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Holistic Survival is about being prepared for modern survival with simple, realistic steps everyone can take to make the world a better place. It's about turning problems into possibilities. It's about stability and community and equipping, fortifying, perfecting, providing, and securing peace of mind. It's about self-reliance and personal responsibility. Who is behind The Holistic Survival Show? The name Jason Hartman has become synonymous with exposing the rigged game on Wall Street and guiding thousands of grateful investors to create wealth that lasts with income producing property investments in diverse geographical markets. More than two decades of phenomenon ally successful personal real estate success went into The Complete Solution For Real Estate Investors™, the blueprint Jason created to help people make the transition from the losing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds game to the winning property ownership game. You can learn more about Jason's company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, and his method at http://www.JasonHartman.com.


  • 601: Societal Trends Pointing to the Return of Individualism and Demise of Globalism with Mark Moss

    10/07/2021 Duração: 41min

    History works in cycles. While one cycle can't define everything, when enough cycles overlap they can point directly at what's going to happen. Mark Moss joins Jason Hartman to discuss some recent cycles that are overlapping and pointing to very specific things happening that will change the way society works. Key Takeaways: [2:18] Money always goes where it's treated best [7:21] Mark likes to break cycles into political, societal, economic and technological [11:31] Are we in a 4th turning and peak globalism? [15:18] There have been 5 technological revolutions in the last 250 years [20:15] The Fed and the fiat monetary system is against the natural law [25:20] Central bank coins will be the perfect surveillance tool [28:59] Mark does not believe there's intrinsic value in anything [31:50] What you need to do to prepare for this coming change [36:07] Seeing asset prices skyrocket doesn't mean it's time to cash out Website: www.Twitter.com/1MarkMoss Mark Moss on YouTube

  • 600: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals with Only 4 Disciplines with Franklin Covey's Jim Huling

    08/07/2021 Duração: 37min

    If you could distill the most important business practices down to 4 words, what would they be? In today's 10th episode, Jim Huling, co-author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals, joins Jason Hartman to discuss the 4 words and how to use them to drastically improve your business. Key Takeaways: [3:39] The 4 words you need to know to succeed [7:45] How do you pick your 1 wildly important thing? [13:05] If you get caught up in the "whirlwind" your business will never achieve the extraordinary [16:48] You must act on the lead measures [21:24] How to do the "compelling scorecard" [26:09] Accountability is all about being faithful in your follow through [31:49] What Jim and his company have learned since the first edition of their book came out 10 years ago Website: www.FranklinCovey.com www.4DXBook.com www.JasonHartman.com

  • 599: Stopping the Destruction of the American Ideals & Economy with Jonathan Emord, Part 2

    28/06/2021 Duração: 13min

    Our rights and liberties are being slowly taken away. How do we put an end to it before it's gone too far? Jason Hartman is joined by Jonathan Emord, author of the new book The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present, to discuss what the average citizen can do and why the policies being implemented today are so destructive to the American way. Key Takeaways: [1:04] Are we likely to see states start trying to secede? [5:55] The destruction of the fossil fuel industry is extremely harmful to the USA Website: The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present www.JasonHartman.com

  • 598: The Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution & Free Enterprise with Jonathan Emord, Part 1

    25/06/2021 Duração: 33min

    There is an assault on the individual in today's society. We're seeing organizations taking over the governmental system and imposing restrictions on the average American that are going unchecked. How can we fight back and bring America back to its founding ideals? Jason Hartman is joined by Jonathan Emord, author of the new book The Authoritarians: Their Assault on Individual Liberty, the Constitution, and Free Enterprise from the 19th Century to the Present, to discuss just that. Key Takeaways: [2:43] Organizations like BLM and Antifa were founded by communists trying to destroy local, national, and state governments and overthrow capitalism [7:31] Capitalizing on the notion of racism in blacks is a very effective tool for inducing protests by all races [14:37] 3/4 of federal law is made by unelected bureaucracy [19:50] Big tech companies are trying to skirt the 1st Amendment, but the way they're operating they should be bound by it [23:57] Jason's 3 solutions to big tech tyranny [26:52] Our handling of maj

  • 597: The Coming Economic Collapse with Stephen Leeb

    04/05/2021 Duração: 22min

    Jason Hartman talks with Stephen Leeb, author of the new book China's Rise and the New Age of Gold, as well as The Coming Economic Collapse, about why commodities are in such demand and what that means for investors moving forward. The two also examine how we're going to get 6.5 BILLION people into the middle class. Key Takeaways: [19:49] The world is at a turning point [27:32] Real, physical assets are in short supply and GREAT demand in today's environment [33:44] Gold has outperformed the S&P by 100% in the last 20 years Websites: www.StephenLeeb.com

