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  • Two Ways Poor People Can Get Mortgage Free with No Money AUDIO PODCAST

    14/08/2017 Duração: 21min

    Paying off your mortgage early is possible. You can get mortgage free at a young age when you have the right plan. Today me and Scott my son are talking about becoming mortgage free as young as possible. Making it a goal to aim for. We talk about the different ways we accomplished it ourselves and hopefully give you a few ideas to build on to become mortgage free yourself.   PATREON: More Homesteading Videos by Becky Becky’s Social Media Links: Instagram: Facebook: SUPPORT BECKY BY SHOPPING AT: Official Becky’s Homestead T-Shirts Becky’s Favorite Things Becky’s Guide To BUYING LAND Becky’s Guide To Choosing Your LOG CABIN KIT: LINKS TO Becky’s Homestead Youtube Channels: Becky’s Homestead: