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"Be Still and Know" is a guided meditation technique developed by Roy Masters for effortlessly overcoming root causes of stress and illness. In use for over 45 years, this simple method has helped generations free themselves from: Abuse, Anger, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression, Smoking, Self-doubt and more.


  • Meditation and Concentration: Is Concentrating Beneficial?


    Podcast Here(Clip from episodes: K3699)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comWondering what the difference is between meditation and concentration? Could over-focusing and concentrating too hard counteract the positive benefits of meditation?On this free meditation podcast, Monty reports a painful pressure in his sinuses when he meditates. Meditation expert Roy Masters knew immediately what the problem was and fills Monty in on the proper way to meditate. Unlike many meditations being taught and practiced today, Roy Masters does not promote a heavy concentration-based exercise. His exercise is a free guided meditation called "Be Still and Know."“You are taking a journey to your true self, and it is a little painful, because you have to undo a whole lifetime of conditioning of who you are.”If you are having difficulty concentrating in a productive way, listen to this podcast now!Quotes regarding meditation and concentration from Roy Masters’ books:“Concentra

  • Meditation for Children | Should Kids Meditate?


    Podcast Here(Clips from episodes: K4647 and K4755)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comHave you benefited from guided meditation? Curious if meditation is right for your child or children? Wondering when and how to introduce meditation to your kids?On this free podcast, Mitch is wondering what age is appropriate to introduce meditation to his children. Meditation expert Roy Masters discusses with him the importance of not pushing meditation on your children. Being a good example, especially as a father, provides a natural form of meditation for children.At a certain age, some children may ask how to meditate. Marco, a ten-year-old boy, provides a special testimonial for the Be Still and Know meditation. If it wasn't for the free guided meditation, he would still be dealing the destructive anger and trauma he's suffered with since was six.Quotes regarding children and meditation from Roy Masters’ books:The salvation of your children and family depends on t

  • Learn Meditation | How to Benefit from Meditation Exercises


    Podcast Here(Clip from episodes: K3673 and K4481)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comAre you looking to learn how to meditate? Have you attempted meditation before, only to find yourself struggling with it? Do you find yourself getting frustrated while attempting a meditative state? Are you wondering how meditation can benefit you?On this episode of the Meditation – Overcoming Stress and Illness Podcast, Thomas discusses getting hung up "trying" to meditate properly. Radio counselor Roy Masters explains how struggling with meditation can undermine any positive results that are possible through the meditation exercise. Being that the Be Still & Know guided meditation is designed to point one away from emotional effort, one must learn not to struggle with the exercise.Roy also hears from Rick who describes the benefits of meditation he has experienced. By using the free guided meditation to separate from his thoughts, Rick has been able to overcome symptoms

  • Meditation and Imagination | Overactive Imaginations


    Podcast HereDo you have an overactive imagination? Do you use your imagination to escape pain? Is the difference between fantasy and reality sometimes difficult to determine?On this podcast episode, Sharon brings up that she has been meditating regularly for over a year, and is concerned that it may be hypnotic. Radio counselor Roy Masters spells out how to know if you are hypnotized by meditation. Though she may not be hypnotized by meditation, Sharon is addicted to creating elaborate stories in her mind. Roy discusses how getting lost in your imagination through preplanning, and fantasy is really the misuse of a God-given talent.A second caller, June, is wondering if what she is envisioning during meditation is a product of her overactive imagination. At one point in the free guided meditation, Roy says, “You can almost see an outline of your hand, through your mind’s eye.” When meditating, June says that here hand doesn’t look like her own. Roy explains how becoming objective and aware lead you to see thin

  • Meditation Benefits: A Testimonial | Coping With Loneliness


    Podcast HereDo you overeat or find yourself obsessing over food? Is stress, anxiety or depression holding you back? Did you know that there is a simple, meditative exercise, that when practiced daily, benefits both your physical and mental health?On this podcast episode, Mark gives a testimonial regarding the free guided meditation technique. By disconnecting emotionally from food and practicing the “Be Still and Know” daily meditation, he is happier and beginning to see the world more clearly. During their conversation, radio counselor Roy Masters reemphasizes the simplicity of this meditation. “You drop your anger, and I’ll show you how to get rid of all your illnesses and have a happy life.” Now that his life is improving immensely, Mark’s friends are not as eager to heed his advice. “I feel like I won a million dollars and no one wants any of it.” How should one cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation that often accompanies personal success? Roy Masters answers this and discusses more about the be

