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Since 2010, Nikki Kinzer and Pete Wright have offered support, life management strategies, and time and technology tips, dedicated to anyone looking to take control while living with ADHD.


  • It's a Wrap! Season 22 Review

    29/06/2021 Duração: 37min

    It’s the end of the road ... for this season. And to celebrate we’re taking a walk down memory lane for the shows that made the most impact on us, the guests that gave of their time to our community, and of course: Shocktato. Links & Notes The Original Shocktato Incident. Let me just say this about that: I think my Shocktato is somehow damaged. There is no way a toy like this should be overclocked like it is. It made my back sweat… and back sweat is never child’s play.

  • Navigating Anxiety, Rejection & Friendship with ADHD

    22/06/2021 Duração: 36min

    Friendships are already a challenge with ADHD. What happens when you're also living with social anxiety and rejection sensitivity? We pull apart a few important lessons on the show this week, not the least of which is the following: in all likelihood, people like you more than you think they do. Is that hard to hear? Then you need to listen to this week's show. Nikki brings an exercise and resource to help you breakdown the RSD we live with, and how to deal with the disappointment that comes when we make ourselves vulnerable to close friendships. Pete helps to catalog those friendships thanks to the work of a new book by Robin Dunbar. Check out the infographic here and listen in for more. Links & Notes 5 Ways to Deal with Disappointment — Dr. Radha Modgil Friends: Understanding the Power of Our Most Important Relationships — by Robin Dunbar

  • Find Friends and Flourish with ADHD with Melissa Orlov

    15/06/2021 Duração: 48min

    Is it common to struggle to develop friendships with ADHD? Let's just say, if you're struggling yourself, you're in good company. Struggles to manage time for friendships, develop close, meaningful ties, are made all the more difficult thanks to the bouquet of ADHD factors. This week on the show we’re thrilled to welcome back the fantastic Melissa Orlov. She’s a leading expert in how ADHD affects relationships. On top of that, she’s an award-winning author of books including The ADHD Effect on Marriage, and The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD. She’s founder of ADHD & Marriage where she writes regularly alongside a cast of incredible contributors and hosts a large community of adults learning about ADHD in their relationships. Links & Notes ADHD & Marriage Melissa Orlov on Amazon

  • Culture Connections with India’s only certified ADHD Coach Sonal Singh

    01/06/2021 Duração: 39min

    We met Sonal Singh as she was managing the virtual green room and serving as host for our session at last year’s CHADD International Conference on ADHD. Our paths had never crossed, but as we started chatting we realized just how fascinating her path had been. She is India’s first certified ADHD coach. We think this is fascinating. What would you do if you were in her shoes, and you had the opportunity to teach all those in your sphere about neurodivergence and executive function and the entire spectrum of ADHD? Of course, Sonal is doing much of her work with an International audience from her home in Delhi and we certainly don’t want to set her up as an ADHD savior for an entire country! But, we think hearing of her experience in this place and time can give us an interesting insight into the development of ADHD awareness as a culture, and that’s worth discussing on the show next week. Links & Notes SonalSinghCoaching.com Exceptional Minds on Facebook ADHD Life Coaching on Instagram

  • Focus on Focus

    25/05/2021 Duração: 21min

    Did you know focus requires focus? Yes, it sounds a touch nonsensical, but when you're living with ADHD, the act of focusing has a tendency to become unhinged. And unhinged focus can damage what you're otherwise out to find: productivity. This week on the show we're talking all about focus, the state of mind appropriate for best focus, and how you can take care of your mind and body so that when you need to find focus, it's there. Links & Notes Serene: The macOS App for Laser-Focus Freedom: Block Websites, Apps, and the Internet