  • 596: Leaving California: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

    01/05/2021 Duração: 40min

    Jason Hartman explains why he left California and the reasons why thousands more are leaving as well including top YouTubers like Graham Stephen, Joe Rogan, and Ben Shapiro. Website: www.JasonHartman.com/Properties

  • 595: The Shattering of the All-American Town with Brian Alexander

    16/04/2021 Duração: 23min

    All across the country we're seeing small towns being ignored by political parties and businesses. It's not a new phenomenon and it's not something that looks likely to change in the near future. Brian Alexander, author of the new book Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town, joins Jason Hartman to discuss what's happening to these towns and what we can do as a society to save them. Website: www.BrianRAlexander.com www.JasonHartman.com

  • 594: Future of Housing in America with Jarrett Gross

    09/04/2021 Duração: 41min

    Jason Hartman talks with Jarrett Gross about 3D printed homes. How close to reality are they? Can you really get them for $10,000? Will it completely disrupt the housing market? The two look at the issues hampering the adoption of the technology, how far off the solutions to those may be, how the technology will impact the overall real estate landscape and more. Key Takeaways: [3:24] The $10,000 printed home is a myth [9:30] What do 3D printed homes mean to the real estate industry? [13:28] Google search trends for 3D printing have held a sustained spike recently [16:37] One Colorado company is making 3D printed mud huts that are surprisingly strong and surprisingly cheap [23:20] Many builders tent their build to better the quality [29:11] 3D printing could be important to building in space [33:41] How far off are commercially viable homes? [37:01] There are 2 components to every real estate deal Websites: www.Automate.construction

  • 594: Tips on Finding Deals, Housing Collapse or Boom? Ken McElroy

    12/03/2021 Duração: 48min

    You don’t need a booming housing industry to make money, just a good strategy. Ken poses the question, when the dust settles, which businesses will still be standing, and where will the concentration of people be? Jason Hartman predicts a strain on the housing supply in the not-so-distant future as he postulates that few will be incentivized to get rid of a home loan with such historically low-interest rates.  Key Takeaways: [2:00] How much has life changed in the recent 10, 20 years?  [3:30] The tech companies are likely to be broken up.  [5:00] You can make money in any environment if you adjust your strategy.  [10:00] Ken’s tips on how to find deals and evaluate them. [16:40] Definite move from retail to housing.  [22:00] There is obvious truth of an asset shortage - as in bidding against 45 other buyers.  [31:10] City/State revenue comes from Taxpayers. There is a potential for cities to file bankruptcy.  [37:45] The bubble ‘should’ve popped’ already, but ‘they’ can keep kicking the can down the road.  [4

  • 593: Thought Criminal, Beyond Woke & Digital Gulag by Dr. Michael Rectenwald

    05/03/2021 Duração: 36min

    Jason Hartman interviews the author, Michael Rectenwald. Michael prognosticates that censorship will be further exacerbated by the events of January 6. Are we in the midst of a revolution? Is there a concern for freedom of thought, and how would this play out? Rectenwald takes us through the looking glass with this interview that urges one to take another look at our surrounding political atmosphere. Books: Thought Criminal by Michael Rectenwald Beyond Woke by Michael Rectenwald Key Takeaways: [1:45] Rectenwald feels that censorship will be further exacerbated by the events of January 6, and why are big-tech so leftist?  [3:45] Are we undergoing a revolution? [7:20] Will UBI save you or put you in a bind?  [15:15] Is there a concern for freedom of thought? [19:00] What is the reason for the wokeness movement? [27:00] Corporate socialism.  [29:00] Does cryptocurrency make you feel free from the government? [30:00] Decentralization is the answer, but how do we go about it? Websites: JasonHartman.com 1-800-HAR

  • 592: It Takes a Revolution by Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch & Freedom Watch

    19/02/2021 Duração: 25min

    Jason Hartman reminds investors of the opportunity of a lifetime, a 5,000 year lifetime with interest rates at historic lows. Is there a second phase to the great American pandemic migration? How do we wage a peaceful revolution? Larry and Jason take a thorough walk through the swamp of politicians and questionable practices in DC and throughout the US.  Webinar: jasonhartman.com/empowered Key Takeaways: [2:00] Questions from the Happy Hour segment on Jason Hartman’s Youtube.  [4:30] What are big tech companies afraid of? [8:30] Lowest interest rate in 5,000 years. [13:20] “We are geo-independent!” Larry Klayman [16:30] The founding of Judicial Watch.  [19:00] What kind of revolution are you talking about? [23:55] What in the constitution gives judges life tenure?  [27:45] Larry discusses some of the tyranny in legislative branches. [35:00] Do you recognize this government as your own? Websites: freedomwatchusa.org americasheriff.org jasonhartman.com/sweethome jasonhartman.com/protect JasonHartman.com JasonHa

