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In the CCIM podcast interview series Andrew Bracey, health writer & journalist, will be interviewing fascinating doctors about the amazing things they are doing both in their medical careers and alongside them and how seeking out their own path has enriched their personal and professional life. Season 1 will feature doctors who are also authors, med tech entrepreneurs, innovators, film makers, acclaimed musicians, founders of successful business, advocates for their profession and educational leaders, doctors who are expanding their horizons by taking charge of their careers.


  • Dr Anni Mekhail on a Career as a Product Manager at Google

    24/06/2024 Duração: 26min

    In this episode of Creative Careers in Medicine podcast, host Dr Elise Putt engages in an enlightening conversation with Dr Anni Mekhail, an intensive care doctor turned Google product manager. Dr Mekhail has an impressive background, having been a founding member of two successful bootstrapped health tech startups and co-authoring medical textbooks and articles in medical journals. She initially trained in New Zealand, then moved to the UK to work in the NHS, and now resides in Australia.Dr Mekhail discusses her current role at Google, where she is a product manager on the identity team, working on big data platforms to determine user identities online. She explains the complexity and responsibility involved in ensuring secure and user-friendly verification processes. Also sharing her journey from clinical medicine to tech, detailing how her interest in the more data-driven parts of medicine and personal experiences guided her career shift. She talks about her various roles, including working in intensive ca

  • Dr Izzy Bigio on Her Shift from Medicine to the Startup World

    17/06/2024 Duração: 24min

    In this episode of the Creative Careers in Medicine podcast, host Dr Elise Putt is joined by Dr Izzy Bigio, a New Zealand-trained doctor currently working in operations and community at Lyrebird AI. Dr Bigio shares her compelling journey from deciding to leave clinical medicine to finding her niche in the startup world. Her story begins around two years ago when she posted about her career concerns on the Creative Careers in Medicine Facebook page. From there, she started her own newsletter, Bootstrapped NZ, focusing on the New Zealand startup scene, before eventually landing her role at Lyrebird AI.Dr Bigio tells the transition from her teenage years, when she first aspired to study medicine, to her realisation midway through her clinical training that she wished to pursue a different career path. In her operations and community role at Lyrebird AI, she focuses on creating internal structures and interfacing with the clinical community, aiming to reduce non-patient-facing work for clinicians. Despite the cha

  • Dr Zach Tan on Venture Capital and HealthTech in New York

    10/06/2024 Duração: 19min

    In this episode of the Creative Careers in Medicine podcast, host Dr Elise Putt speaks with Dr Zach Tan, a prominent figure working at the intersection of technology, venture capital, and healthcare. Dr Tan splits his professional time between Australia and New York, holding significant roles such as General Partner at Aegis Ventures and President of the health tech startup Optain Health. Additionally, he serves on the US board of the Fred Hollows Foundation and engages in academic and consulting work.Dr Tan begins by sharing his journey into medicine, driven by a lifelong interest in science and an upbringing in a healthcare-oriented family. He describes his clinical years, beginning with his undergraduate medical education at the University of Queensland and subsequent placements in hospitals in Brisbane and Sydney. Dr Tan identified significant inefficiencies and administrative burdens in the healthcare system, prompting his interest in technology's potential to improve clinical workflows.Dr Tan’s acciden

  • Dr. Adaira Landry and Dr. Resa E. Lewiss on Crafting Careers in Medicine and Literature

    03/06/2024 Duração: 37min

    In this episode of Creative Careers in Medicine, host Dr Dana Phang is joined by Dr Adaira Landry and Dr Resa E Lewiss, co-authors of the insightful book “Microskills.” Dr Landry's passion for medicine was ignited at a young age by her interest in science and maths and her desire to help sick individuals. Dr Lewiss, who always aspired to be a doctor, confirmed her career choice through her experiences in emergency departments, feeling at home among fellow physicians.Dr Landry has been an emergency physician for nine years, during which she has experienced both the rewarding and challenging aspects of clinical work, including the impact of burnout. Similarly, Dr Lewiss found her medical school and training years overwhelming, often feeling without a clear "playbook" for her career, which also led her to address the issue of burnout. Their shared experiences and challenges inspired them to write “Microskills,” drawing from their professional journeys to offer practical advice and support to others in the medica

  • Dr Sally Phillips on Being a Doctor in the Insurance World

    27/05/2024 Duração: 32min

    In this episode of CCIM host Dr Dana Phang featuring Dr Sally Phillips, delves into the crucial role of medical capability within insurance companies, particularly in life insurance and workers’ compensation spaces. Dr Phillips, head of Zurich Medical Analytics, brings her extensive experience as a clinician and her unique insight into the importance of properly understanding and pricing medical risk to stabilise premiums and prevent excessive claims. She underscores the significance of up-to-date product definitions and building strong relationships with doctors to better comprehend treatment protocols.Dr Phillips explains that there is no dedicated degree for insurance medicine and encourages doctors interested in this field to explore opportunities within insurance companies. She shares her exceptional journey from South Africa to Australia, highlighting her work with various insurance companies and her pioneering efforts in developing severity-based insurance products.Discussing the vital role of incentiv

