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Holistic Survival is about being prepared for modern survival with simple, realistic steps everyone can take to make the world a better place. It's about turning problems into possibilities. It's about stability and community and equipping, fortifying, perfecting, providing, and securing peace of mind. It's about self-reliance and personal responsibility. Who is behind The Holistic Survival Show? The name Jason Hartman has become synonymous with exposing the rigged game on Wall Street and guiding thousands of grateful investors to create wealth that lasts with income producing property investments in diverse geographical markets. More than two decades of phenomenon ally successful personal real estate success went into The Complete Solution For Real Estate Investors™, the blueprint Jason created to help people make the transition from the losing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds game to the winning property ownership game. You can learn more about Jason's company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, and his method at http://www.JasonHartman.com.


  • 644: The Dark Side of Private Equity; How It’s Reshaping Real Estate & Impacting YOU with Gretchen Morgenson

    30/01/2024 Duração: 32min

    Jason welcomes Gretchen Morgenson as they discuss how private equity’s surge into single-family homes is reshaping urban landscapes and pricing out regular investors and first-time home buyers. They highlight concerns about these firms prioritizing profit over property maintenance, creating a semi-monopoly in the market. The impact stems from massive capital injections, largely sourced from public pension funds seeking high returns. Private equity’s historical roots in leveraged buyouts are discussed, noting the industry’s evolution and its current reliance on institutional investors. The conversation touches on rising interest rates affecting the real estate model and potential challenges for private equity firms. In closing, Gretchen warns individual investors of the industry’s growing interest in their capital.     Follow Jason on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN Twitter.com/JasonHartmanROI Instagram.com/jasonhartman1/ Linkedin.com/in/jasonhartmaninvestor/ Call our Investment Counselors at: 1-800-HARTM

  • 643: Generational Investing Secrets: Building a Legacy in Real Estate with Robert Helms

    24/01/2024 Duração: 34min

    In this episode, Jason features Robert Helms of the Real Estate Guys. He also discussed "generational investing" i.e. the possibility of children investing in real estate and the importance of not trying to time the market. Jason then moves on to discuss the impact of declining interest rates on the housing market, projecting that a drop to 5.5% could allow an additional 7.7 million people to afford a home loan. He highlights the benefits of owning a home and promoted https://www.baselane.com/jason, a banking platform designed for landlords. Then Jason welcomes Robert Helms as they discuss the real estate market's dynamics, including their merged mastermind groups forming The Collective Inner Circle. They delve into the current state of the market, highlighting constrained inventory and varying opinions on interest rates. Helms suggests a potential softening but cautions against waiting for ultra-low rates. The conversation explores the challenges of market timing and emphasizes understanding the asset's long

  • 642: Predicting the Next Economic Recession & Revolutionizing Banking with Decentralized Finance | Campbell Harvey

    20/01/2024 Duração: 31min

    Jason discusses the topic of decentralized finance (defi) and its potential advantages in the cryptocurrency world. He also touches on the issue of the US housing shortage and how it presents opportunities for real estate investors. Additionally, Jason highlights the benefits of joining the “Fire Your Managers” program and announced an upcoming Empowered Investor pro meeting that will host a guest who will present a special “tenant insurance” product. Finally, he invites everyone to join their community to grow their real estate portfolio. Jason then interviews Professor Campbell R. Harvey from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the author of DeFi and the Future of Finance as they talk about the yield curve and Decentralized Finance. Harvey discusses the phenomenon of an inverted yield curve, which has predicted every recession for the last several decades. Harvey expressed his concern about the current inverted yield curve, which has been in place for 12 months, traditionally leading to a recessi

  • 641: Insider Perspectives- Alex J. Pollock Unveils the Intricacies of Housing Markets, Predictions, and Central Bank Policies

