Practical ADHD Strategies



Practical strategies to help you manage specific challenges related to ADHD and ADD. Led by Laura Rolands, founder of My Attention


  • ADHD Practical Zen Brain Hacks with Alan Brown

    11/09/2014 Duração: 16min

    Join ADHD Coach Laura Rolands as she interviews Alan Brown from ADD Crusher.  Alan will share some actionable mindfulness techniques that have immediate impact – what he calls “practical Zen brain-hacks”, such as:A re-framing of time that frees the ADDer to act – and act more effectively.A simple way to quiet your mind to power it up.Turn “Have To’s” into “Will Do’s”A dissection of frustration that melts it into action.This is learn-it-today-do-it-tomorrow material, and shared in a fun, interactive conversation that will be of value to individuals as well as ADHD coaches looking for fresh strategies to help their clients. Be sure to get Alan’s free eBook -- 5 Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse! -- at And when you’re there and want to try Alan’s acclaimed instructional videos risk-free, use coupon code ROLANDS15 for 15% off any purchase!An executive, entrepreneur and coach, Alan created the acclaimed ADD Crusher™ video series. Undiagnosed until well into adulthood, his untr

  • Apps to Improve ADHD Planning - Interview with Eric Tivers, LCSW, MSSW

    30/03/2014 Duração: 15min

    Join host Laura Rolands, ADHD Coach and owner of as she interviews Eric Tivers, LCSW, MSSW, the owner of Tivers Clinical Specialties.  Eric provides coaching, therapy and consulting on a wide variety of subjects, and we will be focusing on apps that help you be more productive. He will be sharing the apps that he recoments for project management and mind mapping and teaching us to use them together for long term planning.  

  • Procrastination Strategies for Adults with ADHD

    06/03/2014 Duração: 14min

    Procrastination and ADHD often go together.  Join Laura Rolands, ADHD Coach and owner of My Attention Coach as she shares pratical tips and strategies for overcoming your procrastination challenges.  

  • Strategies for Organizing your ADHD Desk with Kacy Paide

    15/12/2013 Duração: 15min

    Join host Laura Rolands, ADHD Coach and owner of, as she welcomes Kacy Paide, Professional Organizer and owner of, back for another interview regarding organization.  Laura and Kacy will be discussing creative desktop systems and how to incorporate color into your organizing. Have questions about organizing your desk?  Be sure to listen for great tips from Kacy! 

  • Office Organization & ADHD

    20/10/2013 Duração: 15min

    Join host Laura Rolands as she interviews Kacy Paide professional organizer and owner of The Inspired Office.  Kacy will share tips to help adults with ADHD organize their office.  Join us to learn her practical tips!