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Two highschool friends reunite after a decade apart to discuss music and reflect on life.


  • 32- Zick Bois

    23/01/2020 Duração: 57min

    Da bois are SICK, but they’re here in your ears. WTLZ episode 32 will cure your ails, and purify your chi.Support the show (http://www.patreon.com/WeTheListenerZ)

  • 31- KlobuchariZard

    16/01/2020 Duração: 01h09s

    Everything is on fire. Hear music evolve with Michael Jackson and other famous Pokemon.Support the show

  • 30.5- Good Pig VibeZ

    12/01/2020 Duração: 01h03min

    GREAT songs brought to you by the original listenerz! We vibing like pigs in heat! Justin Bieber on that lyme life though...Support the show

  • 29- EpZtein Did 9/11

    19/12/2019 Duração: 01h54s

    arE you Pumped for Season 3 of weThElIsteNerz? Don’t you thrIve on Dope New Tracks? oKay I wiLL teach you a HIdden MyStEry Little Friends:Epstein didn’t kill himself.Buckle up kiddos, we’re sponsored now.Support the show

  • 28- The MeaZuring Man

    21/11/2019 Duração: 01h08min

    Da gruesome twosome listen to some sweet covers, a “good” punk song, and eachothers constant groaning.Support the show

  • 27- MuZical Theatre

    14/11/2019 Duração: 01h02min

    Bobby and Evan tackle Musical Theatre and composition. Spoilers warning for the movie Titanic (not a musical)Support the show

  • 26- A Zpoonful of ZecretZ

    06/11/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Have a hearty helping of insight and a spoonful of secrets tonight on WTLZ!Support the show

  • 25- Nature CopZ

    30/10/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Yachtoberfest continues as Evan and Bobby dress up like cops. Both are playing music, but who will reign supreme tonight on WTL?!Support the show

  • 24- CoZby Kalimba DiZco

    23/10/2019 Duração: 58min

    The boyZ hacked the system and stole TONS of content to share with you. These takes are off the chain! Check out YouTube!Support the show

  • 23- Nobody’Z CatharsiZ

    16/10/2019 Duração: 01h03min

    Evan listens to lots of Dr. Dog! Bobby relates more to Liam Gallagher or w/e m8Support the show

  • 22- Spine-BiterZ Wanted

    09/10/2019 Duração: 01h08min

    Ear-Daddy and Spook-Boy tell haunting stories about going to work and common lower back injuries on this week’s seasonally appropriate episode of WTL!Support the show

  • 21- MuZik HiZtory Etc.

    20/09/2019 Duração: 01h01min

    Evan reveals his favorite Weezer, and Bobby says some offensive things about Radiohead. Wilco has a new dong, Enjoy.Support the show

  • 20- Cancelled For RealZ

    11/09/2019 Duração: 55min

    Bobby and Evan find bands that sound like Pavement. Kahoots are also really cool. Oh and we can’t afford to do this anymore, sorry!Support the show

  • 19- A Rolling Stone Gathers No Más

    31/08/2019 Duração: 01h07min

    Everyone’s favorite host is back, and he makes short work of Evan this week. Bobby wins music once again by proving once and for all that The Rolling Stones suck! (sort of)Support the show

  • 18- BaZZically

    22/08/2019 Duração: 01h03min

    Bobby ruins the show with sound effects and poor audio quality. Please listen, for Evans sake. (PS: The Rolling Stones suck)Support the show

  • 17- Introducing: The PeapleZ

    08/08/2019 Duração: 58min

    Bobby and Evan discover a new band with a lot of potential, and a name for their new musical project: The Peaples.@WeTheListenerz // www.WeTheListenerz.com@NobodyRly @LastCrazyWizardSupport the show

  • 16- Greatest American LooperZ

    31/07/2019 Duração: 01h06s

    Believe it or not, both hosts play guitar and serenade you this week on WTL!@WeTheListenerz // www.WeTheListenerz.com@NobodyRly @LastCrazyWizardSupport the show

  • 15- Jig-Alone

    18/07/2019 Duração: 01h10min

    Evan and Bobby are back from their hiatus to bring another BRAND NEW SEASON of WTL right to your brain.Hedwig & The Angry Inch- Tear Me Downhttps://youtu.be/C4e45w6UyA4Hedwig & The Angry Inch- The Long Grifthttps://youtu.be/HC3kv5jvocUOperators- Faithlesshttps://youtu.be/la-xqaUBMAsWilco- Love is Everywhere (Beware)https://youtu.be/VamTQr4kcKA@WeTheListenerz // www.WeTheListenerz.com@NobodyRly @LastCrazyWizardSupport the show

  • 14- The Alt-Jazz Zone

    27/06/2019 Duração: 48min

    Bobbob and Ev-dawg muster up a solid attempt at some music related news this week. It’s a soft and short, but still satisfying edition of We The Listenerz!#1 ALBUMS:Harvey Danger- Sad Sweetheart of The Rodeohttps://youtu.be/2bWgCuCBpRwThe Brian Jonestown Massacre- Servohttps://youtu.be/JoyoAXYjEjMBobby Good- Fuck Ya Oh Nohttps://soundcloud.com/bobbygooddemos/fuck-ya-oh-no@WeTheListenerz // www.WeTheListenerz.com@NobodyRly @LastCrazyWizardSupport the show

  • 13- A Bite-sized Cookie

    19/06/2019 Duração: 57min

    Have yourself a taste-test! Today and/or tonight Bobby and Evan discuss the comedy and musical expertise of Brad Neely, the PHD earned by friend of the show: Dexter Holland from Offspring, and of course EVANS TIKTOK CORNER™️!#1 Albums:America Now!- Brad Neelyhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD8217FD2EE6CEB23Speak To The Wind- Spindrifthttps://youtu.be/AEgNebSjNyAEvan’s TikTok Corner™️Bonfire Flamingo mashup- Childish Gambino + Kero Kero Bonitohttps://youtu.be/HguKyrS8oWM@WeTheListenerz // www.WeTheListenerz.com@NobodyRly @LastCrazyWizardSupport the show

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