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On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains!


  • 1817: Dr. Courtney Hunt On Quantum Mechanics, Your Spark Is Light, Black Holes, And More (Part 2)

    27/04/2022 Duração: 38min

    Today we continue Jimmy’s chat with Dr. Courtney Hunt. “Because we’ve been so removed from our environment, we are being taken advantage of for things that are happening in the lab.” - Dr. Courtney Hunt   Dr. Courtney Hunt on Instagram: Dr. Courtney Hunt official website: Get Dr. Hunt’s YOUR SPARK IS LIGHT: The Quantum Mechanics of Human Creation book: Support Children Of The Night:

  • 1816: Dr. Courtney Hunt On Quantum Mechanics, Your Spark Is Light, Black Holes, And More (Part 1)

    26/04/2022 Duração: 42min

    Join Jimmy for Part 1 of a special 2-part LLVLC Show with Dr. Courtney Hunt for a wide-ranging interview. “Throughout history there has been a drive to separate science, biology, quantum mechanics, and spirituality.” - Dr. Courtney Hunt   In this episode, Jimmy presents Part 1 of a special two-part interview in Episode 1816 and 1817 with one of the most interesting people he’s ever interviewed in more than a decade and a half of podcasting. Her name is Dr. Courtney Hunt, MD and the information she shares is so compelling you can’t help but listen to every word and absorb everything she talks about. Yes, she is very much a fan of ketogenic diets and living a healthy lifestyle. But her work goes deeper–MUCH DEEPER–into the psyche, the spiritual side of things, the consciousness that connects us with one another, the light that exists shaping our lives even without us seeing it. Don’t miss this special edition back-to-back episodes interview Jimmy conducted with Dr. Hunt that very well could change your life. EN

  • 1815: Christina Oman On The Toxic Messages In The Keto And Carnivore Community

    20/04/2022 Duração: 56min

    In today’s episode of the LLVLC Show, Jimmy welcomes Christina Oman to talk about the toxic messages in the keto and carnivore community.   “The toxic diet culture permeates everything eventually.” - Christina Oman   In this episode, Jimmy speaks with a weight loss nutritionist and anti toxic diet culture advocate Christina Oman ( about a controversial, but sorely needed topic of discussion. After attending the KetoFest conference in 2018 (where she met Jimmy in person) as an enthusiastic keto coach, she went back home to Ireland despondent that some of her basic questions and concerns were blown off by some prominent keto and carnivore diet leaders. As she started watching these communities continue to rise in popularity, even more warning bells went off that something wasn’t quite right. Christina concluded that these very wrong messages made it impossible for her to remain a part of the community. Tune in as Jimmy and Christina get into the specifics of her concerns and sound the alarm

  • 1814: Glen Finkel Shifts Adapt Your Life To Online Courses & Robin Switzer Announces The Triumphant Return Of KetoCon 2022

    19/04/2022 Duração: 51min

    Strap in for a special double feature on the LLVLC Show today!   “We don’t push products. Nothing beats real food.” - Glen Finkel “In 2019 there were so many people that we had to move to a bigger room.” - Robin Switzer   In this episode, Jimmy offers up an LLVLC double feature with TWO BIG INTERVIEWS for you to enjoy. First up is Glen Finkel from Adapt Your Life who will be sharing about how the pandemic shifted his work online to the all-new Adapt Your Life Academy which hosts and creates online nutritional health courses. Dr. Eric Westman’s Keto Made Simple Masterclass has been a very popular one within the keto community. Tune in as Jimmy and Glen talk about this new venture along with the return of the Adapt in-person events in the United States. Then Jimmy welcomes in Robin Switzer from the KetoCon event coming back to Austin, Texas July 8-10, 2022. The pandemic sidelined this event since the last one in 2019 and Robin is expecting record turnout for the premiere event in the keto and carnivore communi

  • 1813: Michelle and Keith Norris Creating A Primal Uprising at PaleoFX 2022

    13/04/2022 Duração: 44min

    Michelle and Keith Norris stop by today to talk with Jimmy about PaleoFX 2022. “Our ethos has never changed. We are doubling down.” - Michelle Norris “We cleared the decks of a lot of dead wood.” - Keith Norris   In this episode, Jimmy welcomes back two longtime friends from the Paleo community named Michelle and Keith Norris. The year 2022 is a momentous one for these two founders of the popular Paleo(f)x conference in Austin, Texas. It’s the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of this event which Jimmy was a major part of in 2012. But it’s also the return of the event for the first time in person since 2019 which has been cancelled the past two years because of the pandemic. Tune in to hear Jimmy, Michelle, and Keith talk about the challenges of not having a conference in 2020 and 2021, the criticism people had for them when they started speaking out against the tyranny, why those of us in the alternative health community have long questioned authority when it comes to our health, and the full details on

