


  • Podcast Project - The Help Project


    Welcome back to the SWHS Tech Apps Blog and Podcast. The year is coming to an end, but we still have lots to do..... Listen to the podcast to find out about your new project!! The Help Project

  • MM Project 2 "Me 2"


    This will not come as a surprise to you, the second project is an extension of the first. We are going to take two days to work with the animation aspects of PowerPoint.The title for this project is Me2 and the goal is to make as many items in the original Me project animate as possible.This is not proper mm design this is fun and exploration time.There will come a time that some transitions and animations will enhance and move your presentation to the professional level.There will be other times that you will not be creating a boardroom presentation and you will want to include multiple transitions and animations.The real lesson is know your audience so you will be able to use all of your skills to make the correct impression.Remember Have Fun and Go Get’mCoach HandlinI loved the work that you did on the first project!!!! Go Tigers!!!!Me 2 Project

  • MM Project 1 - The "Me" Project


    To listen to the instructions for the first project click below.Enjoy the project and Have Fun!Me Project