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Stefan James from the Project Life Mastery blog reveals his very best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, his secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physically fit, being happy and productive, life management, cultivating relationships, spirituality, and much more! This podcast contains Stefan's very best strategies and principles that he's shared in-depth on his blog, as well as on his popular YouTube Channel, that has now helped millions of people around the world. This podcast is designed to help you make continual progress in each area of your life, so that you can have lasting growth and fulfillment. To visit the blog, go to:


  • PLM 886 : So You Want To Make Money Online... Do These 3 Things FIRST

    28/07/2021 Duração: 28min

    Making money online can be one of the most life-changing decisions you'll ever make. From active to passive income, I share the 3 things you need to do FIRST before you start your online business. From understanding the real reason behind WHY you want to make money online to finding a course or coach to help fast-track your success, these are the 3 things I'd do if I wanted to make money online. Once you've set your long-term vision, you'll want to identify your business niche so that you can bring value to your customers and the world. After you're making money online, it's time to find coaches and courses to advance your skills so you can accelerate your success. [FREE]: TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ

  • PLM 884 : 5 Ways To Overcome Anxiety

    20/07/2021 Duração: 40min

    Anxiety can be debilitating and stop us from achieving our true potential as human beings in all areas of our life. After suffering from anxiety myself and not feeling confident, I went on a mission to properly understand what it is and how to overcome anxiety. I share in this podcast my 5 top tips for overcoming anxiety and calming the mind down naturally. In a world that can be over-stimulating, I hope that these tips help you if you're suffering from stress and anxiety. FREE MORNING RITUAL CHEATSHEET: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 884 : 7 Proven Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

    13/07/2021 Duração: 37min

    After making money online for many years now I've tried and tested a lot of methods. While there are so many ways to make money online now, these are 7 of my favorite ways. From freelancing to affiliate marketing, making money online is not only fun (and financially rewarding), it's a great way to learn more skills too. Figuring out how to bring more value to more people will ultimately enable you to generate more income online. I hope that my learning over the years encourages you to start making money online through one or more of these proven methods. [FREE]: TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ

  • PLM 883 : How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good One

    09/07/2021 Duração: 08min

    Sometimes taking a walk, heading to the gym or stretching can really help to ground us in the current moment and help shift our existing state. Having a bad start to or moment in any day doesn't have to dictate the rest of your day. If you have the ability to face your challenges, you can turn a bad moment into a great day. In this podcast, I'm gonna show you how to do that. Check out my Life Mastery Accelerator program and get strategies to be in control of your own happiness: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 882 : Are You Settling In Your Life? You Might Regret It

    07/07/2021 Duração: 26min

    Are you settling for mediocre in your life? If you are, you might regret it. When you make the decision to raise your standards in every area of your life and stop accepting mediocrity, your life will change forever. The past doesn't define your future. What you do right now counts and can lead to a better future. Too many people settle for 'good'. A good job, a good car, a good family life. But more often than not they hate their jobs, feel exhausted, and aren't living life on their own terms. Don't be like most people who are settling in life and accept good. Raise your standards now and make the most of the opportunity that being alive today presents. Sign Up For The Life Mastery Accelerator and live to your highest standard

  • PLM 881 : If I Could Only Buy 1 Stock, This Would Be It

    30/06/2021 Duração: 20min

    Are you new to investing in stocks and shares and feel overwhelmed? Or maybe you're a seasoned professional who wants to keep it simple. In this podcast, I share the ONE ETF fund and single stock I'd buy if I could only pick one. I share my reasons why I'd choose this particular Vanguard ETF fund, and also buy stock in the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon. I also share my thoughts around other big companies such as Tesla, Apple, and Shopify. Get started investing with 2 FREE Stocks with WeBull: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 880: 10 Self-Help Hacks For Improving Your Life

    25/06/2021 Duração: 41min

    We all have areas in our lives that we want to improve. It could be your businesses, your relationships, or your physical health to name a few. In this podcast, I share 10 life hacks to improve your life! These hacks are actionable today and you'll see a big shift for the better in your life if you take action. From setting boundaries to having a great morning ritual, to setting yourself up for daily success, I hope that these life hacks help you improve your life as much as they've helped me improve mine. [FREE] MORNING RITUAL CHEATSHEET: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 879 : How Changing Your Story Can Change Your Life

    23/06/2021 Duração: 17min

    After over 15 years of studying psychology and how the mind works, as well as understanding various therapies, I've seen one thing in common with them all. When people make the biggest changes in their lives, there's a shift in that person's meaning or interpretation around a specific event. This podcast will help you change your life by altering the way you view your own life story, as well as events in your life that may cause you pain and suffering. By changing your perspective, you can change everything. Sign Up For The Life Mastery Accelerator

  • PLM 878: Need Motivation To Start Your eCommerce Business? Watch This.

    16/06/2021 Duração: 07min

    Need the motivation to build your eCommerce business? I'm here to help you take action. A lot of people have a desire to start an eCommerce business, but they don't know where to begin. This is where I come in. I've built a 7-figure online business from scratch. I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a business. Get instant access to my FREE Amazon FBA Training: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 877 : Millionaire Amazon FBA Success Story (How This Single Mom Makes 7-Figures)

    14/06/2021 Duração: 42min

    Find out how this single mom went from broke with a baby on the way to a millionaire Amazon FBA success story thanks to her Amazon business! Anne is a real-life single mom Amazon FBA success story who went from financial struggles to a millionaire with some hard work and education. After years in the law industry and putting on a suit every day, was fed up and ready for a new opportunity. Selling on Amazon came knocking and she took advantage. Anne decided to fast-track her success by investing in the Amazing Selling Machine program and she's now making 7-figures a year. It has completely changed her life! In this episode, Anne shares the biggest things that have contributed to her success on Amazon and how her FBA business has performed during the pandemic. FREE AMAZON FBA TRAINING: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 876 : 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Investing In Stocks

    11/06/2021 Duração: 31min

    With 10 years of investing experience in the stock market, today I want to share with you the 5 things I wish that I knew before I started investing. Learning from other people's mistakes is a great way to fast-track your own success, so I share my tips on simplifying your stock portfolio and having patience. Investing in stocks is a great way to put the money you've earned to work, but it's not without risk. While I've made money, I've also lost it on certain investments. In this podcast, I share my thoughts on how to manage your emotions and knowing when it's okay to take a loss and selling your stocks. Get 2 FREE Stocks With WeBull

  • PLM 875 : How He Built His eCommerce Brand To $2M Per Month In 2 Years

    08/06/2021 Duração: 49min

    Matt Clark has a wealth of experience in eCommerce and currently makes over 2 million a month in sales via his coffee business. After 10 years running eCommerce businesses, he reveals the secrets to his success and gives valuable advice to anyone starting out, or currently running an online business. From building your own brand to launching your products on Amazon or Shopify first, Matt's experience and success are nothing short of amazing. Sign-up for the FREE webinar where Matt introduces the new Amazing Selling Machine Evolution course and how it teaches you to build your own eCommerce brand: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 874 : How To Take Action, Even If You Don't Feel Like It

    04/06/2021 Duração: 30min

    Lack of motivation and taking action is something that everyone struggles with, but a lack of taking action can severely impact your chance of success. Sometimes we have fleeting moments of motivation, but they're worth taking advantage of. I'll tell you how to do that in this episode. When you're not feeling great, you need to stop beating yourself up and take care of yourself. Set the bar low and do just one minute of whatever it is you know you should be doing right now. After this one minute, CELEBRATE! These tips and more are inside this episode. [FREE]: MORNING RITUAL CHEATSHEET

  • PLM 873 : If I Started Over Tomorrow, Here Are 10 Steps I'd Take To Make $1,000,000

    01/06/2021 Duração: 01h06min

    If I started over tomorrow, these are the 10 steps that I would take to make $1,000,000. Creating wealth from nothing isn't easy, but it's possible. I've built a multi-million dollar online business from the ground up. Here's the best part - I started with nothing. So can you! I've learned so many invaluable lessons and insights along my entrepreneurial journey. I want to give you my blueprint for success so that you can succeed faster. Think of these 10 steps as a template for your winning business plan. Take my FREE online business quiz to find out which business model is best for you: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 872 : The 4 Archetypes of Self-Mastery: King | Warrior | Magician | Lover

    30/05/2021 Duração: 23min

    The psychologist Carl Jung discovered that we have a collective unconscious, which is part of our psyche that exists in everybody. By understanding which character and behavior traits you have, you can better understand your archetype and how to leverage those personality traits in your life for success. From the King and Queen personality trait of being able to see a future vision and strategy, to the Warrior who develops grit and determination despite the odds, and more, I hope that this podcast gives you clarity about areas you can improve on to further your self-awareness and success. [FREE]: TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ

  • PLM 871 : 10 Steps For Creating Wealth (Even If You Have No Money)

    26/05/2021 Duração: 01h07min

    Do you feel like creating wealth is an impossible task because you don't have much money right now? It doesn't have to be. In this podcast I share 10 steps to creating and building your wealth that helped me to become a millionaire at 27, starting with nothing. These steps will give you the ability to grow your wealth for a lifetime. These are not get-rich-quick schemes. They're solid foundations that, if you put them into place, will increase your wealth over time. From setting financial goals to leveraging your current wealth properly, I hope that you see the value in these tips and create wealth for yourself. [FREE]: TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ

  • PLM 870 : 7 Millionaire Habits That Changed My Life

    19/05/2021 Duração: 40min

    I believe that one of the fastest ways to become a millionaire yourself is to study other successful millionaires to see what habits and rituals they have adopted to achieve their goals. After 18 years of studying, and becoming a millionaire myself, I reveal the 7 habits that I've noticed over and over again. From getting really clear on your 'WHY', which will help you overcome inevitable challenges, to surrounding yourself with the right energy and people -- these millionaire habits will help you achieve the success you want. [FREE]: MASTERMIND CHEATSHEET

  • PLM 869 : The Best Advice For Starting An Online Business

    14/05/2021 Duração: 08min

    I've never met anyone not capable of running an online business, but not everyone is willing to go on that journey. So in this podcast, I share some of my best advice. To run an online business you have to be equipped for the learning curve and, at first, that can be really challenging. Try not to fall into the trap of taking on too much, too soon, and lacking focus. This is one of the worst things you can do. This is just one of the tips inside this episode! Discover The Best Business Model For You With This FREE Quiz: Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 868 : Couple's Q&A with Stefan & Tatiana James (Getting To Know Us)

    12/05/2021 Duração: 41min

    Since you all loved our last couple's Q&A, Tatiana and I have taken to the hot seat again to answer the questions you asked us on Instagram. From where we want to settle down to our least favorite things about each other - no question is off-limits. We share our secrets about how we keep the relationship fun and exciting despite both working from home, and if we're planning to have kids. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get involved in future Q&As!Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

  • PLM 867 : OWN YOUR FUTURE: How To Create Your Success In 2021 | Dean Graziosi

    07/05/2021 Duração: 31min

    In this podcast I interview Dean Graziosi, who is one of the most impressive online entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure of meeting. We chat about how you can pivot your life to create your success in 2021. With the pandemic changing the world we live in forever, Dean sees this as an opportunity and wants to share that positivity in a world that feels unsure right now. This is the time to really own your future and take advantage of a changing world! Since Dean has met and knows a lot of millionaires, he also shares a little about the habits of millionaires and what you can do to start your day on offense to truly be successful. Discover the biggest opportunities right now, then sign-up for the FREE 5 Day Own Your Future Challenge with Tony Robbins : Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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