  • 591: The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

    12/02/2021 Duração: 42min

    Saifadean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, joins Jason to explain the three basic functions of money and why this matters with Bitcoin. Will Bitcoin push out the role of central banks? If so, why would the government let Bitcoin exist? Saif continues discussing the government’s role or ability to have a role in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. As well, what is time preference, and how does it differ from inflation? Key Takeaways: Saifadean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard [1:00] Money has three basic functions of money: [3:45] How does Bitcoin act as a base layer of money, similar to the central banks' settlement layer? [8:00] Why would the government let Bitcoin exist? [17:00] Have you been bitten by the Bitcoin bug?  [17:25] Could the government make Bitcoin illegal? [29:45] Is there a distinction between time preference and the time value of money, aka inflation?  [31:45] Saifedean’s wife sells the chair he’s sitting on out from underneath him.  [32:10] Art on the gold standard, will

  • 590: Apollo’s Arrow, The Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live, Dr. Nicholas Christakis, Stanford University

    05/02/2021 Duração: 38min

    Plagues have always been a part of the human experience, but the seriousness of COVID-19 is rare. Jason Hartman talks with author and professor, Dr. Nicholas Christakis. Dr. Christakis shares bits from his book Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live. As well, Jason probes Dr. Christakis of the blueprint of a good society - from selections of Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society. Key Takeaways: [1:00] Unpacking: Apollo’s Arrow [2:45] What’s the severity of Coronavirus in comparison to past pandemics? [5:45] Dr. Christakis debunks some COVID-19 myths. [9:30] There are two critical epidemiological properties to understand about a virus: the infection fatality rate and the contagiousness (R-Naught). [14:45] The modern mind thinks science and tech have already solved all significant issues.  [16:15] We are fortunate to be in a period when a vaccine can be made available in real-time. [17:45] What is “good behavior” for surviving COVID-19? [21:30] The rea

  • 589: Jim Rickards on The Death of Money, Aftermath, Currency Wars & The New Great Depression

    23/01/2021 Duração: 47min

    Jason Hartman talks with Jim Richards, author of The New Great Depression. Jim shares his discoveries about the lockdown, the stock market's influence, and asset bubbles vs. asset inflation.  Jim Rickard's Book: The New Great Depression Key Takeaways: [3:20] You cannot understand The New Great Depression without looking into the pandemic.  [4:00] "What I discovered was that the scientists don't agree with each other." [10:25] Have the lockdowns killed more people than they have saved? [16:00] The stock market no longer bears any relation to the real economy.  [20:00] Did the lockdown cause a pent up demand? [24:00] Asset bubbles or asset inflation? [25:35] What causes inflation?  [28:45] Your Keynesian multiplier works up to a debt to GDP ratio of about 90%. [33:20] Why buy gold and silver if you're not afraid of inflation? [36:25] Bitcoin, will it ever have a chance of being a global currency or taking over the dollar? [44:00] Millions of people are migrating out of major cities; where are they going? Websit

  • 588: THE END OF AMERICA, What Should We Do?

    13/01/2021 Duração: 54min

    Things that Americans believed could never happen are happening right now. Jason Hartman talks about the ever-growing censorship or the ever-diminishing freedom of speech. From being blocked on Facebook to being censored on YouTube, Jason shares his experiences with censorship, and for what? Key Takeaways: [4:00] A huge amount of money created in the US was made in the last 12 months! [6:00] People are scared and refraining from their social lives.  [7:45] “Give us our property and liberty, and we [the government] will take care of you.” Is this The Great Reset? [8:45] What’s The Insurrection Act? [11:30] Book Recommendations: 1984 by George Orwell, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley [14:15] Is big tech behind memory-holing?  [21:00] Competition is good for companies.  [28:00] Big tech and censorship, how far has it gone? [40:40] Can private businesses do whatever they want? To what extent? Websites: pandemicinvesting.com jasonhartman.com