  • 1812: Dani Vizintin Vastly Restores Health With Animal-Based Carnivore Diet

    12/04/2022 Duração: 52min

    Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Dani Vizintin to talk about how she restored her health with a carnivore diet. “Most people don’t stay vegan because they have no idea what to eat. Its way too complicated.” - Dani Vinzintin In this episode, Jimmy talks to a fitness coach and former vegan named Dani Vizintin. She is the founder of Stay Fitness in the UK and she offers incredible nutrition and health videos on her YouTube Channel. In February 2022, Dani was featured in the popular Daily Mail newspaper in the UK for her transformation shifting over from a plant-based diet to a meat-centered carnivore diet. Watch this interview as Jimmy and Dani talk about the state of the vegan and vegetarian movement, now a house of cards as so many are opening their eyes to the negative health implications of completely removing animals from their diet. Don’t miss this compelling conversation! Dani Vizintin on Instagram: Dani’s Stay Fitness official website:

  • 1811: Sarah Genovese Gets All Nerdy Talking Nutrition, Wellness, And Mindset

    06/04/2022 Duração: 55min

    Join Jimmy and Sarah Genovese as they get nerdy about nutrition, wellness, and mindset.   “The reason I am so anti-diet is that our food and nutrition is so bioindividual.” - Sarah Genovese   In this episode, Jimmy chats with one of his newer Instagram pals named Sarah Genovese who has a lot to say about diet culture, gut health, mindset, and living a healthy lifestyle. She’s the host of the Holistic Homies podcast and enjoys empowering busy women on how to build a solid foundation for living a life full of health and wellness. Watch this interview as Jimmy and Sarah discuss a wide range of topics, including discipline vs. motivation, cultivating a better relationship with our bodies and foods we eat, simplifying nutrition so it becomes more accessible, how to buy healthy when you can’t afford it, self-nourishment vs. self-care, why you want to purposely get dirty, the value of sunshine exposure and cold therapy, and way, way more! Enjoy this nerdy chat between two cool cats. Sarah Genovese on Instagram: http

  • 1810: Robert Sikes On Keto Bodybuilding, Burgeoning Business, And Baby Savage

    05/04/2022 Duração: 39min

    Join Jimmy and Robert Sikes today as they talk about bodybuilding, his growing business, and Baby Savage. “A lot of ‘bro bodybuilders’ call themselves keto just because they don’t eat carbohydrates.” - Robert Sikes In this episode, Jimmy catches up with his friend, bodybuilding coach, and fellow podcaster Robert Sikes from Keto Savage about his brand new book entitled KETOGENIC BODYBUILDING. After years of perfecting the process of helping himself and his clients prepare for shows, Robert put his years of experience all in one resource for those looking to compete on stage and prepare in a ketogenic state while maintaining their health. Robert also gives an update on what’s happening in his two thriving businesses–KETO BRICK and Live Savage Apparel–while explaining why he’s not running away from the “keto” term. Finally, we get an update on Baby Savage from him and his lovely bride Crystal coming very soon to their household. Catch up with what’s happening in the wild and crazy world of the man behind Keto Sa

  • 1809: Cynthia Thurlow Delivers An Intermittent Fasting Transformation

    30/03/2022 Duração: 54min

    Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Cynthia Thurlow to the LLVLC Show. “Add in the diet industry that convinces us that the latest potion, pill, or powder is going to save us and it’s a complete toxic recipe for ill health.” - Cynthia Thurlow   In this episode, Jimmy talks to a nurse practitioner and intermittent fasting expert named Cynthia Thurlow. Her brand new book INTERMITTENT FASTING TRANSFORMATION outlines ways to incorporate periods of not eating into your healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Cynthia specifically has a heart for women’s health issues and helping them with their unique fasting needs. Listen in to Jimmy and Cynthia talk about a wide range of topics, including her viral TEDx talk that put her on the map, the writing process that went into penning her debut book, her thoughts on dry fasting and no salt fasting, the advantage of utilizing target good stress called hormesis, what her work as a cardiac nurse taught her about healthy living, and a whole lot more! Cynthia Thurlow on Instagram: htt

  • 1808: Dr. Elie Jarrouge On Why He Left Medicine To Coach Low-Carb Nutrition

    29/03/2022 Duração: 43min

    In this episode, Jimmy speaks with a low-carb nutrition-minded physician and health coach named Dr. Elie Jarrouge (@elie_jarrouge). After working as an attending doctor in a hospital emergency room and seeing patient after patient coming in with issues related to their poor nutrition choices, he decided to leave allopathic medicine so he could help prevent people from developing chronic diseases such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes as a personalized coach. Dr. Jarrouge has made quite the name for himself on social media for his common sense and practical advice educating on the benefits of carbohydrate restriction.    Dr. Elie Jarrouge on Instagram:   Metabolic Health MD official website:   Book a FREE 20-minute consultation:

  • 1807: Christine Hronec Shows You How To Unlock Your Macro Type

    23/03/2022 Duração: 53min

    Join Jimmy today as he chats with Christine Hronec about how to unlock your macro type.   “If you want to lose fat from your body, you have to change the chemistry of how your body is functioning.” - Christine Hronec   In this episode, Jimmy speaks with food scientist and chemical engineer Christine Hronec (@gaugegirltraining) who just released her debut book UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE. She has identified a variety of macro types to determine whether you thrive better with a higher fat, higher protein, lower carb, or moderate carb mix for the food you consume. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Christine get into the details about her book, how to find your personal carb tolerance level, what macro type you are, the state of the nutritional health space, and a whole lot more! Enjoy this engaging chat between two old friends. Get UNLOCK YOUR MACRO TYPE book on Amazon

  • 1806: Dr. Danielle Eaton Helps Wellness Practitioners Thrive

    22/03/2022 Duração: 51min

    Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Dr. Danielle Eaton. “We generally lead with our heart, and when you help a lot of people money is just a resource for you to help more people.” - Dr. Danielle Eaton In this episode, Jimmy speaks with chiropractor and wellness practitioner coach Dr. Danielle Eaton (@drdanielleeaton) who shares why she decided to help growing health business owners build their brand and serve their clients and patients better. Jimmy first met Danielle on Periscope several years back and a lot of changed for her since then. She’s now helping to empower medical and nutritional health professionals to run their practice the way they want to and not fall for the gimmicks and lies about being accessible and affordable for all people. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Danielle also talk about the impact of the events of the past two years, why health professionals don’t need to feel pressured to look a certain way, and so much more!

  • 1805: Dave Martin Beats Prostate Cancer Naturally With HIFU

    16/03/2022 Duração: 57min

    Dave Martin drops by the LLVLC Show today to talk with Jimmy about how he beat prostate cancer naturally with HIFU.   “My naturopath likes to do physicals twice a year. She doesn’t want anything to sneak up.” - Dave Martin In this episode, Jimmy speaks with his friend and HBO’s “Bad Boys Of Comedy” standup comedian Dave Martin (@c0med1an.dave.mart1n) about a personal topic that impacted his life beginning a few years back. In 2018, Dave got some grim news from his naturopath that his PSA was creeping upward and that he should keep an eye on that. When it got to a certain number, he went to get it checked out by an allopathic physician who immediately diagnosed him with prostate cancer. Before Dave could even process this devastating news at the age of 47, the doctor was already heavily pushing him to have a surgical procedure to remove the cancer–but also kill any chance of him ever having his manhood work again. Furious at this being his only option, Dave turned to natural solutions including a low-carb diet

  • 1804: Sugar Free Mom Brenda Bennett On Beating Sugar Addiction

    15/03/2022 Duração: 59min

    Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Sugar Free Mom Brenda Bennett to talk about beating sugar addiction. “I think if someone had told me when I started that I could never have a sugar-free dessert option I would have said that I can’t do this.” - Brenda Bennett In this episode, Jimmy welcomes in a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Sugar Detox Coach named Brenda Bennett (@sugarfreemom). She is the author of a book entitled NATURALLY KETO where she offers scrumptious recipes for your low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Brenda have a delightful conversation about why sugar is such a powerful addiction, why everyone is different in combating their carb cravings, why the one-size-fits-all nutrition approach will never work, the role of mold toxicity in your health, her diagnosis of hypothyroidism, becoming your own health advocate, and working with a functional medicine practitioner. Don’t miss this awesome interview! Brenda’s Sugar Free Mom official website: http://www.sugarfreemo

  • 1803: Madeline Evergreen Digs Deeper Into Keto, SIBO, And Parasites

    09/03/2022 Duração: 55min

    Join Jimmy today as he welcomes Madeline Evergreen to talk Keto, SIBO, and Parasites. “If you’re thinking that you don’t have parasites, you will probably be surprised. I am convinced this is why I got SIBO.” - Madeline Evergreen   In this episode, Jimmy speaks with an incredible educated layperson and podcaster named Madeline Evergreen who experienced some intense health issues until she found the ketogenic diet. Dealing with chronic health issues at an early age, including growth hormone deficiency, digestive issues, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and more, she struggled in her efforts to quit gluten, dairy, and sugar. But she eventually found her way to keto, then carnivore, and now a more customized nutrition approach that helps keep her health in line today. Watch this awesome conversation between Jimmy and Madeline as they talk about how to manifest your best health ever! Madeline Evergreen on Instagram: Madeline’s Project Keto Podcast on Spotify:

  • 1802: Nina Teicholz Column Says Vegan Fridays In Schools ‘Nutritionally Risky’

