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Most of us start playing sports at a very young age, not knowing where they will take us in life. Our guest will feature student-athletes, coaches, and administrators from all different levels. This podcast will provide insight into their lives, as they share untold stories from on and off the field. Concluding with their transition into adulthood and their careers.


  • Freedom & Mobility with Dane Davis

    02/04/2021 Duração: 47min

    Today we are going into the Boundary with Dane Davis Licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Investor. The owner of BD Headquarters LLC. Hosted By Lou Mobley Executive Produced By Andre Moore. (2:03) Talks About Becoming A Licensed General Contractor (6:45) On Having The Support Of His Wife To Bet On Himself (14:32) Talks About The Benefits Of House Hacking (21:30) Talks About His Transferable Skills From Sports (30:43) Talks About Attending Roman Catholic HS & Neumann-Goretti HS (40:08) Talks About Coach Steve Smith

  • Chip Chasers with Erik Copes

    21/08/2020 Duração: 02h28min

    And Today We’re going Into The Boundary with Former Center of George Mason University and Imhotep High School. (3:12) how did the Chip Chasers Start? (13:02) Growing in South Philly? (35:12) Sophomore Year at Imhotep HS (42:14) Trying to be Ranked Top 50 as a Junior (1:14:12) His Recruiting Process (1:19:00) Being Pressured into committing to George Mason University (1:37:05) Not wanting play in a post season tournament (2:00:00) his path to becoming a professional basketball player

  • Give Me The Pill with Mark McPherson

    14/08/2020 Duração: 02h08min

    And today, We're going Into the Boundary with Former Valley Forge Military Academy and Neumann-Goretti HS Running back. (3:20) NG vs Archbishop Wood Semifinals Playoff game 2006 (12:33) NG weight room stories (21:27) How Lou became a Starter at NG (25:00) Memories of Coach Steve Smith (27:00) How He Transferred to NG (48:32) Growing up in Uptown (58:30) I was a Hitter (1:03:00) His welcome to the Catholic hit vs North Catholic HS (1:06:30) what are the differences playing football in the Public League vs the Catholic league? (1:11:17) Playing at Germantown HS (1:13:00) Best Catholic League Running in 2006? (1:20:00) Five Touchdowns in the Turkey bowl against Southern (1:22:40) Switching Anthony Sample to Half back from Full Back (1:42:00) Mark dedicating his 94 yd touchdown to my mom when she was battling Colon Cancer (2:03:00) becoming an Correctional Officer

  • Elevate My Chill with Quinten White

    07/08/2020 Duração: 01h35min

    And Today, we're going into the Boundary with Former Temple University Linebacker Quinten White. (11:39) Talks About Attending Cardinal Dougherty High School Over Frankford High School (21:20) Talks About The Struggles Of Getting Recruited While Playing For A Losing Program (29:04) Being Apart Of The Start Of The Winning Culture At Temple (34:26) Talks About The Struggle Of Going Through A Coaching Change (44:27) Becoming A Professional Rugby Player (52:19) Transitioning Away From Sports Totally (58:09) How He “Elevates His Chill” (60:00) Talks About The Struggles Entering The Workforce (76:07) Goes In Depth Into His Creative Side And Pride Universal

  • I Wanted Them to Feel What I Felt with Corey Sample

    31/07/2020 Duração: 01h11min

    We're Going Into the Boundary with former IUP Free Safety Corey Sample. (7:14) playing both pound ball and JV Football in 9th grade (10:00) Getting the drive to out work everyone from his mom (14:04) never getting the opportunity to play in the state playoffs (17:00) modeling his game after Brian Dawkins (17:30) playing in the City all star game (19:29) his recruiting experience (20:40) How he ended up at Tuskegee University (24:30) Transferring to IUP (30:20) I wanted you to feel what I felt (33:50) Senior Year at IUP (44:00) Arena Tryouts/ Arena Leagues Folding (46:20) Colorado Ice (53:14) Suffered Neck Injury (56:40) How did you transition to life after football (59:00) personal training (1:07:45) who is Corey Sample now?

