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A podcast about two regular guys challenging themselves to live healthier, and inviting a Nation along for the run


  • Block 15: I’m On Vacation!


    Anthony is in Wisconsin for a couple weeks and he’s facing all the runner’s blocks that come with being away from home, meeting family expectations, and facing the pressure to RELAX, DANGIT. How can running still happen? We talk travel, vacation, rest and anxiety in this ep, so grab your…

  • Block 14: It’s Too %&!#ing Hot Out (with Graylin Porter)


    It’s the spiritual sequel to our cold episode back in February, and we welcome podcaster, book-lover, yoga hot-taker, and Peliton expert Graylin Porter to help us come up with a TON of practical tips to beat the heat now that summer is trying to beat us. Thanks to this episode’s…

  • Block 13: My Dog is Pulling My Arm Off! (with Bryan Barrera)


    Running with your dog can be amazing. It can also be frustrating and miserable. Bryan Barrera (DC Dog Runner, The Ultimate Guide to Running With Your Dog) joins us to talk about the ups and downs of pounding the pavement with your pooch. Also, Steven might have found a new…

  • Block 12: You Think Starting is Hard? Try Maintaining


    Starting and starting over may be hard, but at least it has its benefits – the adrenaline rushes, the fun results, the social media posts. But keeping going, mile after mile and day after day and year after year…that can be a real block. Join the guys as they talk…

  • Block 11: I Deserve a Drink…or Six (with Jason Norem)


    The blocks are back, and we’re starting this next phase with a bang: how alcohol can prevent a runner from getting out there on the streets or trails. Longtime listener and friend of the podcast Jason Norem joins us – he’s a regular guy, trying to reach his goals and…

  • Race in Review: Two Gomers Memorial Day Virtual 5k/10k


    Ok, ok, we know the official race name is much longer, but you can only fit so many characters in a podcast episode title!

  • Runner’s Block Roundup


    It’s the Oops! All Berries of Runner’s Block eps – we review our first ten blocks, but more importantly, we remember all the things we’ve learned from facing them head on. Don’t forget to register for The Second Annual Two Gomers Hey How’s It Going Over There Conquering Your Runner’s…

  • Block 10: Oh HILLS No


    Some ground is an incline. Sometimes you have to run on such ground. The thought of that can keep you from running. Time to face that block (and enjoy the view)! Also, why doesn’t it ever work to take a picture of a hill? Tell us your Runner’s Block and…

  • Virtual Race Announcement and “Steven Got a House – A Story Six Years in the Making” (Unlocked Bonus Disc Episode)


    The Second Annual Two Gomers “Hey How’s It Goin Over There Conquering Your Runner’s Block” Memorial Day Weekend Virtual 5k and 10k is happening at the end of the month, and we are here to tell you all the details! Here’s the registration link: PLUS, we unlock a very…

  • Block 9: I Self-Sabotage (with Laura Frye)


    You know that tiny version of yourself that sits on your shoulder and constantly whispers sweet nothings into your ear, working to sabotage your running? Running coach, pilates Instructor, professional actor and Disney aficionado Laura Frye joins us to talk about how to deal with that annoying little person…who is,…

  • Block 8: Analysis Paralysis – Gear


    So much running gear! It can be overwhelming, but The Gomers are here to help. We talk about what you REALLY need to be a running, apart from all the bells and whistles, and then give our own personal picks for what makes running work for us. Discover the runner…

  • Block 7: I Feel Objectified and Unsafe (with Jessica Grahmann)


    Marathoner, leadership developer, ministry director and counselor Jessica Grahmann joins us to make sure women are heard – and men hear – when it comes to blocks she faces on the trails and on the roads. The Gomernation calls in with their thoughts, stories, and tips as well. Plus Terminator…

  • Block 6: I’m Tired of Starting Over…and Over…and Over (with Ryan Haack)


    Guest Ryan Haack (, Different is Awesome) joins the Gomers for an honest conversation about a barrier SO many of us face: the physical, emotional, and mental toll that starting over – again and again – can take on one’s health journey. Great Ep! Tell us your Runner’s Block and…

  • Block 5: I Don’t Have Time For That!


    What even IS time though, really? Join us as we struggle with deep questions like this – and also how dominos work – on our journey to figure out how busy people can live their lives AND run. Remember, if we can do it, you can do it! Unless you…

  • Block 4: What If I Get Injured? (with Annie LeVasseur)


    Yoga instructor, labor doula, former running clinic office manager and Two Gomers Social Media Guru Annie LeVasseur joins us as our first Runner’s Block guest to reveal her primary block: past injury, and the fear of it happening all over again. How do you prevent it before it happens? How…

  • Block 3: Starting is 98% of the Battle


    You can’t be on a running journey unless you start. Sounds simple…but why is the starting so dang HARD? Anthony and Steven dig in to the most basic of blocks, realize it’s more complex than they thought, and give practical advice (and a GomerProTip of the Week) on how to…

  • Block 2: It’s Too %&!#ing Cold Out


    So topical! It’s a Steven’s Block today and he decides to tackle something completely out of his control: the weather. Or is it? Also, how do you pronounce mittens? Happy Freezing! —————————— Tell us your Runner’s Block and follow us on our social media at Support the Gomers by…

  • Block 1: I Don’t Look Like a Runner


    It’s the official OFFICIAL launch of the newest season of the Two Gomers podcast, Runner’s Block. And we’re tackling a big one right out of the gate: how we look, and how that doesn’t seem to match up with what a runner “should” look like. How has that blocked our…

  • A Tale of Two Gomers Part II: Steven


    Why is Steven qualified to host a podcast called Runner’s Block? What is his running journey? What is his primary excuse that keeps him from running? And was George Lucas the primary block that held Hayden Christensen back? Meet your host Gomer 2 in Part II of the premiere episode…

  • A Tale of Two Gomers Part I: Anthony


    Why is Anthony qualified to host a podcast called Runner’s Block? What is his running journey? What is his primary excuse that keeps him from running? And how tall is Tom Cruise exactly? Meet your host Gomer 1 in Part I of the premiere episode of Runner’s Block, the new…

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