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  • Jessica Yarbrough Shares Tips On Making More Money Speaking

    10/12/2019 Duração: 23min

    Jessica Yarbrough has quickly developed a reputation of being one of the best business strategists and marketing and sales consultants for entrepreneurs who want to sell high value products and services. Her background is in international business and she has built multiple companies. Jessica is a genius at showing entrepreneurs how to build an expert platform, rapidly raise their value, build their credibility online and attract high paying clients. She travels the world teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and helping them grow their influence and make the income and impact they desire.

  • Wes Schaefer Shares 5 Proven Steps To Make Every Sale

    26/11/2019 Duração: 41min

    Wes Schaeffer is The Sales Whisperer®, a pigheaded entrepreneur who rehabilitates salespeople and trains their managers. He's a reassuringly-expensive copywriter, sought-after speaker, and marketing automation aficionado. He is the author of 2.5 books on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship, host of The Sales Podcast and The CRM Sushi Podcast, and has helped 5,400 of the world’s top speakers, authors, coaches, and sales professionals achieve nearly miraculous growth by mastering his proven process, which hinges on the idea that to make any sale you must make every sale. Now go sell something!

  • Mind Master Certification

    15/11/2019 Duração: 09min

    Barbara Eldridge, President and Founder of Mind Masters Will be talking about learning more about Group Leader Certification opportunity for Mind Masters

  • Dr Kenneth Anderson on Leadership

    05/11/2019 Duração: 26min

    Dr. Anderson, Knowledge Based Leadership, was born in Chicago Illinois and raised in Robbins Illinois. A veteran of the United States Air Force and attended Grambling State University, St. Leo University, University of La Verne and Northcentral University where he finished his Doctorate in Business Administration. Dr. Anderson is a charismatic, a self-driven entrepreneur and a published author of the books: “How To Save Community Colleges (20)”, “How Community College Presidents and Deans Impact Graduation and Retention Rates”, “Participation Leadership Equals Success”, and “Behind the Concrete Jungle.” Dr. Anderson possesses over 20 years’ experience as a Public Speaker and has completed over 150 speaking engagements for small and large organizations, sharing insight on employee engagement, leadership, organizational development, and workforce trends. Dr. Anderson has built a reputation for developing effective teaching strategies and operational and business strategies, designing and implementing process i

  • Prashubh Batham, A Man With A Passion

    29/10/2019 Duração: 31min

    We all socialize in business and use plenty of alcohol doing that. A story of an innovator, entrepreneur, leader, business developer, story teller, family person and a recent liver transplant recipient. The trauma, shock, humility, emotions from self and close family, finances and a long journey to survive. Prashubh is an innovator and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in software enterprise management. He has been a key executive at four successful software and professional services companies. Other experience includes executive management, professional services, software architecture vision, corporate development and governance, market and business development, digital transformation, B2C and B2B eCommerce, and consultative selling and delivering enterprise software solutions to customers small and large including Fortune 500 companies. Currently, I am involved with cloud data management services and big data projects.

  • CJ Gilbert Shares 5 Keys To Unlock The Profit Hidden In Your Website

    13/08/2019 Duração: 39min

    Is your website working for you? Are you getting leads through your site? Are you easily found in the search engines? Today my guest is CJ Gilbert. CJ is a speaker, author, and has been a website developer for over 20 years. CJ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in San Diego and beyond with their websites and marketing needs. And he is constantly studying and learning more about social media, business, its operations, sales, and marketing. He teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and authors how to think of their websites like their number one business tool so they can make more money and serve their clients better, faster & easier! Cj is here today to share with us 5 Keys to Unlock the Profit Hidden in your Website.

  • Don't Have The Writing Skills For A Book? Hire A Ghostwriter!

    07/08/2019 Duração: 27min

    A full-time author and ghostwriter, Southern California native Mark Anthony Tierno has crafted a truly epic fantasy novel that will take you to the ends of a world of magic, alien vistas, and ultimate evil.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Physics, which often plays well in his creation of other worlds, and is the author of both the Maldene series and his Inspector Flaatphut series, as well as others yet to be seen.  He has this one problem with writing, though:  he can't stop!  When he's not working on his own projects he's working on someone else's, and currently has ideas for a LOT more... if he can just find the time away from the rest of it.