  • I had to work for my spot with Andrew "Scootie" Randall

    24/07/2020 Duração: 55min

    And Today We're going Into the Boundary with Former Temple University Forward Andrew “Scootie” Randall (3:45) Talks About Starting Playing Basketball In 7th Grade, Transitioning Away From Playing Baseball (13:37) Explains Why He Decided To Attend Temple University (14:31) Speaks On The Importance Of The SAT Score When Getting Recruited (25:15) Coming Into His Own As A Player In College (33:20) Talks About The Struggles He Encountered Attempting To Embark On His Pro Career (37:00) Gives Insight On The Transition To Playing Overseas (47:00) Talks About What Life Is Like To Play Overseas While Your Family Is Home In America (49:16) Talks About Aspirations To Coach And Give Back To The Youth

  • Legendary Part 2 with Akwasi Owusu- Ansah

    17/07/2020 Duração: 01h09min

    Part 2 with Akwasi Owusu-Ansah Going to the Dallas Cowboys (7:45) First time you got cut (13:45) Missing the NFL pension by a few games (16:28) Breaking down NFL pay (20:00) CFL (29:15) Getting mossed on Sports Center (38:57) Creating the Scars Book (42:33) Creating (44:00) Transitioning to life after sports (47:13) Remembering the punt return touchdown against Edinboro (57:49) Being asked for 25K when he visited IUP (1:02:13)

  • Legendary Part 1 with Akwasi Owusu- Ansah

    10/07/2020 Duração: 01h27min

    We're going Into the Boundary with Former Dallas Cowboy's Safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. He talks about growing up in Columbus Ohio, and not receiving no Division I scholarship offers. He went on to play his college football career at IUP. He talks about signing with an Agent and his path to the draft. Ending with receiving the phone call on draft day and being selected by the Dallas Cowboys. Playing Sports is overrated in the black community (5:00) His High School career (22:55) His biggest regret in his sport career (28:00) Having no D1 Offers (34:27) How he ended up at IUP (37:19) Changing his position from RB to DB (46:04) Breakout Junior Season (55:12) Not being Thrown at Senior Year (1:05:05) Picking an agent (1:07:00) Training for the combine (1:10:41) Sports Illustrated Article (1:17:04) Draft Day, Draft weekend (1:18:58) The Phone call (1:25:23)

  • Do Ya Thing with Malik Alivin

    03/07/2020 Duração: 01h54min

    And Today We're Going Into the Boundary with Former UTEP, Binghamton University, and Shaw University Point Guard Malik Alvin.  (17:15) After Finding Individual Success At Abraham Lincoln HS Then Deciding To Transfer To Simon Gratz High School (18:33) Stressing The Importance Of Doing Good In School (31:26) Gives Insight On His College Recruitment (39:44) His Experience At University Of Texas El-Paso (49:30) Leaving UTEP To Go To JuCo (63:25) DJ Rivera Joining Him At Binghamton (70:15) Despite An Amazing Year On The Court The Team Faced Issues Off The Court (89:00) Behind The Scenes Issues At Shaw And Trying To Embark On His Pro Career (109:20) Deciding To Walk Away From His Pro Career And Focus On Mentoring The Youth

  • That Was Suppose To Be Me with Calvin Spires

    26/06/2020 Duração: 01h12min

    We're going in the Boundary with Former Shippensburg and Kutztown University Running Back Calvin Spires! He takes us on his journey of being raised in the Frankford section of Philadelphia and establishing his career in criminal justice. He also share how he started his brand Reveur Dessin. 2:00 - playing in the Philadelphia City All-Star Game 12:35- Staff Member being Assaulted by a Student 17:20- Frankford Chargers playing Days 25:35- Getting hurt his Senior Year 32:50- Going to Shippensburg University 44:20- Why he Transfers to Kutztown University 57:50- Becoming s Correctional Officer 1:01:20- Starting Reveur Dessin

