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Talking about all things rock music since the year 2000.


  • Why Sable Hills is the Guitar-Centric, Heavy Metalcore Band You Have Been Waiting For

    11/07/2024 Duração: 49min

    What are you looking for in the next great metalcore band? Are you looking for nods to the past greats? Looking for brutal heavy screams? Looking for something that could be so much more?Well great news, WE FOUND JUST THAT... ALL OF THAT! And you get to find out about it before so many others will with this episode.Takuya & Rict from Sable Hills join the Chord Progression Podcast all the way from Japan! With a new album, Odyssey, releasing on July 19th, we get you into this band better than any one else. Join us as we discuss:Sable Hills signing with Arising Empire, and why signing with a European label will perfectly launch them into a brand new market of fans, hungry for great metalcore.Why the band puts a heavy focus on a more pronounced guitar sound in their music, and how Takuya changed his vocal style to create a heavier and more impactful tone.The creation of Odyssey as an album, and give you the best preview of the new album than anyone else.Our first interview with a band from Japan was a big tim

  • How In Hearts Wake Began a New "Incarnation" of the Band with New Album, And Went HEAVIER!

    09/07/2024 Duração: 58min

    When a long time band member leaves the band, the remaining members have many decisions to make about their music. Do they continue on as is without that person? Do they find a replacement? How will the music change? These questions must be answered.That happened this this heavy Australian band, and they found the answer recording their new album in the middle of a Michigan winter. And the results, let's just say, are better than you could expect.Jake from the Australian metalcore band In Hearts Wake joins the Chord Progression Podcast today. With the band releasing the new album, Incarnation, on July 12th, we dive deep into the album talking aboutHow Kyle's departure from In Hearts Wake forced the band to reevaluate where they wanted to go with their music, and how it brought them a much needed creative challenge.Recording the entire album in the middle of winter in Michigan, forcing the band to live in the reality and headspace of this much heavier record.Using vulnerability as a strength, and why the band

  • How Windwaker Expanded Their "Gumbo Pot" of Sound on New Record HYPERVIOLENCE

    04/07/2024 Duração: 51min

    2 years ago, we had the pleasure of having Windwaker on the podcast for the first time, and that was to discuss their debut album, Love Language.But now it is 2024 and things have (and have not changed). A new album is upcoming, a new lead singer has "returned" to the band, and their massive growth has led them to embark on their first ever tour to the US. So how did this happen, and what does the new album have in store?Today, Liam from Windwaker joins the Chord Progression Podcast before the release of the new album HYPERVIOLENCE and the band's first ever tour in the USA. So, we discuss:How Windwaker created a "gumbo pot" of sound at their core, mixing in metalcore, black metal, pop, and hip hop all into one.The creation of HYPERVIOLENCE and how it flows from more of the Windwaker sound focused on metalcore, to focused more on hip-hop infusion as the album goes on.Windwaker coming over the to USA for the first time supporting Northlane, and why they should open their set with a heavy track.A great catch-up

  • My Epic & The Importance of Developing Deep Connections with Your Band's Social Media Strategy

    02/07/2024 Duração: 01h04min

    The social media world right now is a cesspool of content meant to go viral, be a flash in the pan, and hope that viewers will actually go beyond the doom scroll to check out what you are doing.But what is the right way to do this? Is there any hope behind trying to hop on a trend and just hope something becomes viral? Well, there just might be.Aaron from the rock band My Epic joins the Chord Progression Podcast. With a new album, Loriella, out now, we take this album in a few interesting directions talking about:The importance in framing when it comes to social media content and the commitment it takes to make a splash anywhere online.Why it is important to focus your content around building deep connections with your existing fans and to attract new audiences, not just hopping on a trend in hoping to go viral.The new start the band is going to be taking on "Loriella" and why they are happy with it.A fantastic episode beyond anything we were expecting. We have plenty of interviews like this, so hit that subs

  • Why The Warning Are the BIGGEST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD with The Release of New Album "Keep Me Fed"

    27/06/2024 Duração: 27min

    We last had The Warning on the Chord Progression Podcast in 2021 when they were easily one of the best emerging rock bands in the world. So now in 2024, what has happened to them?Well, would you believe that they became one of, if not THE BEST, rock band in the world? And with a brand new album about to release, how about we take a look at it together?Dany, Pau, and Ale from The Warning RETURN to the Chord Progression Podcast with the new album Keep Me Fed releasing on June 28th. We take a look at The Warning's growth over the past few years on this episode with:A recap of the band's growth and the accomplishments they have achieved since 2021, including a spot promoting Keep Me Fed on Jimmy Kimmel Live the night before the album release.The deep dive into the creation of Keep Me Fed, the fan reaction to the singles, a look at the creation of Sharks, and why this album shows more growth, and so much more potential for the future of The Warning.Looking at the main goal going forward for The Warning, and why th