    08/03/2022 Duração: 40min

    Jimmy examines an article by previous guest Nina Teicholz talking about Vegan Fridays in schools. “I have been trying for the last 18 years to get people back to eating foods in their whole form.”  - Nina Teicholz Listen to The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with host Jimmy Moore wherever you get your podcasts! Visit to access all the past episodes. ⁣⁣ In this episode, Jimmy reads from an incredible new column from the executive director of the Nutrition Coalition and author of the New York Times bestselling book THE BIG FAT SURPRISE named Nina Teicholz. Jimmy has previously interviewed Nina about the importance of embracing healthy fats, minimizing damaging carbohydrates, and changing the USDA Dietary Guidelines through the use of the scientific evidence supporting carbohydrate restriction and ketosis. In her op-ed entitled “Vegan Fridays are nutritional risky,” Nina does an outstanding job of articulating the concerns she has with the New York City Department of Education mandating no ani

  • 1801: Dr. Pete Patitsas Pushes Ancient Greek Biohack—The Athos Diet

    02/03/2022 Duração: 54min

    Join Jimmy today as he talks to Dr. Pete Patitsas about The Athos Diet. “I do think that in the old days the protein content of the vegetables was probably higher.”  - Dr. Pete Patitsas   In this episode, Jimmy welcomes in an emergency medicine physician named Dr. Pete Patitsas (@theathosdiet) who harkens back to his Greek roots to make the case that we should be cycling in targeted periods of time focusing on plant proteins, implementing intermittent fasting, and regular walking for exercise. Jimmy and Dr. Pete had a great conversation examining the concerns about plant proteins, why this is important for a temporary amount of time, and what benefits you can hope to gain from doing this protocol. For all the carnivore diet fans out there, don’t be so quick to dismiss this idea and instead listen to what Dr. Pete has to say. You might learn something new! THE ATHOS DIET official website:

  • 1800: Bryan Freeman Promulgates Healthy Eating With Real Good Brand

    01/03/2022 Duração: 44min

    On today’s show, JImmy welcomes Bryan Freeman from Real Good Foods to talk about healthy meal options. “People don’t want a science project. The ingredients on some of the plant-based products are really complicated.”  - Bryan Freeman   Listen in today as Jimmy welcomes in Bryan Freeman from the Real Good Foods company. What started out several years back as a pizza company using a unique chicken processing technique to make the crust, has now evolved into one of the biggest frozen health food products in America. The Real Good Foods brand can be found in grocery stores, Sam’s Club, Costco and pretty much wherever you buy frozen foods. Tune in to hear Bryan talk about how the company started small and was able to position itself to be where it is today as a publicly traded company. If you ever had questions about this company, then tune in to this podcast to hear answers from the man himself who runs the company. Real Good Foods on Instagram: @realgoodfoods Bryan Freeman on Instagram: @realgoodkingpin

  • 1799: Dr. Annette Bosworth On Helping Her Patients Stay On The Keto Continuum

    23/02/2022 Duração: 59min

    Today Jimmy welcomes Dr. Annette Bosworth to the show to talk about how she helps her patients stay on the keto continuum.   “Patients don’t understand that doctors have to follow a certain standard of care.”  - Dr. Annette Bosworth   In this episode, Jimmy speaks with a Tampa, FL-based physician who uses ketogenic diet principles with her patients named Dr. Annette Bosworth (@drboz_annettebosworthmd). More affectionately known as Dr. Boz, she has created a program to help incorporate nutrition and lifestyle methods into the lives of her patients to help them overcome chronic disease and get healthy. She put it all in a book called KETO CONTINUUM which also has an accompanying workbook to help you change your life. Tune in to hear Jimmy and Dr. Boz reconnect again for an in-depth conversation about why she is so passionate today about low-carb living and the things she has seen as a practicing physician. Dr. Boz official website: KETO CONTINUUM: Consistently Keto For Life book: https://b

  • 1798: January 2022 Study Confirms Ketogenic Diet Improves Depressive Symptoms

    22/02/2022 Duração: 56min

    Listen in today as Jimmy tackles a 2022 study confirming one benefit of a ketogenic way of eating.   “You now have the option of using a low-carb ketogenic diet as an alternative to all the other things your doctor used to use.”  - Jimmy Moore   In this episode, Jimmy features a study that was published in the January 27, 2022 issue of the Journal of Behavioral Medicine entitled “Depressive symptoms improve over 2 years of type 2 diabetes treatment via a digital continuous remote care intervention focused on carbohydrate restriction.” This research is from Virta Health and features several familiar names in ketogenic research, including Dr. Stephen Phinney, Dr. Sarah Hallberg, Dr. James McCarter, and others. As you may already know, Virta has been in the midst of an ongoing 5-year research looking intently at the impact of a low-carb, ketogenic diet on various parts of health. In this study they conducted a non-randomized, open label study of 262 Type 2 diabetes patients with obesity to see how well they res

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