  • Dr. Melanie Mapleson on a Career Championing Breastfeeding and Perinatal Medicine

    20/05/2024 Duração: 33min

    In this episode of the CCIM podcast, host Dr Dana Phang is joined by Dr Melanie Mapleson, a general practitioner who has transitioned to specialising in perinatal care and breastfeeding medicine. Dr Mapleson discusses her journey from general practice to her current focus, driven largely by her personal experiences with breastfeeding challenges. She provides insight into the slow medicine approach she adopts to address newborn concerns, pain, and parenting challenges. Dr Mapleson advocates for greater recognition and training in breastfeeding and lactation medicine.Dr Mapleson's career path started in more generalised medical practice but shifted due to burnout exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, handling high patient loads that involved mental health, women’s health, chronic diseases, and complicated cases. Her transition into her current specialty reflects a broader narrative of medical professionals moving into niche areas to address specific community needs. She emphasises the importance of extended

  • Dr. Emily Kirkpatrick: Merging Medicine with Tech and Innovation

    13/05/2024 Duração: 46min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Dr Dana Phang welcomes Dr Emily Kirkpatrick, who shares her expansive career journey from a general practitioner to her current role as an executive in the health sector. Dr Kirkpatrick’s career is marked by a series of strategic shifts and advancements, initially sparked during her time away on maternity leave when she delved into research in skin cancer prevention. This set the stage for her further engagement in significant advisory and advocacy roles which played a crucial role in her being called upon for South Australia's COVID-19 response efforts, subsequently leading to her appointment as Deputy Chief Health Officer.Dr Kirkpatrick discusses her challenges and strategies in juggling part-time general practice with responsibilities in machine learning and her eventual roles in healthcare leadership. Despite the pressures and demands of her high-stakes positions, she emphasises the critical importance of work-life balance, strategic delegation, and the investment in personal

  • Dr Shewit Belay on Her Dual Life: From Scripts to Scrubs

    06/05/2024 Duração: 27min

    In this episode of the CCIM podcast, host Dr Elise Putt chats with Dr Shewit Belay, a multifaceted professional who seamlessly transitions between her careers as a medical doctor and a musical theatre performer. Dr Belay shares her journey from medical school to the stage, the challenges of balancing clinical practice with performing arts, and her aspirations in both domains.Dr Shewit Belay is a PGY-4 medical professional who uniquely combines her clinical responsibilities with her passion for the performing arts. She initially made her stage debut in 'Hamilton,' and currently stars as Nessa Rose in 'Wicked'. She provides insights into the demanding yet rewarding world of working full-time in musical theatre, while maintaining her clinical skills through locum positions. She touches upon the balancing act required to manage two intense careers, utilising strategic planning to align her medical commitments with her touring schedule.Furthermore, She discusses her ongoing passion for both her medical and theatri

  • Dr. Leigh Golding on the Thrills of Sports Medicine Careers

    29/04/2024 Duração: 19min

    In this episode of the CCIM podcast, host Dr Elise Putt welcomes Dr Leigh Golding, the team doctor for the Australian Cricket Team, to talk about his fulfilling career in sports medicine. Dr Golding shares how he juggles his duties with the Australian Cricket Team, the NRL Injury Surveillance Bunker, and consulting work at Ortho Sports in Sydney.Dr Golding discusses his academic journey, beginning with his focus on playing sports during medical school, which eventually shifted to a fascination with sports medicine during his tenure as an SRMO. Draws on the unique challenges and opportunities that come with a career in sports medicine, as well as the role's demanding nature and the balance it requires.Dr Golding outlines the rigorous training process, including the necessary qualifications, the comprehensive nature of the training, and tips for aspiring professionals in this field.Listeners will find Dr Golding's experiences with the Australian Cricket Team especially captivating. As he shares anecdotes from h

  • Dr Jillann Farmer on a Career as a Global Healthcare Leader

    22/04/2024 Duração: 41min

    Join us on this episode of the CCIM Podcast where host Dr Dana Phang has an enlightening conversation with Dr Jillann Farmer, who has had an extraordinary career path ranging from being a clinician in rural emergency medicine and primary care to serving as the Medical Director of the United Nations. Dr Farmer's unique journey is a testament to the myriad of possibilities that exist for medical professionals looking to shape a career filled with passion and individuality.Delving into the Better Culture project's initiatives aimed at enhancing culture in healthcare workplaces by tackling issues such as bullying, harassment, racism, and discrimination. Her focus on intersectional equity is particularly salient, emphasising the need for disaggregated data to better understand the diverse experiences of underrepresented groups in the medical sphere.Reflecting on the systemic issues within the medical field, they also discuss the importance of safety and governance systems for patient care, and how her experiences

