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  • Episode Thirteen


    Episode 13: Recorded in Wilmington, NC, we discussed Jeff's road trip, Paul's new life, and our recent medical troubles.One more in the tank, should be ready in a week or so! Stay tuned.http://ia601200.us.archive.org/13/items/LowInterestRadioEpisode13_212/13LowInterestRadioEpisode13.mp3

  • Episode Twelve


    Episode 12: Where in the world is Episode 11? Take our word for it, it was terrible. This time on the show we discuss bus rides, pet graves, and nudity.Complete with false beginning, I swear that was on purpose.All right stinkies, here's your linkies. That was awful.http://ia600805.us.archive.org/32/items/LowInterestRadioEpisode11/12LowInterestRadioEpisode12.mp3

  • Episode Ten


    Episode 10: But what about 9? Screw you man. This "week" on the show Jared Thomson joins the cast to recount his adventures in South East Asia. In focus: teaching children to dance, hernias, and intoxicants by the bucket.http://ia600805.us.archive.org/16/items/LowInterestRadioEpisode10/LowInterest10.mp3

  • Episode One


    Episode One is finally here! Recorded on July 31st in Jeff's basement, this episode features Paul Cornett, Jeff Craley, and Abby Sykes. We discuss the pros and (mostly) cons of living in your parents basement, the intimidating job market, and...well...butts. Featuring a taste test of some crappy soda Paul found at the Asian supermarket. http://ia600709.us.archive.org/12/items/LowInterestRadioEpisode1/01LowInterestRadioEpisode1.mp3