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Stefan James from the Project Life Mastery blog reveals his very best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, his secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physically fit, being happy and productive, life management, cultivating relationships, spirituality, and much more! This podcast contains Stefan's very best strategies and principles that he's shared in-depth on his blog, as well as on his popular YouTube Channel, that has now helped millions of people around the world. This podcast is designed to help you make continual progress in each area of your life, so that you can have lasting growth and fulfillment. To visit the blog, go to:


  • PLM 858 : How He Makes $300 Per Day Selling On Amazon

    PLM 858 : How He Makes $300 Per Day Selling On Amazon

    06/04/2021 Duração: 20min

    In this podcast, I chat with Marketplace Superheroes user Khabeer, who launched his Amazon FBA business in late 2019 and has never looked back. He's a true success story when it comes to selling on Amazon. Despite feeling the normal feelings of fear, Khabeer went all-in on his new business and signed up for Marketplace Superheroes to fast-track his success. He talks about that process and how the course and community helped him to achieve his current success selling on Amazon. Start Your Amazon FBA Business Today With Marketplace Superheroes:

  • PLM 857 : How To Fund Your Amazon Business And Get Faster Payouts With Payability

    PLM 857 : How To Fund Your Amazon Business And Get Faster Payouts With Payability

    02/04/2021 Duração: 07min

    Cashflow is king for any online business to keep your products in stock. Delaying new orders due to a lack of cash-flow can mean your products sell out... which means lost money and growth for your online business. With Amazon's payout cycle taking around two weeks to release your money, I wanted to share with you a solution called Payability. Payability provides a service called Instant Access, which will fund your Amazon business and get you faster payouts. I'll show you how in this video.  Signup for Payability and get a $250 sign-on bonus:

  • PLM 856 : 5 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2021

    PLM 856 : 5 Passive Income Business Ideas For 2021

    31/03/2021 Duração: 19min

    I believe everyone should pursue some type of passive income business. When you can cover your expenses with a passive income stream it's a game-changer for your life. If you don't earn money while you sleep, you'll spend the rest of your life working! I'll also dispel the myth that once you've built a passive income stream, that it will continue to generate the same income for a long period of time. That isn't the case. You still need to nurture and grow your passive income streams or they will slowly drop off. TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ:



    29/03/2021 Duração: 08min

    I want to help you develop the mindset of high-achievers. Being a harder worker isn't a quality that you're born with. High-achievers cultivate a unique set of traits, some of which include being action-oriented, disciplined, and committed to life-long learning. If you want to achieve great things in life you have to be willing to work twice as hard as everyone else. Great things come from hard work. I want to help you harness the power of focus so that you can become the master of your life. Ready to develop the mindset you need to become a high achiever? Take my FREE quiz to discover which business is best for you:

  • PLM 854 : 4 Growth ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) For Getting Rich

    PLM 854 : 4 Growth ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) For Getting Rich

    24/03/2021 Duração: 20min

    One of the reasons I like to invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), which is where you are buying one fund or stock that owns many companies, is for their long-term returns. ETFs make up 5-10% of my investment portfolio, but if you have a low tolerance for risk these types of funds might not be for you. I like these particular funds because they're all relatively new funds and in areas that I think have lots of growth potential over the next few years and beyond. Get Started With 2 FREE Stocks With This WeBull offer:

  • PLM 853 : How To Write A Book In 24 Hours Or Less

    PLM 853 : How To Write A Book In 24 Hours Or Less

    19/03/2021 Duração: 19min

    The way people consume content and read books is changing. Writing your own book doesn't have to be a huge, daunting task. Most people procrastinate when it comes to writing their own book because they think it should be this giant piece of content that's perfect, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, a shorter, simpler book that cuts out the fluff and gets straight to the point can be the most valuable. If you can dedicate some flow state hours to writing your book, I believe you can create a great book in under 24 hours. Sign Up For My 24 Hour Book System Here: 

  • PLM 852 : The 7 Best Vanguard Index Funds To Buy For Financial Freedom

    PLM 852 : The 7 Best Vanguard Index Funds To Buy For Financial Freedom

    17/03/2021 Duração: 27min

    Investing is a crucial part of achieving financial freedom so I wanted to share with you the VanGuard Index Funds that I personally invest in.  An ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. It gives you the ability to buy one stock with exposure to many different companies. An index fund ETF is a more passive way of investing. The ETF will track an index, such as the S&P 500, which is made up of 500 of the biggest companies in the world. If your life is busy like mine is and you don't want to dedicate your life to becoming a stock trader, then index funds are a great way to invest more passively. Even one of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet, advises investing in an ETF fund! Ready To Get Started? Get 2 FREE Stocks with WeBull:

