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Podcast of weekly sermons from Calvary Church in State College, PA. Calvary Church is a Church Without Walls serving Penn State University, State College, PA, and the surrounding area.


  • What If He Says So?

    What If He Says So?


    Jesus is looking for people who will say to him, "If you say so, I will do it." These are the people who will follow him with all their hearts. These are the people whom He will amaze. In 2021 Jesus will ask you to do something that you...

  • What If...

    What If...


    What if it's all true and Jesus is inviting us to be a part of his resurrection story? When Jesus walked out of the tomb, death was defeated, fear was cast out and love was unleashed. Fear is never the final word if love is untombed. Love leaves...

  • If Only...

    If Only...


    Jesus is our Resurrection Champion. He can turn our "if-onlys" into "what-ifs." We need to stop pretending that the goal of this life is comfort and that faith makes it easier to be comfortable. What if God isn't dreaming...

  • The Last Chapter

    The Last Chapter


    Nehemiah 13 contains one of the most discouraging failures in scripture. But there is still hope! It's the story of God's people being invited to an awakening, but deciding instead to go back to normal. Let's not go back to normal...

  • Overcoming the Rip Van Winkel Effect

    Overcoming the Rip Van Winkel Effect


    Nehemiah 12 teaches us the power of celebration to move us forward in God's purposes.

  • I Dare You

    I Dare You


    When the heavens are open, the presence of God is unmistakable. When the presence of God is unmistakable, the blessings of God are uncontainable. But when our hearts are strangely dissatisfied, though we have off-the-charts blessings, it's God...

  • Pursuing and Pursued

    Pursuing and Pursued


    God pursues us, we run. That's called sin. We turn back and chase God with all our hearts. That's called repentance. Sin brings death. Repentance leads to life. Never for a moment in your life has God's love for you dipped below the...

  • A 1 Degree Decision

    A 1 Degree Decision


    Are we willing to push through to pursue God with all our hearts or will we settle for something less. It would be a shame to end up one degree shy of a breakthrough. Prayer must be radically God-centered. The prayer of Nehemiah 9 is the longest...

  • A Joy Awakening

    A Joy Awakening


    Joy is in the non-optional category of God's design for our lives. Joy comes from the presence of God. The joy of the Lord is our strength. So many people have this picture of Jesus, a solemn, good-deed doing, sermon-preaching, pious, serious...

  • The Joy Yet to Come

    The Joy Yet to Come


    Repentance at its heart is the heart that returns to God and in the returning there is joy that will give us strength. True repentance is chasing God. The enemy of our souls has deceived us into thinking that sin is subjective, judgment is hate and...

  • Gods Wake-Up Call

    God's Wake-Up Call


    We won't hear God's wake-up call if our ears aren't open to His Word. Loving Scripture is not just about knowing the truth, it's about loving the one who is true. It's not just about finding the way to live, it's about...

  • Not Just A Wall

    Not Just A Wall


    God loves people. People are His treasure. It's not just about rebuilding broken walls, it's all about rebuilding broken people. Imagine for a moment all that God sees; all that could be precious in His eyes. Imagine the perfection of a...

  • Unfinished Stories

    Unfinished Stories


    God is seeking a people who will travail for and lean into a spiritual awakening. If we aren't praying for an Awakening, why are we here? Awakening… a word used for centuries to describe the dawning of new seasons of spiritual vitality. From the...

  • A New Years Christ, Community,  Calling Reset

    A New Year's Christ, Community, & Calling Reset


    We cannot give the world a convincing witness that Jesus is in the highest place if frantically grasping to maintain power in a lower place. Our calling is to give the world a convincing witness that Jesus of Nazareth, a humble carpenter’s son who...

  • Pray it Forward

    Pray it Forward


    Even though the last year has been difficult, as we begin the new year consider what God has planned for the future as you pray.

  • Good News Reset

    Good News Reset


    We need to be a good news people. The good news shapes everything and is for everyone. What is your best good news? Good News is the heartbeat of Christmas. Christmas proclaims the good news that love is a gift, light outshines darkness, and joy...

  • Hope Reset

    Hope Reset


    We need to choose hope over happy. Hope will last. Happy is for a moment. We live in a hope-hungry world and what we magnify shapes our hope. We often use hope as a synonym for "wish." True hope is not a wish; it's a marker for the...

  • Love Over Fear

    Love Over Fear


    The first message of Christmas was "Do not be afraid." Why? Because the love of God destroys fear every time. Choose love over fear this Christmas. Good News is the heartbeat of Christmas. Christmas reminds us of the good news that love is...

  • Chasing Christmore

    Chasing Christmore


    We want Christmas 2020 to be a memorable Christmas, but what would it take to make this a Christmas that Jesus will never forget?

  • The Five Rebuilding Practices

    The Five Rebuilding Practices


    These five rebuilding practices come out of the book of Nehemiah and throughout scripture. Applying them (especially during our 52-Day journey) will help us finish 2020 well and start 2021 with our hearts surrendered to Christ and saturated with the...

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