  • A/Prof Derrick Tin on Crafting a Life in Extreme Medicine

    15/04/2024 Duração: 18min

    In an educational instalment from the CCIM24 Meet Me in the Metaverse conference, A/Prof Derrick Tin discusses his career in Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine. He outlines a unique, high-demand medical specialty that diverges from traditional paths.A/Prof Tin delves into Disaster Medicine's complexities, its global impact on public health, and how thinking beyond traditional disaster scenarios is necessary to prepare for compound disasters and unpredictable "black swan events."His work encompasses groundbreaking research into terrorism and mass casualty events, counseling governments, NGOs, and healthcare corporations, and implementing practical disaster risk mitigation and response measures. Notably, A/Prof Tin translates this research into real-world applications, such as training emergency physicians in tactical casualty care and leading medical teams in crisis zones.A/Prof Tin’s message is clear: Disaster Medicine aims to provide top-tier medical care to vulnerable populations in the most challengin

  • Fiona Brownfoot on "Delivering" Innovation: A New Era of Foetal Monitoring

    08/04/2024 Duração: 13min

    In this episode of the CCIM podcast, we are joined by Associate Professor Fiona Brownfoot, an obstetrician and clinician scientist, and co-founder of Kali Healthcare. Fiona details her journey of innovation, from identifying the need for better foetal monitoring to conceptualising and developing a wearable device that transcends the limitations of 1970s CTG technology. Sharing her experiences in turning a concept into a potential game-changing product in the field of obstetrics.Fiona shares valuable insights into the importance of collaboration, drawing on expertise across disciplines, notably with Professor Gregor Grady and a talented team of electrical engineers. Through rigorous research and AI-assisted development, they devised an accurate method to detect foetal heartbeat—critical to their success.She then outlines the complexities of the commercialization journey, the transition from prototype to commercially viable product, and the necessity of navigating FDA and TGA regulatory pathways. Fiona discusse

  • Pat Aouad on a Career at the Intersection of Neurology and Entrepreneurship

    01/04/2024 Duração: 39min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Elise Putt sits down with Dr Pat Aouad, a neurologist specialising in neuroimmunology and the co-founder of CU Health, to explore the intersections of clinical medicine, digital health, and entrepreneurship. Pat shares his time management technique of time blocking, which helps him wear different hats effectively in his diverse roles. Providing insights on the advanced treatments available for multiple sclerosis and touches on his own journey from practising neurology to co-founding a virtual healthcare platform. For clinicians considering a move into entrepreneurial endeavours, Pat stresses the importance of mentorship, aligning personal values with business goals, and maintaining well-being to prevent burnout.Delving into how CU Health operates, highlighting how services are accessed via telehealth or in-person and whether the platform employs staff exclusively or serves as a connector between companies and healthcare providers.Pat Aouad provided insights from his experiences i

  • Dr Jo Prendergast on a Career in Psychiatry and Stand-up Comedy

    25/03/2024 Duração: 34min

    In this episode of the CCIM Podcast, host Dr Elise Putt welcomes Dr Joanna Prendergast, whose diagnosis of breast cancer in 2021 profoundly influenced her dynamic career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, stand-up comedian, and author. Dr Prendergast shares the intertwining of her professional pathways and the resilience she has shown through her health challenges.Dr Prendergast discusses her upcoming book, "When Life Sucks," which provides guidance to parents navigating teenage mental health issues. The book represents her multifaceted experience, combining expertise as a physician, comedian, and parent to create a valuable resource set to release with HarperCollins.In the realm of comedy, Dr Prendergast illuminates her creative process in developing her show "Cancer and Cartwheels," and her experiences performing at the Adelaide Fringe and aspiring for the Billy T award. Her commitment to comedy stands out as she reflects on its therapeutic value and its challenging yet addictive nature.Delving in

  • Richie Austerberry on Building Health Technology

    18/03/2024 Duração: 40min

    In the latest episode of the CCIM Podcast, host Elise Putt sits down with Dr Richie Austerberry to explore his unique journey from a musical background to the field of medicine and ultimately to his role as a pioneer in healthcare technology. Richie shares his experiences that led him away from a career in music and into the halls of medical school, where he found a passion for neurosurgery, only to later realise that his true calling lay elsewhere.Richie reflects on the pivotal moment when he decided not to continue his pursuit of neurosurgery, which opened the door for his exploration into the world of urgent care. This transition was the catalyst for his interest in coding and the conception of Night Doctor, a service that underwent a rigorous ten-month planning period before its launch in 2016. He delves into the creation of Night Doctor's web application, developed using Ruby on Rails to ensure a mobile-first approach and compatibility with various devices, emphasising the strategic benefits of cloud-bas