  • Anxiety Meditation | Guided Meditation Testimonies


    Podcast HereAre you overwhelmed by chronic anxiety? Have anxiety therapies and treatments not cured you of your symptoms? Tired of merely coping with anxiety?Anxiety, whether temporary or long-term, has the same beginning. Most forms of anxiety disorder are caused by a deep-seated guilt that is being dealt with improperly. While there are countless meditation techniques that will help you cover up the anxiety and guilt, only one will help you expose and remove the original trauma that led to these symptoms.On this free podcast episode, you can hear from two different people who have used the free guided meditation technique to overcome stress and anxiety. Ray bought the book How To Conquer Negative Emotions at a garage sale due to anxiety he was feeling before taking a test. Nada was suffering from anxiety and called up meditation expert Roy Masters on the radio. These are only two out of thousands of testimonials that Roy hears from those who have benefited from the guided meditation.(Clip from episode: K470

  • Is Meditation An Anger Management Activity? | Why Meditate?


    Podcast HereDoes uncontrollable anger get you into trouble? Are you looking for a free anger management activity that will free you from rage, but not set you up to be a weakened coward?Most anger management activities and techniques available online merely teach you how to cope with your own anger. While this helps conceal your inability to deal with daily pressures, it does not help uncover the root of your problem. Anger is neither a proper nor healthy reaction to stressful situations. Anger is, in fact, the loser's response.The Be Still and Know Meditation technique is a free, simple, and direct approach for overcoming anger. Proper use of this free exercise will enable you to locate and eliminate the cause of your anger and stress. In this free podcast episode, Steve is beginning to notice how angry and resentful he has been throughout his life. Host Roy Masters explains how anger, resentment and hatred are all different degrees of the same emotional reaction. This free guided meditation technique brings

  • Meditation and Relaxation | Is Meditation Meant to Relax?


    Podcast HereAre you easily stressed out? Wondering if meditation will help you relax? Is relaxation even a proper goal regarding meditation? Many believe that meditation and relaxation are inseparable concepts. In this free podcast episode, radio counselor Roy Masters explains that while relaxation can be a healthy side effect of meditation, one should not meditate for the comfort of feeling relaxed. Roy points out the difference between meditation and hypnosis.While the meditation technique has benefited Brad, he felt the need to call because he doesn't know how to handle the divorce from his wife who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. Roy describes possible spiritual and emotional factors that could spread multiple sclerosis; along with how one should handle a loved one inflicted with M.S. without making it worse.(Clip from episode: K4616)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comQuotes regarding relaxation from the book How Your Mind Can Keep You Well by

  • Benefit of Meditation | Meditation for Inferiority Complex


    Podcast HereDo you have an inferiority complex? Are people able to easily intimidate, bother or upset you? Do you want to overcome compulsive thoughts that make you feel inferior?There are many benefits of meditation, one of which is the effortless abandoning of negative emotions like inferiority. On today’s free podcast episode, Scott is calling to ask about how the Be Still and Know meditation technique can be used to overcome his feelings of inferiority. Radio host Roy Masters explains how to use this free daily meditation to face and resolve the inner pain of conscience. Only by dropping our over-indulgence in pleasure and comforts can one gain the benefit of self respect and confidence away from inferiority.“Meditation establishes a new relationship. Energy becomes available from within, so that we no longer have to wait for fear, irritation or temptation to move us. What we do, say and think is intuitively impelled and friction-free. We grow in a new way—to see more and to respond more to what we percei

  • Guided Meditation for Stress Reduction | Instant Stress Relief?


    Do you feel tied down by stress? Do you long to soar through challenging situations without being stressed? Would you like to learn how to resolve past mistakes without adding more stress to your present life?There are thousands of books, CDs, and prescription medications designed to help you to “manage” stress, but the truth is managing stress is only just that. Given a little time and some special insights you can learn how to overcome stress and use it as a catalyst to develop a positive attitude, to grow and succeed in life. Stress expert and counselor Roy Masters has perfected a guided meditation technique that can be practiced anywhere, regardless of your religious or spiritual background.In this podcast episode, Randy describes the benefits of the self meditation in his life. Through the use of the “Be Still and Know” free guided meditation technique, he has been able to drop the stress and anger that was pulling him into a whirlpool of obsession. Roy explains how the meditation brings you to a state o

  • Free Self Meditation Technique | Buddhist Meditation Study


    Are you looking for an simple self meditation technique? Do you have difficulty controlling your own thoughts? Want to know how to override the negative influences you face daily? Today’s free podcast episode contains quick instructions on how to meditate.Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is a world proponent of Eastern meditation. Roy Masters begins by commenting about the Dalai Lama’s cooperation with a university’s Buddhist meditation study. Can his technique and even Buddhism be dangerous?Roy then gives brief directions for using his free guided meditation technique, “Be Still and Know.” This example of self meditation for beginners can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran with meditation, this audio lesson will provide you the means to sharpen your insight and reduce stress.(Clip from episode: K3972)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comQuotes regarding the free guided meditation technique from the book How Your