  • How Sound&Shape Used the "Influences of their Influences" to Create New Album "Pillars of Creation"

    25/06/2024 Duração: 58min

    We all know artists build their own individual sound from the music and experiences they are influenced by. But to create truly great music is that enough?Should artists dive in to "influences squared?" Meaning should they dive into the influences of their influence to try and discover even more great music?Ryan from the band Sound&Shape joins the Chord Progression Podcast, with the new album "Pillars of Creation" out now for you to check out. In this episode, we dive deep into:How Ryan used his influence from The Beatles to consistently try and push his music to do new things.Why looking into the influences of you influence may just help you discover the greatest music you will write in your career, hence "influence squared."If the social lines and divide based on preferred genre of music will be blurred and non-existent in the future thanks to artists consistently blending genres.One fantastic conversation for you to take hold of. If you never want to miss great conversations like this, be sure to tap t

  • Them Dirty Roses Talk 'Birmingham Steel' and The Importance of Strong Band Chemistry

    20/06/2024 Duração: 54min

    Don't you love it when a band comes together? I mean really comes together, has the ultimate chemistry, and makes incredible music? We all do.Well, we found a southern rock band that is doing just that, based on their long history as friends, their shared experiences, and ability to understand one another for the betterment of the band.The guys in Them Dirty Roses join the Chord Progression Podcast. Dive into their southern rock style with us as we discussHow important band chemistry is, from both being there in the bad times for each other, and being there in the good times as well. Something that leads to great music.The new song Birmingham Steel, its message of a stable relationship, and how a shared experience in the Alabama steel industry brought the guys into the song.Why they are the band you are going to want to see, and hang out with too once the show is over.A great conversation with a great band of guys. Hit the subscribe button below for even more great episodes like this coming up.Find Them Dirty

  • Why Being Vulnerable Musically Is a Secret to an Artist's Success: Dave from Stray View

    18/06/2024 Duração: 01h05min

    Why are bands like Bad Omens, Bring Me the Horizon, Falling In Reverse, Sleep Token, and Knocked Loose hitting so well with so many people? What is the commonality between them?One reason could be their ability to blend unique ideas and genres together, another could be they embody what connects people to rock and metal music today. But we really found another reason.. they are vulnerable with their music, both in meaning and how they construct it.Dave from Stray View joins the Chord Progression Podcast today for an over-the-top episode anyone making music needs to check out. On this episode, we discussWhy musicians and artists that are fully vulnerable with their music from lyrics to sound construction are successful, and why every musician should be just as vulnerable.The importance of checking your ego at the door with your bandmates in order to create the best music you can.How the music industry is reinforcing collaboration as the best way to create music.A fantastic podcast episode any artist will see a

  • Why Every Young Band Should Invest In A Good Producer | A Wise Take from The Failsafe

    13/06/2024 Duração: 01h07min

    Every growing band out there is trying to do what they can to make it big, to become well known, and to live a life they always dreamed of. And that, is making music and sharing it all across the world.But those bands are going to have to take a leap of faith in order to make their dreams come true. One of those leaps of faith... finding a great producer and working with them on at least one song.The guys from The Failsafe join the Chord Progression Podcast today! Following the release of their latest single Dying to Exist, we dive deep intoThe origin of The Failsafe, and why working with a producer to understand what their niche sound is helps set them up for musical successWhy every young band should invest in working with a great producer on one song, to try and discover your great potential as a band.Creating the new song Dying To Exist, why it is all about working to be heard, and its construction to be the best opening song the band could have.Another new band here for you to check out, so hit that subs

  • Why Are Kids Not Into Punk Rock & How Can We Change That? Australian Band Fake News Speaks Up

    11/06/2024 Duração: 58min

    If you have been to a punk rock show lately, you may have noticed something about the demographic of the crowd... it tends to be a lot older. So the question is... is punk rock failing to connect with the next generation?We found an "all-around" punk band to explore this with, see what had changed, and get a better idea of how bands can help the younger generation find a home in Punk.Nick from the Australian punk band Fake News joins the Chord Progression Podcast. This episode is one where we get into it about punk rock withExploring the reasons why the next generation is not getting into punk, and why the new way of discovering music might be a cause of it.How punk rock came into Nick's life and inspired the rest of the band to pursue their dreams.Why it is important to have fun with band promotion in the social media age.A fun with with a new band for you to check out. Hit the subscribe button below for more just like this.Find Fake News Online:Facebook: https