  • Michela Sorensen on Balancing General Practice with Medical Consulting

    11/03/2024 Duração: 14min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Elise Putt sits down with Dr Michela Sorensen, a Sydney-based GP who has diversified her medical career into various other roles. Michela works part-time in general practice in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and also serves as a medical consultant for Warner Brothers and other tech companies. Additionally, she has made appearances as a media commentator on print, TV, and podcasts, leveraging her medical expertise to communicate health information in an easily understandable manner to the general public.Michela shares her journey into medicine, discussing her early interest in medicine despite a non-medical background and revealing how she ultimately decided to pursue general practice after exploring various medical specialties. She provides insights into how she found herself involved in media and consulting work, highlighting the serendipitous nature of some of these opportunities and how she balances her multifaceted career.Despite her varied professional pursuits, Michela empha

  • Dr. Carlo Bellini on a Career Bridging Healthcare, Business, and Coaching

    04/03/2024 Duração: 40min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Dana Phang is thrilled to welcome Dr Carlo Bellini back to discuss not only his personal and professional evolution but also to share his expertise in the realm of health innovation and coaching methodologies.Carlo tells the story of how his immigrant family's dedication to pharmacy and his own curiosity in medicine shaped his early career ambitions. His shift toward healthcare management and entrepreneurship was driven by a desire to tackle health inefficiencies, leading to the foundation of Health Innovation Performance Consulting.He explores his evolution from clinical work to building a coaching institute, built upon his medical experience, formal coach training, and human insights. Carlo's coaching approach aims to unravel emotional and behavioural patterns, aiding professionals overcome personal and career hurdles.Carlo candidly shares his career path surprises, from achieving unexpected leadership roles to embracing the risks of non-traditional career paths. He reflects on

  • Cheryl Martin on a Career as the Mind Full Medic

    26/02/2024 Duração: 36min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Elise Putt is joined by emergency physician, well-being advocate, and senior executive MBA student Dr Cheryl Martin. Together, they discuss Cheryl’s career journey, her experiences in podcasting, and her diverse professional interests.Cheryl shares her passion for emergency medicine and her journey from the UK to Australia, including the challenges she faced in finding work and the rewarding flexibility and creativity she found in her training program. She delves into her involvement in physician well-being initiatives and the pursuit of an MBA for personal and professional growth.Discussing her interests outside of medicine, such as trail running, yoga teaching, and coaching, as well as her immediate career goals and aspirations for the future.This episode offers insights into the diverse opportunities beyond clinical practice and the importance of balance and personal development in a medical career.To get more CCIM, subscribe so you never miss an episode, join our Facebook com

  • Dr Prash Puspanathan on a career in Psychiatry and Psychedelics

    19/02/2024 Duração: 19min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Dana Phang interviews Dr Prash Puspanathan, who will be presenting at the upcoming Creative Careers in Medicine 2024 conference. Prash shares his unique journey in medicine and the path that ultimately led him to found two companies.Prash was drawn to medicine due to his personal connection as Asia's second IVF baby, a testament to the power of medicine and science. Despite initially aspiring to become an obstetrician, his career trajectory led him to explore diverse avenues such as surgical work, humanitarian trips to remote areas, and providing medical services at music festivals, sports events, and detention centres.His career took a significant turn when he discovered psychedelics, which ignited a deep fascination for the mind. This led him to transition from surgery to psychiatry, specifically focusing on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Prash's current work involves pioneering research and development in the field, with a focus on leveraging technology to optimise the ps

  • Sarah Arachchi on a Career in Women's Health Advocacy

    12/02/2024 Duração: 30min

    In this episode of CCIM, host Dana Phang speaks with Dr Sarah Arachchi, a paediatrician based in Melbourne. Sarah shares her journey from medical school to becoming a passionate advocate for women in medicine, all while balancing the roles of a mother and a doctor.Sarah reflects on her experience in medical school, the challenges she faced during her intern rotations, and her passion for paediatrics. She emphasises the significance of social skills and compassion in paediatrics and sheds light on the cultural aspects of the medical field.Sarah’s involvement in organising medical conferences, coordinating lecture series for paediatricians, and serving on the council and committees of medical associations demonstrates her commitment to advocating for women in medicine and educating junior doctors and medical students.They also talked about her social media initiatives that are aimed at providing accurate medical information and advice, as well as her endeavours in leadership positions beyond her medical practic

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