Access Consciousness



Do you find this reality a little insane? Are you asking for a different possibility? One where you dont have to doubt yourself or create yourself as small and pathetic ever again? What if you asked Whats right about me that Im not getting? What if you could know what you know instead?Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer offer simple, pragmatic tools that create greater awareness and possibilities for change in all areas of life, including relationships, business, money, caring for the earth, bodies and health. Theyre irreverent, funny and totally committed to sharing weird and wonderful tools for change that actually work!Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. What if now is the time to discover the potency, the wonder and the magnificence of YOU? What would you like to create your world as?Join in as we run processes that set you free from whatever is limiting you, and explore the questions and choices that lead to greater possibilities.


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