Bring The Noise: A History Of Early Hip-hop

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A history of early hip-hop, one record at a time


  • Episode 50: The Ewok Adventure


    They're cute! They're fuzzy! They'll knock your block off with a stone axe and then cook you over an open flame! They're the Ewoks! Download The Ewok Adventure read-along record book! Eric Walker's YouTube Channel

  • Episode 49: Star Wars – Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell


    More non-canon Star Wars coming your way! Find out the full story behind a throwaway line you probably never even noticed in The Empire Strikes Back! The Star Wars Radio Dramas - brought to you by The Star Wars Vintage Collection

  • Episode 48: Star Wars – Planet of the Hoojibs


    Hoojib's on first. Whatjib's on second. I Don't Know's on third. Download the read-along record book for Planet of the Hoojibs here!

  • Episode 47: Star Wars – Droid World


    Canon? We don't need to stinkin' canon. Come along as we kick off a mini-series of episodes featuring non-canonical Star Wars read-along record books, starting with Droid World! Click here to download the Droid World read-along record book! Check out the cover of Star Wars #47, published in 1981, with cover art by Frank Miller

  • Episode 46: Superman – City Under Siege


    Can The Man of Steel save Metropolis from nuclear devastation!? I'm sure you know the answer, but it still makes for a fun adventure! Click here to download the read-along comic book! The read-along comic book is courtesy of The Tom Ray Podcast

  • Episode 45: The A-Team – Steel


    A rockin' theme song, a cool van, and Mr. T!? I love it when a show comes together... Click here to download the read-along record book for The A-Team - Steel

  • Episode 44: Planet of the Apes (Part 2)


    We're closing out our Apes mini-series with the final two stories, Escape From the Planet of the Apes and Battle For the Planet of the Apes! Escape From the Planet of the Apes read-along comic book Battle for the Planet of the Apes read-along comic book Comics courtesy of Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archives More Planet of the Apes from Power Records Mountain of the Delphi Dawn of the Tree People Battle of Two Worlds Volcano The After Lunch Podcast website

  • Episode 43: Planet of the Apes (Part 1)


    Thanks to my buddies over at the After Lunch Podcast, I'm going ape for Apes! Join us for the first of a two-part mini-series featuring more darn, dirty monkeys than you can shake a firehouse at! Planet of the Apes read-along comic book Beneath the Planet of the Apes read-along comic book Comics courtesy of Hunter's Planet of the Apes Archives The After Lunch Podcast website

  • Episode 42: Snap! Crackle! & Pop in The Midnight Mystery


    Pour a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal and come along as we check out one of the weirdest read-along record books in my collection! Follow along with a PDF of the read-along record book!

  • Episode 41: The Story of Asteroids


    Who knew you could come up with a story for a video game about shooting space rocks!? Check out this interpretation of Atari's Asteroids on the latest episode of WYHTS! Click here to get the read-along record book for The Story of Asteroids! Intro music is "Hyperspace" by Buckner & Garcia

  • Episode 40: The Goonies by Chunk


    Relive the excitement and the adventure of The Goonies through the eyes of everyone's favorite Truffle Shuffler, Chunk! Jeffrey McMahon on Child's Play Ask Max on YouTube Download the record book here and follow along! Intro Music: "Goonies R Good Enough" cover by Radical Face (Also, I'm obsessed with this cover; it's amazing!)

  • Episode 39: Masters of the Universe


    On the distant planet of Eternia, He-Man and his Masters of the Universe battle Skeletor and his evil minions in the struggle to control the power of Castle Grayskull

  • Episode 38: Star Trek – Passage to Moauv


    On this episode of WYHTS, we're heading to space...the final frontier, for an exciting adventure aboard the USS Enterprise! Today's adventure, Passage to Moauv, has been re-released on many different record formats over the years. Here they are in chronological order: Click the photos to read-along with the comic!

  • Episode 37: The Dark Crystal


    To ease us back into normal life from the holidays, let's check out one of the most beloved children's films of the 1980s, The Dark Crystal. I'm trying something new with the record book this week. Instead of a PDF, just click the image of the page to get a bigger view in a new window. Close that window and click on the next page when you hear the chime. Let me know if you like this or the PDF instead!

  • Episode 36: The Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures (Part 2)


    Here are two more Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures to keep you company as you prepare for Santa's big night - that is if the elves don't go on strike first! Happy Holidays from When You Hear This Sound! We'll see you in 2024 with more weird and wonderful albums to keep you entertained.

  • Episode 35: The Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures (Part 1)


    I know when I think Christmas, I think cybernetic special agents! Check out the yuletide adventures of everyone's favorite walking science experiment on this week's episode! Intro Music: Deck the Halls by 8 Bit Universe

  • Episode 34: The Hobbit


    Come along as we go there and back again with a Tolkien classic Below are images of the 12-page booklet that's included with this album. Click each one for a bigger, better view!

  • Episode 33: The Incredible Hulk


    He's mean...he's green...and you wouldn't like him when his's The Incredible Hulk!

  • Episode 32: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


    It's no reason to lose your head, but we have reached the last episode in our Halloween record marathon! Come along as we check out a classic ghost story from Disney, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

  • Bonus: Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House

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