  • No Lackin with Daiquan Walker

    19/06/2020 Duração: 01h36min

    We're going into the Boundary with Former University of Central Florida Point Guard Daiquan Walker. Daiquan Walker 6:30 The Mentorship Of Guillermo Beitler 18:26 Deciding To Transfer From Roman Catholic To Constitution High School 25:34 The Different Dynamic Playing Alongside Savon Goodman 29:45 Winning A State Championship 32:30 Deciding To Attend University Of Central Florida 45:45 Focusing On Getting His Degree While Being Frustrated With His Role On The Court 57:29 Going To Play In Cyprus With The Impending Birth Of His Son 58:33 The Importance Of Being A Father Vs Being An Professional Athlete 76:50 Turning Down A Six Figure Contract In Asia With No Money In His Pocket 81:00 Building Transferable Skills While Finishing Up His Degree 82:00 Talks About His Book Bag Drive In His Community And Being More Than An Athlete 84:00 Talks About Leaving An Fortune 500 Company And Starting “Hoops To Houses”

  • It was a Movie with Curtis Drake

    12/06/2020 Duração: 01h38min

    We're going into the Boundary with Curtis Drake, former Penn State Wide Receiver and West Catholic High School Quarterback. 22:12 Winning Catholic League Championship As A Sophomore 28:50 First PCL Team To Go To State Chip 42:42 Playing in the Big 33 52:53 Breaking His Leg In College 64:00 Clears The Air About The Matt McGloin Incident 78:29 Memories Of Joe Pa 82:41 Memories Of Adrian Robinson 88:52 Transitioning From Football To Music

  • I wasn't that dude with Earl Brown Jr

    29/05/2020 Duração: 01h10min

    We are going into the boundary with Earl Brown Jr.

  • I'm a Fan with Andre Moore

    22/05/2020 Duração: 01h23min

    We’re going Into the Boundary with our Executive Producer Andre Moore. He discusses how he became apart of the Podcast(4:40) He talks about being raised by his father and not being told about his biological mother (16:40). He shares where he developed his love for sports (26:53). He breaks down the inspiration of the making of the new ITB Theme song (35:56). Dre shares his experience of being a father at 19 years old(58:47). Also, he discusses the importance of giving game to others (68:54). He concludes with understand success and how it is truly measured (74:39).

  • Season 2 Recap Part 2

    17/01/2020 Duração: 01h45min

    Part 2 of the Season 2 Recap! Hosted By Lou Mobley & Dre Moore with Special Guest Jamal Wilson, Rory Thomas, and  Bubba Kemp. The group reflects on their favorite episodes and most memorable moments of season 2. Thank you for supporting us all season, I hope you enjoy! Special thanks to the ITB Team and our sponsors for your hard work and dedication.  Founder, Creator & Host: Lou Mobley  Executive Producers: Andres Moore  Co-Founder: Kadeem Custis  Director & Editor: Dahmerz Operations Manager: Ernest Stanford  Youtube Channel:  Apple Podcast:  Spotify:  Instagram:


    10/01/2020 Duração: 01h15min

    Hosted By Lou Mobley & Dre Moore with Special Guest Rory Thomas & Bubba Kemp. The group reflects on their favorite episodes and most memorable moments of season 2. Lou Mobley Part 1 & 2 (2:45), Dennis Shaw (20:35), Keisha Hampton (26:44), Bernard Pierce (29:10), Juan'ya Green (45:30), Raheem Orr (54:09), Dennis Kerstetter (1:03:39), and Mike Weaver (1:11:40). Thank you for supporting us all season, I hope you enjoy! Special thanks to the ITB Team and our sponsors for your hard work and dedication.  Founder, Creator & Host: Lou Mobley  Executive Producers: Andres Moore  Co-Founder: Kadeem Custis  Director & Editor: Dahmerz Operations Manager: Ernest Stanford  Youtube Channel:  Apple Podcast:  Spotify:  Instagram:

  • Yea, I'm That with DJ Rivera

    13/12/2019 Duração: 01h43min

    Former St. Joseph’s & Binghamton University guard Derrick “D.J.” Rivera joins us to tell his story. He opens up about expectations growing up as the nephew of the late great Hank Gathers. He talks about growing up in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia. D.J. decides to attend budding powerhouse Neumann High School, where he would have to adjust to his teammates and the environment around him. D.J. would lead Neumann to back to back Catholic League Championships. He would go on to attend St Joseph’s University. At St. Joes he would face issues over playing time, which would eventually spill over into his off the court life. After an up and down two year stretch at St. Joes, D.J. would decide to transfer to Binghamton University. At Binghamton he would join one of his close friends, fellow Philadelphia hooper Malik Alvin. D.J. would explode from the moment he took the floor at Binghamton, leading the Bearcats to a conference title and a NCAA Tournament berth. Despite leading the conference in scoring (20p

  • A Diamond in the Rough with Andrew Krewatch

    08/12/2019 Duração: 01h54min

    Former IUP Quarterback Andrew Krewatch walks us down memory lane of his playing career. The Pittsburgh Product would complete high school playing quarterback in an offense that didn’t match his skill set, not earning many accolades, records, or recognition. During his college recruitment many universities chose to go with more mobile quarterbacks. Coach Cignetti took a chance on Krewatch even without him having strong convincing high school film. Once Krewatch arrived at IUP, there were many sanctions handed down that resulted in a bunch of football players being suspended from school. As a Freshman Krewatch would earn the starting Quarterback Job. As a Sophomore he would be redshirted and Kevin Weidl would return as a starter for his senior year. In the following years Krewatch would help lead IUP to the Playoffs, winning seasons, and breaking a few passing and completions records for a quarterback. His Senior year would be filled of adversity due to a shoulder injury take would eventually stop him from play

  • Secure the Bag with Bubba Kemp

    29/11/2019 Duração: 01h56min

    Former Delaware State University Offensive Lineman Kellen “Bubba” Kemp, reminisces on his fondest memories of attending Cardinal Dougherty High School. He discusses finding out the hard way the difference between having an verbal scholarship offer versus having an official scholarship offer. He speaks about why NFL scouts barely scout HBCU’s versus other Division IA institutions. Bubba breaks down the meaning of a money game. When smaller Division IAA schools play larger Division IA schools for close to a million dollars. Basically exchanging a lost for money that could benefit their programs and support program’s expenses. Bubba takes on the roller coaster of ups and downs throughout his career. Bubba talks about being real with himself about his talent level to pursue the NFL dream. He graduated with a Bachelors in Finance that he doesn’t use today in current career in IT. His journey has come full circle as he continues to build relationships with student-athletes through coaching the game of football. He

  • What the Game Did For Me with Jesse Morgan

    22/11/2019 Duração: 01h22min

    Former University of Massachusetts and Temple University shooting guard Jesse Morgan, joins us to discuss with us his journey through the game of basketball. Growing up Jesse would hone his basketball skills alongside his older brothers, who were very competitive. He talks about the importance of sports in the community and how it changed his life. As a child Jesse would have to deal with the adjustment of moving from North Philadelphia to the Olney section of Philadelphia. He goes into detail about the differences between the two neighborhoods. Jesse would decide to attend Prep Charter High School, located in South Philadelphia. At Prep Charter he would play with and against high level talent, while also winning two state championships. Jesse would then choose to transfer to Olney High School, where he would “put on” for his neighborhood. His senior year at Olney High he would get all the recognition he worked for, winning just about every individual honor that you could win in the state of PA. Jesse would a

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