  • Why Of Virtue Has the Hallmark Quality of A Great Band | A Look Into Their "Fan-First" Approach

    06/06/2024 Duração: 33min

    There is a certain hallmark that we have found with the most successful bands out there. Do you know what it is? We will tell you.That hallmark attribute is being able to make your art the way you want, and use it to drive the best and most genuine fan connection. You can find bands that will continue to grow in the industry if they have this quality. And do know one that has it.Damon from Of Virtue returns to the Chord Progression Podcast once again in 2024. While out on the road with Imminence, we catch up from the van, talking aboutWhy the band takes that fan-first approach to their live shows, and the reason every other band should do the same.How Of Virtue inspires fans to defeat substance abuse through their music and openness in discussing the topic.The response to their latest album Omen from our previous conversation, and why this is a band you should be a fan of.Damon is, and always will be, a recurring guest on the Chord Progression Podcast! Be sure to hit the subscribe button to never miss another

  • How To Start a Band in 2024: The How-To Guide with Florida band DONEFOR

    04/06/2024 Duração: 01h02min

    It is never easy starting a band, and in 2024, it keeps getting more difficult. Where do you start? How do you start? How do you get noticed? How do you get booked on shows?There is no how to manual on this process. However, this band embroiled in all of this is going to give you that how-to manual, while showing you exactly who they are.DONEFOR joins the podcast all the way from Florida! with this episode, we dive deep into:How to start a band in 2024, with tips on how to book shows, how to stand out, and the importance of never giving up in an industry that will give you a lot more "No's" than "Yes's"Why relationship building is one of the most important things you can do in the music industry, from both the band's and Kevin's perspective as well.What you need to do to make people "want" to see you by doing what you can to garner attention in a world when everyone has less money, and assorted attention span.Want to discover more artists and learn all you can about what's coming up ion the music industry? Ta

  • Why Oceano Waited So Long To Release New Music, And Why They Are Going To Deliver For The Fans!

    30/05/2024 Duração: 58min

    Since 2017, we have only had 2 singles released from the legends in Oceano. Many are wondering what has been going on, why is new music taking so long, and what will this new music entail?Well, that is where we come in, with a podcast episode that will answer all of your questions the best that it can.Adam from Oceano joins the Chord Progression Podcast for a great hour of music conversation. On this episode, we talk aboutWhat Oceano has been doing during their "down time" when it comes to making new music.How Oceano made this new album, from the differing inspirations, and the collaborative effort that put it together.With a focus to never lose sight of the music community, why Oceano will always adapt to what is thrown in front of them.A great episode with Adam, so hit the subscribe button for even more episodes like this.Find Oceano Online:Facebook:

  • Witherfall & Why AI Will NOT Destroy the Music Industry as Technology Progresses

    28/05/2024 Duração: 59min

    The fear of AI entering the music industry and completely changing the future of music to something less creative and more calculated is growing every day. Artists don't only have to compete for attention with each other, but now with an algorithm.However, this conversation shows us the many reasons why AI will NEVER overtake an artist in the music industry. From their impact, their ability, and their personal desires, AI won't compete.Jake and Joseph of the melodic metal band Witherfall rejoin the podcast for the first time in 3 years. This episode dives deep intoThe current state of AI in music, how it works, and why so many people are afraid it is going to destroy the music industry.Joseph's take on it and providing the reason why AI will not destroy the industry, convincing Kevin and Jake in the process.A look into what Witherfall has been up to in the past 3 years, and their upcoming festival runs trying to win over black metal fans.Easily one of the most timely and important podcasts we have ever done.

  • Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer: Metal Is the Most Eclectic Genre & Here Is Why

    23/05/2024 Duração: 50min

    Metal's growing popularity over the past 5 years has been something to behold. Bring Me The Horizon is the most popular in the genre, Knocked Loose played Coachella, and Sleep Token is an international powerhouse. But why is that.It is because metal is the most eclectic genre out there right now, allowing so many people to find a home in something within the genre. And this deathcore band is easily encapsulating.Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer joins the Chord Progression Podcast today with a brand new album upcoming, and a continued growth in the music world. On this podcast, we dive deep intoWhy metal is the most eclectic genre in music right now, and how that is fostering more bands bending genres and bringing new fans into the music.How Taylor and Left To Suffer are continuing to expand their sound and ability with the band new album Leap of Death.The reason Left To Suffer doesn't limit themselves to who they tour with, allowing them to expand their reach even further.This is a great episode, with a great