  • Brain Music with [email protected] with founder Will Henshall

    18/05/2021 Duração: 45min

    Looking for focus? Like music? Have trouble focusing WITH music? We might just be able to help you out this week. [email protected] is a service offering focus music to help you tune in to what you’re doing so that you can get it done. Will Henshall is the musician and inventor behind the service and joins us today to talk about the tool, the technology, and how it just might be your next secret weapon in your war on distraction. What’s different about the music? What makes it so good for focus? Will tells all this week with examples from channels across the site that help a wide range of brains to raise the noise floor and get working. We talk about entrainment, and why it can be both a useful tool for some people, and an even bigger distraction for others. Plus, we dive into a bit of 90’s music history to hear about Will’s past life as a founding musician behind Londonbeat. About Will Henshall Will Henshall is a Los Angeles based tech entrepreneur, inventor and music producer. He was the founding member and main w

  • The Trance of Scarcity with Victoria Castle

    11/05/2021 Duração: 48min

    What does it mean to have? We’re not just talking about material possessions here, but how do you relate to having anything? Food? Space? Time? Focus? Productivity? Living with ADHD, we often live in a position of lack, of not having enough, of not being able to do enough, of scarcity. But we don’t have to live that way, and this week’s guest is going to tell us why. Author Victoria Castle joins us this week to talk about her book, ‘The Trance of Scarcity’. She helps us understand the trap of scarcity and the transformation to abundance. Even more, she helps us revisit our own bodies and our lived experience. We talk about what we aspire to with our ADHD, and how we can redraw that map to create the role models that serve us.

  • Falling in Love with your Productivity Tech with Brittany Smith

    04/05/2021 Duração: 51min

    Brittany Smith is an ADHD, Productivity, and Technology coach in Portland, Oregon. She has her MS in Cognitive Neuroscience and uses the latest tools and her love of technology to help her clients get more done, with less stress. This week, Brittany joins us to talk about technology and how it fuels productivity. We talk about battling the fear that comes from new tech tools, the overwhelm from that feeling of too much technology, and how you can actually find the spark of motivation hiding in an examination of the things that de-motivate you about your tools the most! Links & Notes Brittany Smith at Devise & Conquer Consulting Obsidian: A second brain, for you, forever DevonThink from DevonTechnologies Data Privacy Day at Apple: Improving Transparency and Empowering Users What is App Tracking Transparency and how do you block app tracking? Apple Shortcuts User Guide

  • What to Avoid When Planning Your Day

    26/04/2021 Duração: 20min

    It's time to get into the weeds! Plan your day like a star with a few simple guides to keep in the back of your mind. Where do you start? First things first... don't skip! From there, it’s a piece of cake! This week on the show we’re reviewing the transition from weekly planning to daily planning; how do you take those big rocks and provide just enough detail in your time management so you’re able to get things done? Plus, we review our own individual processes for daily planning and look forward to hearing more from you!

  • What to Avoid When Planning Your Week

    20/04/2021 Duração: 19min

    Planning is a real delight. It’s one of the most fun things I can do with my precious time! When I sit down to plan, the only thing I really want to plan, is the next session of planning, which can’t come soon enough. ... said no one with ADHD. Ever. Yeah, we know. Sitting down to plan your week is hard, and if you’ve ever been burned by missing your own plan, you might not find a whole lot of value in it. This week on the show, we’re going to make the case that maybe, just maybe, you’re falling into one of three perilous traps that have impeded your successful efforts to plan. If you can get your hands around these three, you’re off to the races! Links & Notes The Taking Control GPS Program

  • How Accountability Partners Work

    13/04/2021 Duração: 31min

    You've heard us talk about the value of accountability partners before, but what does that relationship look like? What do you ask of one another, and what can you expect? As you’ll hear, we’re not big fans of the word “accountability.” If you’re turned off by the word, if you find it sounds a dash too much like you’re being punished or investigated, you’re not alone. In fact, maybe that’s what has been keeping you from exploring this valuable practice! We hope you love our spin on it, and that maybe after the show this week, you’ll give it a shot yourself. From finding someone you can trust, someone who can relate to your habits and adjust to your expectations, to finding someone for whom you can contribute equally, this week we’re all about building accountability relationships that work! Links & Notes Clouseau v. Cato — The ultimate accountability partner! Focusmate

  • Unique ADHD Strategies That Work! At least most of the time! • Part 3

    06/04/2021 Duração: 22min

    We’re wrapping up our series on strategies from our community for living our lives with ADHD that work... most of the time! This week, we’re talking all about organizing, alarms, and acceptance! Links & Notes MediVault Command Strips!