  • The Gem Known As Baja Mexico

    06/08/2019 Duração: 31min

    Corey Avalos has been in Mortgage/ Hard Money/ Real Estate for over 15 years. He has always enjoyed those industries because of the excitement, but that is nothing compared to the excitement he feels knowing he can help others catch up to their dream of retiring. Baja Consultants provides an introduction, and understanding, of the culture and business practices of Baja. Corey and his staff help retirees, small business owners, and United States residents the opportunity to see the benefits of relocating to Baja Mexico. In this podcast you’ll learn what it takes to transition to living “abroad” in Mexico.

  • Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator

    23/07/2019 Duração: 31min

    Meet Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator! Dave is an accomplished entrepreneur, CEO, author and dynamic speaker, captivating audiences with his high-voltage presentations and real world practical steps for audiences’ to implement immediately. For 25 years, Dave has been a full time Entrepreneur and since that time has built and sold 3 companies in 3 different industries. Here are just a few of the secrets he will share! How to instantly establish authority in your industry by learning this simple and very effective 4 step formula!Consistently and predictably scale your business and attract your ideal clientele by leveraging powerful strategy!Become the unforgettable expert in your market by utilizing this three-step system, the 3C's!Become a world-class communicator and increase your EQ instantly!.

  • Design Your Business To Gain Your Life!

    25/06/2019 Duração: 31min

    Brandon Hintz is a husband, father, mentor, and founder of The NOW Academy. The NOW Academy was created in 2014 for one reason; to teach coaches, consultants, and thought leaders how to make a full time living doing what they love. Brandon believes you can HAVE everything you want in life! Everything you want to create, experience, or make happen in your life! This is an unshakeable belief within his company. Brandon has a great passion for sharing his rich knowledge with business professionals that are ready and willing to grow! Through his signature course, “Design It” Brandon teaches business owners HOW they CAN HAVE what they want, and earn the income they desire while doing what they love. The Design it course empowers his clients to DESIGN their business, to GAIN their life! If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider ready to share your value for profit then join Brandon in the DesignItCourse.com and start sharing your gift with the world!

  • Rocking the Third Quarter of Your Small Business

    12/06/2019 Duração: 30min

    Founded in 1991 as an organization for entrepreneurs to master the challenges they face in an ever-changing market place. Barbara Eldridge has a vision of Mind Masters to provide a value based program so that business owners could harness the power of each members’ success, make wise business decisions and realize their dreams. Working one-on-one, Barbara’s extraordinary expertise in the areas of sales, management, client relations, product development, marketing and systems planning are the solid foundation of her 25 year winning method of supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. The fact that over 95% of MIND MASTERS members see an increase in business directly related to working with Barbara is testament in itself. However, it is inspiration that Barbara uses gracefully to assist others in achieving their business goals combined with her sincere belief in human potential. For small business owners in the San Diego area, Mind Masters is holding a Third Quarter Planning Session on July 1st. If you want to r

  • Teri Wilder, Sound Healing Expert

    09/05/2019 Duração: 30min

    As speakers we must take time to rejuvenate ourselves so that we can deliver our message to the masses. Teri will be sharing the benefits of sound healing for professional speakers. It's going to be an eye opening conversation.  Teri Wilder is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter, Certified Sound Healer, and Reiki Master. Focusing on creating music music with a positive message, she understands the power of bringing good vibrations into peoples’ lives. Her passion for sound healing brought her to the gong, which has transformed her life with a new depth of vibrational experiences. She travels the country sharing the music, sounds, and energy work that support wholeness, well-being, creativity, and peace.

  • Joie Cheng on Becoming A Best Selling Author

    07/05/2019 Duração: 32min

    Are you thinking about writing a book? As a small business owner, and a professional speaker, having a book guarantees a nice speaking fee, or sales in the back of the room. So what does it take to write a book, and bring it to best seller status. Join me as I interview Joie Cheng on creating a best seller! Best-selling author, speaker, transformation coach, energy healer, and circle facilitator Joie Cheng is on a mission to touch lives and inspire women to live as love. In today's podcast, Joie will share why writing a book is so important these days. She'll share her ups and downs during the process of writing and publishing her best selling book, The Naked Truth, A Woman's Journey to Self Love.  

  • How Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

    26/03/2019 Duração: 30min

    With over 35 years of hypnosis experience combined Marion Weist, Mission Valley Hypnosis, brings to San Diego, hypnosis techniques unlike you haven’t seen before. This individual approach to hypnosis has helped thousands across the country overcome their challenges with experienced hypnosis. Members of the Master Hypnotist Society (MHS) since 2010. She proudly offer ethical hypnosis with a Christian Based program. Marion Weist spent 10 years living in Green Bay Wisconsin, where she discovered hypnosis. Originally sought out hypnosis to help her with confidence and public speaking. Seeing changes happen rapidly Marion was left with no other choice but to learn to help others through hypnosis. After practicing for 2 years she was invited to become a member of Master Hypnotist Society since 2006. Started her practice in San Diego in 2014. Now 5 years, and two kids later, Marion is learning how to juggle being a mom and an entrepreneur her business continues to grow.