  • Phantom Pains: Treatment and Relief of Chronic Pain


    Bill was a terminal patient and suffered from chronic pain for sixteen years while taking large doses of pain killers. After successfully using the free guided meditation, he was able to escape years of chronic pain. In this segment, Roy Masters explains what’s behind the nature of phantom pain and its tie to resentment and anger. While it is not recommended that you use this technique as a means to relieve pain, learning how to meditate with the proper intent will allow you to dissolve the subconscious links between anger, fear and pain. Doing so will allow you to not only overcome these emotional connections to pain, but the perception of physical pain as well. Many unforeseen blessings will occur for those who meditate with the correct intention.(Clip from episode: K3899)This podcast is brought to you by the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comQuotes regarding independence from Roy Masters’ books:“It’s not unusual for people to have an accident on the job or in their automobile and to cont

  • Part 3: The Commentary


    This episode is the commentary following the "Be Still & Know" guided meditation. Here Roy Masters discusses what a person goes through as they begin meditating. For the full benefit, be sure you are practicing the exercise from the last episode, Part 2.To order Be Still & Know on CD visit To find out more about this meditation, visit www.fhu.comPodcast Here

  • Part 2: The Free Guided Meditation


    This episode contains the "Be Still & Know" guided meditation. Here Roy Masters guides you through an observation process for becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions.Before you begin using Be Still & Know, it is important to understand that most traditional forms of eastern-style meditation instruct you to concentrate intently on a mantra or image, thereby producing a hypnotic state where you repress or mask your thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and emotions can't be banished in this way, only repressed or denied.The "Be Still & Know" meditation exercise is the opposite of traditional meditations, in that the goal is to not focus and concentrate to drown out true thoughts and emotions. In a special way, the Be Still & Know technique simply to shifts your mental focus towards becoming more aware of your thoughts and the emotions behind them. This observation exercise is the simplest thing you can do to improve yourself. Practice sitting quietly and being still two or three time

  • Part 1: The Introduction


    Do you have problems with addiction, stress, anxiety, fear, chronic pain, impatience, or disease? There are over a hundred different forms of meditation out there: guided meditation, transcendental meditation, yoga meditation, Buddhist meditation, zen meditation, and even meditation music.Unlike Eastern meditations that can dull the mind to reality, or hypnosis that provides a temporary feeling of well-being, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to sharpen awareness, get closer to reality and deal with the pressures of life correctly.By focusing your mind in a simple yet special way, "Be Still & Know" shows you how to effortlessly escape the endless loop of thoughts, worry and anger that prevents us from reaching our full potential, and keeps us enslaved to the wills of others.This episode is an introduction to the "Be Still & Know" meditation. This program includes basic instructions regarding the main exercise in Part 2.To order Be Still & Know on CD visit For more about the meditation, visit

  • Beyond the Guided Meditation 1: How to Conquer Negative Emotions


    Linda is beginning to read Roy Masters' "How to Conquer Your Negative Emotions" before she has started practicing the meditation. Roy gives a full definition of the word "RESENTMENT" and explains how it effects you daily.(Clip from episode: K4494)Read and hear more at the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comQuotes regarding the guided meditation and resentment from Roy Masters’ books:"Words are only symbols representing reality. The trouble with most learning is that the ambitious student often mistakes words about something for the actual thing or experience. So when he learns, he learns words, not meanings, and he ends up with a gaggle of noises in his head but little practical understanding, which can only come from true intimacy with the subject."-How to Conquer Negative Emotions"Meditation is not a way of getting what you want; it is a way of knowing what is right."-How to Conquer Negative Emotions“Resentment destroyed your objectivity, and, failing to see clearly, you made terrible erro

  • Beyond the Guided Meditation 2: Independence from the Guided Meditation


    Don is beginning the guided meditation on CD and is wondering if he always needs to use the audio recording. Roy discusses the importance of freedom from his meditation CD.(Clip from episode: K4486)Read and hear more at the Foundation of Human Understanding: http://www.fhu.comQuotes regarding independence from Roy Masters’ books:“No good teacher or minister is impatient for you to learn, for he knows that a response needs time. The teacher leads to the threshold of discovery, and there you must be left alone to have confidence in all the things revealed to you in your journey to the Light. To discover how to discover is to have faith, confidence, and independence. It is to become whole, lacking in nothing.”- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “True independence is born to the degree that you discover how to discover.”- How to Conquer Suffering Without Doctors “The finest heritage you can pass on to your children is the virtue of in-dependence—as opposed to out-dependence. Independence comes through the