Fathers With No Rights!

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This is a for men whos fighting for general right to be a part of their kids lives. Who get treated unfairly by the court system and bitter women. A place where men can share their experiences & stories of how unfair the courts treat stand up men. Women are welcome to participate also. Its not a podcast to drag women through the mud or be bitter towards them. Its a forum to bring light to this situation.


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    Just giving advice about choosing the right lawyer for your needs.

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  • Fathers with No rights!

    20/03/2019 Duração: 02min

    This is a forum for fathers who’s fighting the court system & bitter ex-wives, baby mommas etc. far as being a stand up father for their kids. But get pushed around and bullied by the system. Men who should be granted custody, men whom pay child support for kids that’s not theirs etc.