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'living in fierce alignment' is where Kehla interviews with fierce human beings who continually live life powerfully despite animosity. This channel will also share the journey of Kehla becoming an entrepreneur as a coach exploring unchartered territories.


  • E #410: The Audacity of Self-Validation - how to live with out likes & move past social approval

    14/07/2024 Duração: 32min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the raw truth about what makes you insensible to needing recognition and validation from others or the world around you. She will guide you through the transformative process of deciding to have your own back, no matter what. Discover why relying on external validation sets you up to quit before you even begin, leaving you with zero foundation to stand on. When you back yourself, you’re not up against anyone else—you’re up against yourself, and that’s where the real game begins. Kehla will break down how to sell two crucial things: your offers and, more importantly, yourself. She will delve into understanding how much validation and recognition you truly need, revealing that knowing the answer puts you in control and helps you stop giving your power away to fulfill your ego. Learn that the need for validation and recognition is a self-construct that can be dissolved. Kehla will highlight how this need comes from a place of ego and how it prevents you from showing up and selli

  • E #409: From Irrelevant to Irresistible: Beverleigh's Content Creation Secrets

    07/07/2024 Duração: 37min

    In this insightful episode, Kehla sits down with Beverleigh, a dynamic 1/3 Sacral Generator Business Coach specializing in content and brand strategy. Beverleigh shares her inspiring journey from being an aesthetician to becoming a sought-after brand and content coach, revealing how embracing her Human Design has been pivotal in stepping into her genius. Listen as Beverleigh discusses the unique ways her 1/3 profile empowers her to lead and connect deeply with her clients. She offers a fresh perspective on transforming seemingly irrelevant life stories and challenges into compelling brand content, emphasizing the power of authenticity over conventional marketing strategies. Kehla & Beverleigh also explore the significance of the 1/3 profile within the lower trigrams of the 6-line expressions, providing a nuanced understanding of leadership and personal growth. Tune in for a conversation filled with wisdom, practical tips, and a dose of unconventional thinking. As Beverleigh aptly puts it, “An unpopular op

  • E #408: Beyond Business: Health Priorities for Entrepreneurs with Julia & Morgan

    30/06/2024 Duração: 42min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the inspiring journeys of Julia and Morgan, two dynamic professionals who transitioned into the fields of nutrition and personal training. Julia and Morgan share their insights on the most underrated methods for creating success in health and wellness, particularly for busy entrepreneurs. They emphasize the importance of habit stacking as a key strategy for shifting behaviors toward better self-care. Tune in to hear their vision for the future and how they plan to continue supporting entrepreneurs on their health journeys!   Follow Morgan and Julia on Instagram Check out their podcast The Matriark Website Book a complimentary call Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer

  • E #407: Part III - show up fierce & f*ck the metrics

    25/06/2024 Duração: 24min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the third pillar of entrepreneurial success: Engagement & Growth. When discussing ‘aligning with your ideal clients,’ Kehla addresses the common misconception of relying solely on energetic alignment. Instead, she emphasizes the importance of speaking the language of your ideal clients so they resonate with your leadership, actions, and business results. Kehla explains how crafting this specific language can stem from your values and how it will evolve as you consistently show up in your business. The second topic Kehla explores is increasing your visibility and engagement as an online service provider. She highlights the power of showing up consistently, regardless of metrics, as this is what truly attracts your ideal clients. Kehla also shares her personal experience of the impact on sales and client acquisition when she included a call-to-action at the end of every post, podcast, story, and email since April. The final segment of this conversation is about embracing ra

  • E #406: Part II - you're not growing a business, you're keeping an ecosystem alive

    23/06/2024 Duração: 30min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the second pillar of entrepreneurial success: Structure & Consistency. Kehla discusses the critical importance of implementing systems & processes in your business, sharing examples of flexible systems that support both creativity and flow. She gives examples of why your business is not just a business, but an ecosystem that needs certain structures to keep it alive. She also dives into the nuance of consistency & how it will look different for every person. However, the significant piece is that when you have systems and processes, it allows you to have creativity and flow in your business - it’s not about boxing you in but giving you the support to serve your ideal clients rather than getting lost in making your business about you.   Work with Kehla: DM the word EDGE on Instagram to sign up for The Edge Mastermind The Edge Mastermind ft. Signature Program by Design   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer

  • E #405: Part I - creating a consistent & potent brand voice with Human Design & Gene Keys

    16/06/2024 Duração: 27min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the three pillars essential for overcoming entrepreneurial challenges with clarity and authenticity & developing a strong brand identity and voice. Kehla explores the importance of a clear and authentic brand identity, sharing personal insights on aligning with your core values and unique voice.  She shares her journey of amplifying her voice through her values despite having a completely open-throat center in Human Design. She dives into the nuance of leveraging the defined centres & gates of your Human Design to create consistency with your voice, even if you don’t have a defined throat centre. She also amplifies the power of your Pearl Sequence in the Gene Keys for creating your edge as a leader in your industry by understanding the power of your Brand sphere.   Work with Kehla: DM the word EDGE on Instagram to sign up for the Mastermind The Edge Mastermind ft. Signature Program by Design   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow K

  • E #404: how to create your edge in business without being a polarizing @$$hole

    10/06/2024 Duração: 20min

    Today's podcast episode, Kehla is sharing an instagram live hosted by one of her previous clients and the founder and host of the Holistic Feminine Leadership Summit, Hope Pedraza. In this IG live, Hope invites Kehla dives into the depths of what it means to create your edge in business. She talks about why we're not 'finding' our edge & how this implies that we've lost a part of ourselves, which is not true. The ladies also dive into the nuance & power of the 13th, 53rd, 55th, 51st & 15th Gene Keys as examples of what it looks like to carve your edge in your industry, to be polarizing without being an asshole & how and why THIS is what will magnetize your ideal clients to you. Sign up for the Holistic Feminine Leadership Summit. (It's a micro audio -only Summit that begins June 12th 2024)   Work with Kehla: Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind The Edge Mastermind ft. Signature Program by Design Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on

  • E #403: how to be the icon of your business with a beginners mindset

    09/06/2024 Duração: 23min

    In this episode, Kehla dives deep into the common struggles faced by entrepreneurs who feel they haven't reached their full potential. She sees you - doing ALL THE THINGS. You've invested in yourself, obtained certifications, posted, emailed, started a podcast, and shown up relentlessly with your heart and soul because you can FEEL that you're meant for more. Yet, you still find yourself asking, “Why isn’t this working?” or “What am I doing wrong?” Kehla explains that these questions, while seemingly productive, are actually a way of hunting for more problems, creating a disempowering context in your business. Kehla discusses the critical mindset shift needed to overcome this: adopting a beginner's mindset that remains curious rather than complaining about the lack of validation or recognition. She emphasizes the importance of owning your story as THE ICON of your business, transforming disempowering contexts into powerful narratives that magnetize clients to your resilience rather than just your results. Lis

  • E #402: the BTS of scaling your business with monthly recurring revenue

    02/06/2024 Duração: 43min

    In this episode, Kehla delves deep into the nitty gritty of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) & what it looked like to start her signature program 'Signature Program by Design' in November 2023 and scale it into a group mastermind 10 months later. She pulls the curtain back and shares how she invested multi-four to five figures into learning the skills and strategy it would take to effectively scale her business through having a cohesive product suite from bottom to top so that she could create recurring monthly revenue by working with her ideal clients in different capacities. Are you ready to do this in your own business through the lens of Human Design, Gene Keys & nuance? Then hop on the waitlist for The Edge ft. Signature Program by Design Mastermind or DM the word EDGE on IG for pre-sale & immediate access.   Signature Brilliance The Simplicity of Specificity Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind Waitlist for The Edge Mastermind Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab

  • E #401: How radical responsibility allowed me to create, launch & scale a signature program that’s on track to hit 6 figures in less than a year

    26/05/2024 Duração: 01h03min

    In this episode, Kehla is interviewed by Jas Maylin, the host of The Ultimate Human Design Summit! Together the ladies dive into Kehla's journey in entrepreneurship, how Human Design changed the trajectory of her business and how radical responsibility with here finances & how she approached her business with strategy is what allowed her to create a signature program that is on track to hit 6 figures in less than a year.   Join the Ultimate Human Design Summit (May 29-31st) Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind Waitlist for The Edge Mastermind Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer

  • E #400: What people don’t talk about when it comes to leadership as an entrepreneur

    19/05/2024 Duração: 16min

    In this episode, Kehla redefines leadership, shifting the focus from outward actions to inner strength. She challenges conventional views, emphasizing that true leadership begins with self-love and self-reliance. Through compelling stories and insights, Kehla inspires you to prioritize their purpose over external validation, becoming steadfast anchors in the storm of entrepreneurship. Tune in to discover the transformative power of authenticity and personal integrity in leadership. In celebration of 400 podcast episodes, if you write a review & send a screenshot to [email protected] or DM here on IG she'll gift you a free e-book about the Gene Keys. Thank you for supporting the channel! Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind Waitlist for The Edge Mastermind Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer   Thank you for taking a moment to listen, rate & share this podcast!

  • E #399: how your Gene Keys help you create your edge to be unf*ckwithable in business turbulence

    12/05/2024 Duração: 32min

    In this episode, Kehla expands on the conversation last week where she dove into the 14 ways we play small & diminish our light as a leader in business. We gave some concrete examples of navigating these challenges through the lens of Human Design. In this episode, she dives into what it means to navigate co-dependency, people pleasing, self-criticism lacking boundaries & so much more - through the lens of Gene Keys so that you understand how to create and carve your edge in business as a leader. Ultimately, this will support you in turning heads in your audience, increasing your sales & retaining clients who love to resign with you because you're being your best & your'e bringing out the best in them.   The Simplicity of Specificity Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer   Thank you for taking a moment to listen, rate & share this podcast!

  • E #398: how your (un)defined centers & Human Design profile help you shift disempowering contexts in business

    05/05/2024 Duração: 30min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into the 14 ways that we play small in business, how this shows up in our everyday business life & how contemplating your defined & undefined centers and the shadow and in-alignment side of your Human Design profile can help you shift disempowering contexts so that you can step into your leadership as someone who's here to make a huge impact through their business. The Simplicity of Specificity Your Edge, Amplified - Mini-mind Get the Gene Keys Podcast Compendium   Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer   Thank you for taking a moment to listen, rate & share this podcast!

  • E #397: the specific aspects of your Human Design to embody for leadership in business

    18/04/2024 Duração: 22min

    In this illuminating podcast episode, Kehla shares a personal journey of what it was like before discovering the enlightening systems of Human Design and Gene Keys.  She invested heavily in coaching certifications, believing these would strengthen her credibility. However, she soon realized that mere certifications didn't hold the key to credibility or uniqueness - because anyone could get one. The epiphany struck: true authenticity lies not in credentials but in embracing one's unique essence. Kehla then dives deep into the journey of the Human Design chart, which holds the unique keys for our brilliance & leadership. From dissecting Human Design Profiles (Lines 1-6) to exploring the Unconscious Human Design chart, understanding the significance of Channels, and deciphering the influence of Planets (Sun, Earth, Saturn, and Mercury), this episode offers a rich conversation of insights to empower listeners in their quest for self-awareness & standing out in their industry. Your next steps - Now until A

  • E #396: leveraging your spheres & lines in the Gene Keys to step into your leadership

    16/04/2024 Duração: 24min

    In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of Gene Keys and how they can elevate your personal and professional life from ordinary to extraordinary. Kehla is here to talk to you about how the spheres & line expressions will help you get more specific in terms of your business leadership. We start by exploring the common refrain of "I help you xyz" – a commendable but often unremarkable approach. Instead, we unveil the profound concept of using Gene Keys to reveal your unique essence in what you do. Through Gene Keys, we transition from simply stating what we do to expressing who we are for others as we guide them through their journey. Using examples like Kehla’s Purpose sphere (15.2), we see how grounding oneself in the physical realm and embracing fluidity can enhance stability & natural flow. Furthermore, Kehla examines her Attraction sphere (48.6), where we witness the intricate dance between innocence, disappointment, and ecstatic resilience. By understanding the nuances of our line