  • 587: 2021 SMART Goals! 5-Year Investment Plan

    08/01/2021 Duração: 30min

    New Year, New Goals, Same proven asset class! Jason Hartman invites you to celebrate with him another fantastic year of prosperity for all real estate investors practicing some of Hartman’s proven investment techniques. Following the celebration, we must look for the “what next” plan or goal. How do you build your goals? Do you write them down? Do you create realistically achievable goals?  Contest: jasonhartman.com/contest Key Takeaways: [1:30] Let’s celebrate our prosperous year of 2020 and look forward to another great one to follow.  [5:00] The Hartman Stimulus Payment CONTEST [8:45] Be a self-sufficient person. [10:00] 80% of Americans do not have goals, and even fewer have written them down.  [10:40 New Years’ Resolutions are so cliche.  [12:15] A goal should be just out of reach but not out of sight.  [15:20] The Winner of the 5-Year Plan Video Contest [15:40] Winner, Michelle, laid out how she and her family intend to achieve their income property goals.  [21:20] It’s the kind of person we become just

  • 586: The Last Gold Rush…Ever by Charles Goyette

    25/12/2020 Duração: 33min

    Gold is the only monetary asset in the world that is not somebody else’s liability. Jason Hartman talks with Charles Goyette going beyond every conversation about gold in the economy right now. Gold’s value continues to rise, and not just compared to the dollar. Goyette says that China, along with the rest of the world, is de-dollarizing. Goyette gives an insightful, thought-provoking history and prediction of currencies in all forms across the globe.  Books: The Last Gold Rush…Ever! 7 Reasons for the Runaway Gold Market and How You Can Profit from It by Charles Goyette Key Takeaways: [1:30] Maybe we should have ‘socialist distancing’ as opposed to social distancing. [3:20] In the last 100 years, the US has had three versions of the US dollar.  [4:00] Was the US government doing the mega version of check kiting?  [10:30] No trillion dollar debt? [12:00] Are we looking at a sort of rampant runaway towards socialism in the US? [13:40] For our economic might to end, it has to be replaced. [17:15] China, along wi

  • 585: Global Conspiracies? The Great Reset & Repo Market with George Gammon

    23/12/2020 Duração: 49min

    Jason Hartman invites you all to put on your tinfoil hats in preparation for this interview with George Gammon exploring some topics often considered economic conspiracy theories. George, a regular visitor on our show, brings you some unsettling details outlining the great reset and the repo market. How are communism and capitalism connected? How far will artificial intelligence infiltrate into our every day lives?   In part two of this discussion, George Gammon talks with Jason Hartman, further illustrating some of the truth behind global conspiracies. George states that more data produced by the free market capitalist economy is needed to understand and accurately control pricing. What are we trading for green energy? Key Takeaways: [2:15] Let’s put on our tinfoil hats for a moment.  [3:30] What is the repo market? [9:40] “A trillion a day keeps the economic consequences away.” -Jason [11:40] This great reset has been talked about since 2016 or earlier. Conspiracy theory? [14:15] EVERYTHING shall feed into

  • 584: COVID-19 Fraud Dr. Steven Hotze Author Hormones, Health & Happiness

    18/12/2020 Duração: 20min

    Jason Hartman talks with Dr. Steven Hotze, author of Hormones, Health, and Happiness. Hotze founded Hotze Health & Wellness Center with the mission to help patients achieve excellent health without drugs. Hotze and Hartman discuss the mainstream media and how it misinforms viewers to shape their views and forward the media’s agenda. Hotze also shares his opinion on economic motivations dealing with the Coronavirus.  Books: Hormones, Health & Happiness Key Takeaways: [1:40] Dr. Hotze explains his contrarian view about the mainstream media. [7:00] Coronavirus, the numbers explained, and differences country to country.  [12:15] On the economic side, what’s behind the motivation? [13:45] “You’re in charge of your health, and I’m in charge of mine.” [16:00] Healthy guidelines, ABCD and Z Websites: https://www.hotzevitamins.com/ jasonhartman.com/protect JasonHartman.com JasonHartman.com/properties Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HART

  • 583: End Medical Debt, Robert Goff

    16/12/2020 Duração: 20min

    Are you in a medical debt crisis? Many Americans are, or very quickly, could be. Jason Hartman talks with Robert Goff, author of End Medical Debt: Curing America's $1 Trillion Unpayable Healthcare Debt. Robert breaks down what happens in medical billing that isn't so transparent to the patient. He also illustrates solutions for the individual and from the governmental standpoint on ways that this issue can be further mitigated.  Key Takeaways: [2:00] Americans, unless you are extremely rich or extremely poor, are one accident away from potential financial ruin.  [4:00] What is co-insurance, and how come it doesn't help like we believe it does? [5:00] It is essential to understand the "if clause." [8:30] How do surgeons and assistant surgeons "share the dollars?" [10:00] What do we do as an individual?  [12:00] Be upfront with the physician - they know and are willing to work with patient costs. [12:30] What would be the overall solution to end all of these problems forever? [16:30] The institution's agenda is

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