Better Asian Man Podcast



Better Asian Man brings you, the modern-day Asian American Man, information on how to become empowered from the subjective perspective of one Asian American man. I will address how this self-actualization can be achieved through the acquisition of more sexual confidence and success with women. Part of being good with women is expressing individuality, your personal preferences, and your interests that means constantly improving yourself and your lifestyle. To that end, I will be providing you with an account of events that have already transpired in my life along with perspective on how I overcame obstacles, earned successes, and lived life. My hope is that you will find inspiration in these essays about events in my life so that you can move forward and find your own inspiration, overcome your own obstacles, and find your own successes.We can talk day and night about how awesome it is for Asian American men to gain empowerment through activism, on-line petitioning, letter writing, and blogging, but lets be honest with ourselves: you aint empowered if you aint good with women.