  • PLM 851 : Entrepreneurs On Fire! John Lee Dumas Reveals Keys To Success

    PLM 851 : Entrepreneurs On Fire! John Lee Dumas Reveals Keys To Success

    12/03/2021 Duração: 40min

    John Lee Dumas, the founder of the Entrepreneurs On Fire Daily Podcast is a dear friend of Project Life Mastery. In this interview, he shares with us the common traits and what it REALLY takes to become a successful entrepreneur. From interviewing some of the world's biggest and best-known entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Seth Godin, JLD has had a unique insight into entrepreneurship unlike anyone else. From productivity to focus, if you're an entrepreneur on your way to success then this podcast is packed with value! JLD chats to us about his new book, The Common Path To Uncommon Success, and why he decided to write it. He's found 17 core foundational principles that entrepreneurs follow to succeed and wants to share them with you:

  • PLM 850 : Kindle Publishing: Is It Even Worth It In 2021?

    PLM 850 : Kindle Publishing: Is It Even Worth It In 2021?

    10/03/2021 Duração: 15min

    If you have the passion to write and share your stories and experiences with the world, then self-publishing on Amazon Kindle could be an amazing opportunity to further your career and business. However, if your main goal is to earn a 6-figure plus income, publishing might not be the best business opportunity compared to other methods. Why? Because a book is generally a fairly low-ticket-priced item, so you either need to sell huge volumes or have lots of published work that sells well - which can be hard. If you're new to online business, selling on Amazon, and perhaps don't have a lot of funds to launch a different type of business then I think publishing is a great way to get started. Ready To Get Started? Get My Free Amazon Publishing Training Video Here:

  • PLM 849 : Index Fund Investing: How To Become A Millionaire

    PLM 849 : Index Fund Investing: How To Become A Millionaire

    05/03/2021 Duração: 26min

    Even if you're an investment beginner, I'll show you enough in this podcast so that you're able to open up an account and start today. Investing in an index fund gives you exposure to lots of amazing companies and helps to reduce your risk by not being invested in one single stock.  Over time as your investments grow (based on the market average) the power of compound will help you to achieve becoming a millionaire in your life if you stay committed to regular investing. Index funds regularly beat privately traded funds, so I share a few of my favorite low-cost VanGuard index funds that I personally invest in to help get you started. To quote Albert Einstein "Compound is the 8th wonder of the world. Those who understand it earn it, those that don't pay it". I'll take you through what compounding is and how this incredible mathematic equation will help you to become a millionaire in your lifetime. GET 2 FREE STOCKS WITH WEBULL 

  • PLM 848 : How I Biohacked 40 Years Of Meditation In 7 Days (Biocybernaut Review)

    PLM 848 : How I Biohacked 40 Years Of Meditation In 7 Days (Biocybernaut Review)

    03/03/2021 Duração: 26min

    If you watch the Project Life Mastery channel, you already know that I've been obsessive about self-development to enhance my life and share those learnings with you here on YouTube. I recently did some Biocybernaut training which uses your brain waves to help your mind to achieve a meditation-like state. This enables you to biohack 21-40 years' worth of zen meditation in just 7 days, which is pretty incredible. The benefits of Biocybernaut include an increase in IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), heightened creativity, better flow state, and a reduction in anxiety just to name a few. A higher level of alpha brainwaves helps to reduce anxiety and stress. By listening to your brain waves through electrodes, your brain is rewarded by being in an alpha state and then continues this state. Find Out More About The Biocybernaut Institute:

  • PLM 847 : These Bad Habits Are Sabotaging Your Success

    PLM 847 : These Bad Habits Are Sabotaging Your Success

    01/03/2021 Duração: 08min

    Do you know the three most destructive words in the English language? In this podcast, I reveal what they are and how having a closed mindset can stop you from seeing the opportunity right in front of you. Even once I started making money from my original business, I felt unmotivated and it became a chore... That's because I wasn't working on my passion and doing what I loved. It's okay to not know what that is, but how you interpret everything will change your life and turn it around for the better. I hope this podcast helps you to identify some of the common habits that are sabotaging your success. If You're Ready To Develop Great Habits Download The Free Morning Ritual Cheatsheet:

  • PLM 846 : The Number One Success Secret That You Need To Know

    PLM 846 : The Number One Success Secret That You Need To Know

    24/02/2021 Duração: 01h05min

    You can take all the courses and find out all the information, but that doesn't mean you'll be successful. I've seen people with great strategies fail to achieve their goals, so what's the real secret to success?  The question you have to ask yourself is, how bad do you want it? In order to get past the adversity, challenges, and mistakes you need a powerful reason WHY to keep moving forward even when it gets hard. I'll share a technique to help you succeed faster by understanding your pleasurable and painful reasons for wanting to achieve your goal. Pleasurable reasons could be to have more time and location freedom, to enjoy the finer things in life. Painful reasons should include the negatives you'll experience in your life if you don't, such as not having the physical health you want or being able to have certain experiences.  If you're ready to stop failing and start succeeding in life, join my Life Mastery Accelerator program:

  • PLM 845 : This Is How Successful People Manage Their Time

    PLM 845 : This Is How Successful People Manage Their Time

    19/02/2021 Duração: 25min

    Time is a depreciating asset, but there are ways to manage your time to work on tasks that will help you achieve your goals faster. If you set an intention and know the three most valuable tasks you could work on today, you can be pro-active with your day rather than reactive. It's easy to lose a few hours to what seem like urgent tasks, but you might not have made any real progress towards your goal. You also have to be honest with yourself. Lots of people will demand and plan your time for you. Whether that's via email, phone calls, or social media -- so it's important to question if you need to work on something right now or can it wait. Find The Best Online Business For You By Taking This Quiz:

  • PLM 844 : How To Be Happy Everyday (THE TRUTH)

    PLM 844 : How To Be Happy Everyday (THE TRUTH)

    17/02/2021 Duração: 14min

    I believe a lot of people put rules in place that stop them from feeling happy. The worst part is, most people probably aren't aware of the rules they've set for themselves.  A limited belief that delays happiness could be something like 'I'll be happy when I'm a millionaire'. By creating that 'happiness rule', you are saying that until then you're going to be unhappy.  Actually, most of us have a lot to be happy about at this moment, right now, regardless of whether we have achieved all our goals or not. I share a few examples in this video. Re-write your happiness rules and be happy RIGHT NOW. It will change your life. Ready to take action and be happy every day? Discover The Life Mastery Accelerator Here:

  • PLM 843 : 7 Keys You MUST Know For A Successful Relationship

    PLM 843 : 7 Keys You MUST Know For A Successful Relationship

    16/02/2021 Duração: 26min

    This podcast will help shed some light on how to attract your dream partner, and nurture that special relationship when you have it. Understanding your partner and how they feel love is incredibly important. Sometimes it's about getting out of your own head, and understanding how your partner feels. From understanding what your vision for your relationship is to knowing each other's love language, a relationship is something that requires both constant learnings and works to nurture it and thrive.

  • PLM 842 : He Lost His Job... Then Went On To Do $30 MILLION In Amazon Sales

    PLM 842 : He Lost His Job... Then Went On To Do $30 MILLION In Amazon Sales

    12/02/2021 Duração: 45min

    Dan always knew he was a born hustler and entrepreneur, but it wasn't until a friend introduced him to selling on Amazon that he started to consider it as more than just a book store. He started out doing some retail arbitrage in 2011 and saw for himself, after listing his first product from Walmart, what the potential was. Dan lost his job in December 2011 and with a newborn baby girl, a house, and bills. That's when he decided to fully commit to his success on Amazon. Working all the physical hours he could, he found success with retail arbitrage but realized the hefty price he was paying - not spending time with his family or friends. He knew that there must be a better way, and eventually, he found it after a light-bulb moment. Dan reveals his new formula for selling on Amazon that's made him $30 MILLION in sales, The Wholesale Formula, in this podcast. Check out The Free Workshop That Reveals The Wholesale Formula

  • PLM 841 : This Weird Amazon Method Made $30 MILLION In Amazon Sales

    PLM 841 : This "Weird" Amazon Method Made $30 MILLION In Amazon Sales

    09/02/2021 Duração: 52min

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Dylan Frost, who started out in a regular job. At first, he loved the pay, but after a few years, he knew that working a job for someone else wasn't making him happy. After partnering up with a friend, he spent years trying to crack the secret to successfully selling on Amazon. For a few years, they used the retail arbitrage method until Dylan and his business partner realized that, while they were making good money, they were working overtime and wanted to find a better way. After a chance interaction with a wholesaler, a new way of operating their Amazon business came to light. This is when they started working on The Wholesale Formula method of selling on Amazon. This new formula took their sales to new heights and gave them more of their lives back. Are you ready to make a success of your Amazon business? Make sure you sign up For The FREE Wholesale Formula Workshop right here:

  • PLM 840 : How Long Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

    PLM 840 : How Long Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

    03/02/2021 Duração: 21min

    It's a question that I get asked a lot -- how long does it take to become a millionaire? There's no clear or straight path to becoming a millionaire, but there are ways to fast-track your success. From identifying your limiting psychological beliefs to learning from other people's mistakes, once you set your mind to becoming a millionaire it is absolutely possible. I'll share my view on why some people don't become millionaires and how you can determine your own success. TAKE THE ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ and find your best path to millionaire status

  • PLM 839 : How To Stay Motivated

    PLM 839 : How To Stay Motivated

    29/01/2021 Duração: 20min

    We live in a society that has conditioned us to seek short-term, immediate gratification which can often lead to people feeling discouraged and lacking motivation if they don't see the results that they want quick enough. The reality is that success is a long term process and it doesn't happen overnight. When you start to get clear on your vision and what you want your life to look like, motivation to achieve that will become natural. Starting an online business?

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