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Are you ready to live a full-color life? For NON-artists, artists, and everyone in between, Live Creative Now podcast provides practical tips and inspiration on creativity and creative productivity, because feeding your creative hungers is one of the fastest ways to happiness, joy, and self-fulfillment. Not only will you feel more alive, it’s how you will CHANGE THE WORLD! If you have a hunger to create, the goal of this podcast is to get you past fear, self-doubt and distractions to do exactly what the title says: Live Creative Now! No waiting. No excuses. No "someday"s. Host Melissa Dinwiddie is a Happiness Catalyst and Creativity Instigator, known for changing people into Creative World-Changers by empowering them to hurdle past fear, self-doubt, resistance and distractions, to get on with their creative work. A passion pluralite / Renaissance soul / multipassionate herself (visual artist, performer, writer, musician), Melissa answers audience questions, shares tools from her own toolbox, and periodically interviews other creatives about their own full-color creative lives.Leave your own question about creativity, productivity, juggling multiple interests or creative lifestyle design in a review here in iTunes, and you may just hear Melissa's answer in an upcoming episode. (Be sure to include your Twitter handle so we can let you know if your question goes live!)


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