  • How To Achieve Amazing Results

    26/02/2019 Duração: 27min

    What if you could have amazing results? What would they be, and how would they impact your life? As National Trainer for Tony Robbins, Stephen Litman advises and consults with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of Peak Performance, leadership, organizational behavior, psychology of achievement and sales. Stephen’s passion in life is to grow and in growing inspire others to the same. Stephen is a graduate of the George Washington University and before joining Tony Robbins, Stephen was an early member of the real estate firm Compass which has been valued at over $4.4 billion dollars in just its 5th year. Stephen is excited to share his sales and marketing experience with you.

  • Get On More Stages, How To Become Highly Visible As A Speaker!

    05/02/2019 Duração: 38min

    Do you want to finally learn how to speak and BE KNOWN, get invited to MORE stages, BUILD your tribe of loyal followers and monetize your message filled with your ideal target audience? My guest is Rae Majors Wildman creator of the Business Breakthrough Summit. Rae teaches business owners and professionals how to use speaking to grow their business, and get on bigger stages, making a lot more money. Rae will be sharing some tips on how you can grow your business through speaking.  You don't have to be a "celebrity" to make significant money by speaking. We all dream of that big speaking gig, but did you know that there are a lot of other ways you can serve clients through your speaking. Join us on February 5th and learn more about "speaking for business." Then check out Speakers Guild USA for our New Year Special. We help speakers get more visibility through speaking so they can grow their businesses and serve more people.

  • Joie Cheng on The Naked Truth

    20/11/2018 Duração: 29min

    Joie Cheng, M.S.W., The Queen of Transformational Book Publishing, is passionate about helping people write and publish their books so they can make the income and impact they desire and deserve. She believes that when we share our stories we heal ourselves and we heal the world. Joie is a Patrick Snow certified publishing coach, international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and a trained yoga teacher. She is the best-selling author of The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love about her personal journey of healing herself naturally from deep depression and suicidal thoughts through self-love. Joie is a featured author in the #1 international best-selling book Being Unapologetic by Davide DiGiorgio and will be featured in the upcoming book Success is all B.S. by Stephen De La Cruz. She is the host of the podcast The Naked Truth Movement where she interviews guests who are willing to share inspiring stories and be vulnerable so less people feel alon

  • Living Well through Cancer - and BEYOND

    02/10/2018 Duração: 41min

    In February 2017 Debra Wilson Guttas received a chilling diagnosis...she had not one but two different Stage 3 cancers! The road from there was a long one filled with grief and uncertainty but she came through stronger than ever and is now cancer-free. Amazingly, in the middle of her journey she published an Amazon Best-Seller "7 Keys to Coping With Cancer - How you can feel good AND THRIVE (from someone who's been there)". Join me as she throws back the curtain behind her journey and shares her secrets to how to take back control of your life and define your "new normal." She also talks about coping with uncertainty, supporting the healing of your whole mind, body and spirit, and so much more.  Listen in and learn how to shift from feeling powerless to inspired and empowered." This is the link to the gift Debra is offering our listeners:  http://bit.ly/SimpleHealingSolutions

  • Leveraging LinkedIn with Rhonda Sher

    27/09/2018 Duração: 30min

    Learn how you can use LinkedIn for more visibility and to get more speaking gigs.

  • The Free Pantry, Creating a Healthier Community

    20/09/2018 Duração: 24min

    Saifon Plewtong's mission is to share healthy food, love and hope with those in need through The Free Pantry. Saifon Plewtong is the co-founder of The Free Pantry. Growing up, Saifon lived on a small island with lush vegetation. Fruits and vegetables of all shapes and colors were abundant; food was literally hanging everywhere. She never needed money or even touched it until she was teenager. Everything she needed was on that island and she could eat as much as she wanted whenever she wanted it. She noticed the miraculous design in nature. She watched as seeds from trees fell to the ground, sprouted from the soil and grew into beautiful trees and vines. She watched flowers turn into fruit and saw that each fruit had a special protective shell to keep it from being damaged by bugs and weather. She couldn’t help but notice that even the seasons were part of this amazing design, working together to produce the fruits and vegetables that she grew to love so much. Her work continues through the free pantry.

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