Louise's Lexiconology



Hello there! My name is Louise and Im from Edinburgh in Scotland. I am passionate about learning languages, I really think its important to be able to speak another language; it helps our understanding of different cultures, builds better relationships with other countries and makes travelling abroad even more special when you can speak the native language .I like to tailor my lesson plans to every individual student, no two lessons will ever be the same. I believe that if the lesson has specific relevance to you, it will be easier for you to learn and more importantly it will be FUN. I use a variety of materials in my lessons: news articles, magazine headlines, music, video clips, audio clips, anything I think is interesting and relevant actually! English can seem complicated, but I promise you it isnt and together we will discover how colourful and descriptive and fun it can be! Why not try a free 30 minute lesson and let the fun begin!