  • Lauren Babic & Red Handed Denial Tackle Tik Tok & Internet's Current Impact on Music in New Album

    21/05/2024 Duração: 56min

    Technology has massively changed how musicians operate. Long gone are the days of just making the best music. Musicians need to have a brand, create music that is going to have a viral moment, ensure they have popularity on social media, and up to date on the latest trends.But is that new relationship with technology hurting musicians creatively going forward? One band explored that frustration on their brand new album, and it comes from someone who has always been on the forefront of the social media landscape for music.The one and only Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial joins the Chord Progression Podcast to dive deep into the themes and sounds on the new album A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia (May 24th). On this episode, we get into it conversing about:How technology's evolution and the prominence of Tik Tok have changed music creation, focusing on viral moments and what is popular.Why so many musicians are feeling burnt out thanks to reels, trying to stay on top of trends, and dealing with an identity cr

  • How Poolside At The Flamingo Is Bringing Back the MySpace Days on New EP: Accabadora

    16/05/2024 Duração: 58min

    The music industry, a microcosm of the world, has changed immensely over the past 20 years. From tastes, writing styles, technology to produce, everything has changed. And as music fans, we still love the sounds and styles from our favorite eras.In grindcore, there is a band that is taking the old style of the MySpace days, understanding how to better write and record, to create a sound that takes you back to your heyday, and keeps you in the present as well.Scotty and Danny from Poolside At the Flamingo join the Chord Progression Podcast right before the release of their new EP, Accabadora. Which is why we go deep in this episode on:How the band took their manic MySpace sound from their beginnings, updated it with modern technology, to create the perfect blend of erratic grindcore and soul-crushing breakdowns.Why the band changed their writing style from improvised in 2005 to more calculated in 2024.The energy around the local rock & metal scenes no longer being the same as it was in the MySpace days, an

  • How Aaron Marshall of Intervals Crafted the New Album Memory Palace | A Deep Dive into Everything!

    14/05/2024 Duração: 01h18min

    We are covering one of the most dynamic records of 2024 in terms of scope, concept, construction, and collaboration. And best part is, there is no vocals!So how could something like this be done? How much thought, conceptualization, and work had to be put into something with such a large concept? And stay within a set limitation? Well, we have your answer.Aaron Marshall of Intervals joins the Chord Progression Podcast. With the brand new album, Memory Palace, coming out on May 17th, we leave no stone unturned. We dive into:How Aaron constructed the idea and story that is Memory Palace, and how he made sure that it was "a sharpening" of the Intervals sound.The musical creation of Memory Palace, the collaborators that made it a success, and why each feature was picked solely based on their impact on the sonic journey of each song.3 constants that are always in every Intervals record centering around balance, time, and memory.Aaron gives you all you could ask for on this podcast. Discover more great artists like

  • Swedish Rock Revolution: Inside Self Deception's Creative Evolution

    09/05/2024 Duração: 34min

    As any kind of creative or artist, you should never limit yourself to be put into a box. It limits the creative freedom that you have for yourself, and ends up making a beautiful lief and process anything but enjoyable.One Swedish band decided to try something new. To have fun, to throw inhibition to the wind. And what was the result? Success!Andreas and Patrik from the Swedish rock band Self Deception join the Chord Progression Podcast today. With a new album, Destroy The Art, due at some point this year, we present the band to you byShowing how Self Deception began trying new music ideas to not be seen as a "one-trick pony" and how that change led to the band's best success so far.Unveiling the song Matthew McConoughey and its fun nature, along with 3 different music videos to really show the band's creative side.Telling you why you should see them live if you get the chance, as they pitch for your attention at Louder than Life and Aftershock in 2024.A great band, making the most of their time with life, ha

  • ARCHERS: Your Mom's Favorite Metalcore Band

    07/05/2024 Duração: 56min

    This band is your mom's favorite metalcore band. No seriously, this band has earned that title. They are also one of the most highly suggested bands by all artists we bring on the podcast for you to check out.So, with a new EP due out on May 10th, and the band reaching out be featured on the podcast after so many suggestions, the answer is HERE THEY ARE!Grayson and Ben from the metalcore band ARCHERS join the Chord Progression Podcast today. We give you the best look at the band to date bySeeing how they earned the title of "your mom's favorite metalcore band" though their overall sound, creative output, and energy live.A look at the new EP, All That I Have Left, and how it ends in the most elegant, post-hardcore way with the song Before You Go.How their "fanboy" mentality has led them to cater so much to their fans, that the fanbase has continually sent the band to new heights.This will be your mom's favorite Chord Progression Podcast episode, and yours will be in here too. So hit Subscribe to not miss out o

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