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Shrinetime Entertainment is THE #1 up and coming Anime Media Show that listens to the People gives the anime fans what they want in a podcast/liveshow, unlike all the typical anime podcast or live show, we let the fans be part of the conversation. Wild,crazy and candid...the podcast have it all.We are YOUR National Anime Conversation Source. We have on Guests from all over the anime/video game world. From voice Actors to Cosplay Idols to All kinds of Anime Enthusiasts, we have alot of fun talking about exciting, controversial and Shocking Topics from throughout the anime/Video Game/ Tech Industry.


  • Shrinetime Entertainment Podcast Episode 26 A RialDeal Party or from Mirajane with love.

    24/03/2014 Duração: 01h26min

    This Episode is One for the ages as Roy, Mike and yours truly with our Leading Lady extraordinaire and honorary member of the shrine, Miss Jessica Calvello AKA Lady J as the party just got RIAL. That's right we have one of our most awesome Guestspots yet with the One and only Monica Rial(Fairy Tail, Mikchiko and Hatchin, Maken-Ki, Infinite Stratos, Negima) in the shrine with us to talk of all things anime. I also sung for Monica, got into a love triangle with Mike and Roy did a short(but F"N awesome) Fairy Tail Skit with Monica(Mirajane)and also answer some of your fan Questions. you gotta check this episode out folks. Enjoy and remember at Shrinetime Entertainment -The Nerd is the word. DISCLAIMER: We got to as many fan questions as we could, so if your questions didn't get answered, don't take it personally.

  • Shrinetime Entertainment Podcast Episode 12 (ep 24) Ice Reaper Swag with Michelle Ruff and Eddie Correa

    13/02/2014 Duração: 01h06min

    Awesome Podcast for all of you this week, awesome and personal friends of the shrine, Amazing Voice Actress, Michelle Ruff (Bleach, Gurren Laggan,Chobits, Code Geass, Digimon) and Eddie Correa (Founder of Skuffmarx, Crazeddotcom and GurrellaOne) are in the house to talk of all thing anime, gaming and go crazy LOL funny with us. Also we're debuting a brand new host to the STE family, take a listen as our new bubbly otaku, Miss Abby AKA L.Drake hangs out and gets a crash course in the wild,crazy and candid stylings of STE Podcast...enjoy because at Shrinetime Entertainment, The Nerd is the word!!!!