  • E #395: how specificity in business will unleash you & not box you in

    15/04/2024 Duração: 35min

    In this podcast episode, we dive into the game-changing power of specificity in both personal development and business ventures. We're talking about how avoiding specifics can hold us back, keep us stuck in surface-level interactions, and prevent us from truly connecting with others on a meaningful level. Think about it—how many times have we played it safe, trying to please everyone, only to end up exhausted and unfulfilled? And in business, when we leave things vague, we're not doing ourselves or our clients any favors. People want clarity, they want to feel seen and understood. That's where systems like Human Design and Gene Keys come in. They offer us a roadmap to our uniqueness, showing us the specific themes and nuances that make us who we are. When we embrace this specificity, we can tailor our offerings, our content, our whole approach to truly resonate with our audience. It's not about being generic—it's about being real, being relatable, and making a real difference in people's lives. So let's dit

  • E #394: how fame in rugby f*cked me up & why this applies to business

    07/04/2024 Duração: 34min

    In this episode, Kehla dives into her ‘fame’ with rugby at University between 2009-2014 and how the validation through being recognized by her friends, family, teammates, University & Nation caused an identity crisis that lasted 3 years after she completed her Varsity career. Throughout the episode, Kehla also shares the significance of her defined G center being attached to an identity and the 10th, 26th and 27th Gene Keys and how contemplating these Gene Keys has helped her release the desire to be seen or validated for her work as an athlete and business owner. She also shares that there’s nothing wrong with desiring to be famous but what’s not often addressed is the validation that comes with being famous that can take people’s power away. Her experience of being validated as an athlete was filling a void of insecurity that she didn’t know how to take responsibility for. If you’re someone who’s caught up on what it means to be famous for your work, this episode will give you a different perspective on

  • E #393: how to leverage your IQ/EQ from the Gene Keys to self-regulate in a live launch

    05/04/2024 Duração: 17min

    In this podcast episode, Kehla explores the profound impact of leveraging both your IQ and EQ within your Gene Keys system to support self-regulation during a launch. She begins by contrasting traditional mindset or energetic work, often focused on aligning oneself with desired outcomes, with the empowering approach offered by the Gene Keys. Rather than relinquishing power by seeking external alignment, the Gene Keys empower individuals to take responsibility for their mental and emotional states throughout the launch process, free from external influence or distraction. The discussion delves into the Venus Sequence within the Gene Keys framework, highlighting how understanding and utilizing your IQ and EQ provide essential tools for managing mental blocks and emotional barriers. By uncovering patterns of behavior, self-sabotage tendencies, and innate methods of connection rooted in love, individuals gain insights into their authentic selves. Leveraging the Gene Keys to self-regulate in a masterclass launch i

  • E #392: how to set intentions with your Gene Keys for a Masterclass launch

    05/04/2024 Duração: 20min

    In this episode, Kehla explores a transformative approach to goal-setting by harnessing the power of intentions within the Gene Keys system. She begins by highlighting the common practice of setting hard goals, often focusing on numerical targets like revenue or client acquisition during program launches. While hard goals aren't inherently flawed, Kehla suggests that if traditional methods aren't yielding results, it may be time to shift focus towards the Pearl Sequence within the Gene Keys framework and set intentions aligned with one's energy. Embodying one's Vocation, Culture, Brand, and Pearl enables individuals to showcase their unique brilliance and understand how their energy influences engagement with their audience during launches, facilitating deeper connections with ideal clients for paid programs. By setting intentions aligned with the Gene Keys, individuals can shift their focus away from external validation based on numerical outcomes, towards personal growth and alignment with their evolving id

  • E #391: why giving more value won't sign more clients & what to do instead

    05/04/2024 Duração: 12min

    In this episode, Kehla delves into a personal journey of transformation from countless failed masterclass launches to becoming a beacon of service for hundreds of individuals and securing dream clients into a paid program. Kehla shares candidly about the initial struggle of providing what seemed like endless 'value' through various channels such as social media posts, emails, and podcasting, only to be met with admiration but little conversion to paid programs. This shift resulted in remarkable outcomes: over 220 sign-ups for a masterclass launch, 900+ replays, 150 new subscribers, and $15K in revenue, all while attracting dream clients. Kehla emphasizes the importance of refining one's approach to providing value, citing instances where praise doesn't translate into meaningful engagement. To join Masterclass Maven Tutorial Series, sign up here for the self-paced program. Check out Kehla's website Grab Kehla’s Freebies Follow Kehla on IG Follow Kehla on Insight Timer   Thank you for taking a moment to liste

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