  • Unique ADHD Strategies That Work! At least most of the time! • Part 2

    30/03/2021 Duração: 33min

    We’re back and cranking through more incredible strategies from our community for living our lives with ADHD. This week, we’re talking all about finding focus and alarm tricks! Links & Notes Notability: Fall in love with note taking (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) DAKboard: Customizable display for photos, calendar, news, weather and more! Update: Pete undersold this. Turns out they actually sell complete units that you don’t have to build your old computer to use! Incredibly cool tool and reasonable pricing! Freaky Alarm Time Timer Applications Share your Apple Watch Face with others

  • Unique ADHD Strategies That Work! At least most of the time! • Part 1

    23/03/2021 Duração: 31min

    We learned so much from you all in our last series that we’re keeping the party going! This week, and for the next few episodes, we’re sharing your submissions for unique AHD strategies that work ... MOST of the time. We all know that not every strategy works forever, but if we can learn a few from one another to get us over the next challenge, so much the better! This week, listener submissions to help you get started on projects and tackle task management! Links & Notes Rocketbook

  • Living with ADHD: Stories from Our Listeners • Part Four

    16/03/2021 Duração: 38min

    Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with Kathleen’s story and her effort to build Getting Things Done® and the ever-evolving catalog of life goals and objectives into her digital tool of choice: Todoist. But it’s not just a story about Todoist, it’s a morality play about going all-in on a tool before you abandon it. Great lessons from a terrific listener this week! Links & Notes Getting Things Done Todoist

  • Living with ADHD: Stories From Our Listeners • Part Three

    09/03/2021 Duração: 44min

    Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with stories from two adult students and a coach who is taking joy to new levels!

  • Living with ADHD • ADHD Stories From Our Listeners - Part Two

    02/03/2021 Duração: 48min

    Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with stories from parents, writers, and engineers, each living and learning through their experience with ADHD.

  • Living with ADHD • You can have struggles and still have success with Dr. Kalaki Clarke

    23/02/2021 Duração: 49min

    We’re kicking off a series on the show we’re calling “Living with ADHD,” a set of episodes in which we talk to people about their journey ー careers, challenges, surprises, and terrific a-ha moments — and try to learn a bit about our own experiences as we look to the experiences of others. Today on the show, a valued community member shares her own story, waking up to ADHD and becoming an advocate from her position in her medical clinic. Dr. Kalaki Clarke joins us to talk about her journey with ADHD to becoming a physician, her work as an advocate for ADHDers everywhere, and her side gig as an award-winning in-car singer! Links & Notes Watch “Here to Say” — 2018 winner of the ADHD Viewers Choice Award promoting ADHD Awareness Life After Plans Follow @this_md_kalaki on Instagram

  • You Can't "Fix" ADHD

    16/02/2021 Duração: 27min

    ADHD is part of us. You’ll hear a lot of people talking about how they can help you “fix” your ADHD but they always seem to forget that first part. We’ve learned over the last few weeks about the nature of acceptance, of embracing the parts of us that are hard and approaching them with curiosity and courage. What happens when you fully integrate all of ADHD — challenges and blessings — into your identity? What can you learn about yourself and the way you face the challenges ahead? This week on the show, a meditation on fault, blame, and what it really means to fix ADHD.

  • Acceptance and the Paradox of Change with Dr. Dodge Rea

    09/02/2021 Duração: 53min

    You might have heard of the stages of denial. But have you heard of the stages of acceptance? Dr. Dodge is back with us this week to share the similarities and differences between the two models and illuminate just how powerful it can be when discussing our relationship to ADHD. Links & Notes Subscribe to The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea The Four Stages of Acceptance — Marty Cooper, MFT Listen to Nikki Kinzer and The ADHD Paradox on The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea Listen to Ted Klontz and Facing our Hardest Change Softly on The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea

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