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  • Episode 54 – Knocking off the Rust


    We’re back folks. It’s been a year since we’ve been on the mics. We’re a little rusty, but this is just the start of us getting back into the swing of things. We discuss where we’ve been, why we’ve taken a break, and some recent sexy times.  

  • Episode 53 – NYE Pregnant Swinging


    It’s New Year’s eve and we are driving home from a house party in Dallas. A is pregnant and our lifestyle experience has changed a bit. A talks about some of the unique challenges partying and playing while pregnant. We give an update on our Desire trip and there’s still rooms available.  We plan to […]

  • Episode 52 – Careful what you ask for


    It’s been a while since our last podcast, and we have plenty to talk about. We start with the biggest thing going on with us these days, surprise! We recall our Halloween trip to Dallas with friends that resulted in a very real “discussion” between T & A. We hash out our differences for your enjoyment. […]

  • Episode 51 – Emotional Relationships in the Lifestyle


    We address emotional and deeper relationships in the lifestyle. We address a well-timed listener email that asks the question if emotional connections are safe in the lifestyle, or if they should be avoided. This question coincides perfectly with where we are. Our journey is constantly evolving and we are bringing you along for our ride. […]

  • Episode 50 – Our Dallas DP Party


    We travel to Dallas to attend a private party with a super sexy guest list. Our close LS friends from our Desire trip are meeting us there. We connect with listeners that become quick friends. We are lucky to have very attractive listeners! We continue to enjoy our rare 4way connection with our Dallas couple […]

  • Episode 49 – Socio-sexual Swingers (Naughty in Nawlins Part 2)


    Part 2 of our Naughty in Nawlins trip. More connections with fellow podcasters; Swinging Downunder, We Gotta Thing, That Couple Next Door, & The Aussie Swingers. We talk about the conclusion we’ve come to that we are socio-sexual swingers, or at least for now that’s the best way to describe ourselves. We continue to talk […]

  • Episode 48 – Strap On! Naughty in Nawlins Part 1


    We attend Naughty in Nawlins, the largest lifestyle party in the world. It’s a party, it’s a convention, it’s all crazy. We are there for 4 nights hanging out with old friends and new. We finally meet and hang out with fellow podcasters ‘We Gotta Thing’, ‘The Aussie Swingers’, ‘Swinging Downunder’, and ‘That Couple Next […]

  • Episode 47 – Porn Star Status Achieved (Desire part 4)


    The finale of our honeymoon trip to Desire RM. We talk about our salsa lessons, a human dessert, and a new couple that quickly becomes one of our new favorites. T fights off not feeling well and nerves in order for us to have one of our most memorable nights in the lifestyle.  More new […]

  • Episode 46 – A’s Fantasy Fulfilled! (Desire Part 3)


    This podcast has a little bit of everything. A plays with a lady and a vibrator in the pool during a foam pool party. T connects with an attractive female part of a couple, but he fails to adequately bring A along in his experience. This creates an uncomfortable awkward situation that we choose to discuss […]

  • Episode 45 – Sex on the Beach, Threesome, & CIM (Desire Day 2&3)


    Back for days 2 & 3 at Desire RM.  Our Dallas friends are feeling better and ready for fun. We meet some great new and entertaining people. We experience our most romantic 4 way experience to date which culminates with sex on the beach…HOT! We meet a real life threesome that includes lipstick lesbians that […]

  • Episode 44 – The Keys to the Ferrari (Desire Trip Rd 2 day 1)


    We are back at Desire Riviera Maya Mexico for 5 nights meeting one of our favorite couples there. This is our second trip in 6 months. Previous episode we announced we were pregnant, but since then we had a miscarriage.  It’s been a rough few weeks, but this trip was exactly what we were needing. We […]

  • Episode 43 – Big Changes for The Curious Couple


    We spend the weekend at a lifestyle hotel takeover in Vegas. Our friends from California meet us there and meet listeners that turn into fast friends. A major change is announced coming down the road us.    SDC Free Promo : 25648 Kasidie Free Promo – thecuriouscouple      

  • Episode 42 – The Calm Before the Storm


    We check back in to tell you what we’ve been up to and what we have coming down the road. It’s short and sweet. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride. Desire Resorts   Naughty in Nawlins SDC Promo Code: 25648 Kasidie Free Promo              

  • Episode 41 – STDs in the Lifestyle


    It’s not a sexy topic, but it’s a real discussion needed in the lifestyle. We receive a lot of emails about this topic. We realized in a conversation with a LS couple that A’s experiences weren’t uncommon. This made her feel a lot better and we realized communicating this to our audience may benefit a […]

  • Episode 39 – Desire Aftermath


    Back home from our Desire va cation, we update you on our lives coming back to reality.  The four Desire podcasts have been out and now we address your questions and feedback.  Questions include what to expect, penis sizes, pregnancy, race, and much more. free promo: 25648 Desire Resorts Kasidie

  • Episode 35 – Desire Vacation part 1 – Popping Cherries!


    We go to Desire Resort at Riviera Maya for a 4-night vacation.  Desire is an all inclusive, clothing optional/lifestyle friendly resort just south of Cancun, Mexico.  This is our first visit but it won’t be our last.  This is the first podcast about our trip with more to come.  We tell you a little about […]

  • Episode 29 – A breaks our rule


    We discuss conversations with vanilla folks about the lifestyle.  A shares her very private surgery she recently had done.  We answer a listener question about what to do when the sex is hotter with someone new than your partner.  This leads us to discussing a time A broke one of our sacred ground rules in […]

  • Episode 28 – Secret in the Suburbs


      We respond to listener emails about a common concern for newbies in a lifestyle club, how to spice up a vanilla marriage, and A’s new LS book series.             SDC Free month promo code: 25648

  • Episode 24 – Out and open in the lifestyle with John & Jackie Melfi, owners of Colette Night Clubs


    John and Jackie Melfi, owners of Colette Clubs in Dallas and New Orleans, join us for this episode.  We ran into them on our last trip to Dallas while at Colette.  They discuss with us their story of getting into the lifestyle, having a business in the lifestyle, and how they define the lifestyle for […]

  • Episode 23 – A’s Best Night in the Lifestyle


          We are off to Dallas for a rendezvous at a sex club with a couple we have met before, but haven’t played with.  This couple was hand picked by ‘A’ because it was a man she was really interested in and the female partner is knockout herself.  Going into the night, ‘A’ […]

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