    10/01/2024 Duração: 31min

    Jason talks about the resilient real estate market as the cost of money decreases and housing affordability improves. With mortgage rates dropping and the promise of increased affordability by the Fed, he anticipates significant price increases in the low-inventory market. Highlighting the 700,000-home deficit compared to normal inventory, Jason emphasizes the simple supply and demand dynamics driving potential price surges. He also urges viewers to consider the upcoming cruise for a unique learning and networking experience. Overall, the episode provides insights into the current real estate landscape, emphasizing the market's strength and predicting positive trends. Then Jason interviews Alex J. Pollock from the Mises Institute. The discussion revolves around the unpredictability of financial markets, particularly in contrast to more deterministic fields like astronomy. Pollock argues that economic and financial forecasts, even by prominent figures like central bankers, often prove inaccurate due to the int

  • 640: The Coming Perfect Housing Storm, The Dark Side of Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals with Melody Wright

    10/12/2023 Duração: 46min

    Jason interviewed Melody Wright, a housing analyst and strategist, about the housing market. Melody shared her experience in the mortgage industry and her transition into real estate technology. They discussed her pessimistic outlook on the housing market due to issues like inventory shortage, short-term rental properties, and ‘shadow leverage’. Melody emphasized that she wasn’t predicting a crash but was highlighting the challenges. Melody and Jason also discussed the delay in recording Covid data in Los Angeles County and the importance of triangulating data from multiple sources. They also touched upon the impact of a frozen housing market and the role of short-term rentals in the market. They also discussed the oversaturation of the short-term rental market due to Airbnb’s growth strategy, and the trend of institutional investors pulling back. They concluded the conversation with a discussion on the current state and future prospects of the housing market, including the shift towards rental properties. Sh

  • 639: Mastering Digital Privacy- The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Identity Online with Rob Braxman

    10/11/2023 Duração: 35min

    Jason and Rob Braxman discuss internet privacy issues and how they affect civil liberties in a dystopian tech world. Rob explains that Facebook uses IP addresses to detect proximity checks using “Mac addresses,” which are unique network identifiers that are unique to each device. IP addresses are a protocol used for transferring data over the Internet, while Mac addresses are for announcing traffic inside one’s own network. The limitation of Mac addresses is that they can only exist inside a local area network and do not transmit to the Internet. Rob suggests using a VPN virtual private network (VPN) to protect IP addresses, and  locations. Listen in as Rob shares how you can defend your privacy in this relentless tech world bent on attacking your privacy.       Follow Jason on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN Twitter.com/JasonHartmanROI Instagram.com/jasonhartman1/ Linkedin.com/in/jasonhartmaninvestor/ Call our Investment Counselors at: 1-800-HARTMAN (US) or visit: https://www.jasonhartman.com/ Free Clas

  • 638: The Death of Free Speech & the Rise of Censorship with Amy Peikoff

    08/10/2023 Duração: 39min

    Join Jason as he interviews Amy Peikoff, Chief Policy Officer for Bitchute and formerly Parler. They discuss the critical issues of censorship and surveillance in our digital age. Amy shares insights into the Third Party Doctrine and the need for warrants in data collection. They also delve into solutions such as antitrust measures, common carrier regulations, and transparency in algorithms. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on the future of digital freedom. Follow Amy via X at https://twitter.com/AmyPeikoff   https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/creatingwealthpodcast/2060__7_10th_EP_Show__HS_FC_-_Amy_Peikoff_The_End_of_Free_Speech__Censorship_v1.mp3   #Censorship #Surveillance #DigitalFreedom #Privacy #Antitrust #CommonCarrier #Algorithms #georgeorwell #airbnb #freedomofspeech   Key Takeaways: Jason's editorial 1:27 The greatest threat facing humanity 3:18 Ordering myself a 'tall blonde' but ending up with 'poison' instead Amy Peikoff interview 8:34 The 'third party doctrine' - censorship and survei

  • 637: Exploring the Economic Impact of Demographic Decline, Future of Societal Collapse, Asset Value & Cultural Communities with Malcolm Collins

    18/07/2023 Duração: 44min

    Today Jason welcomes Malcolm Collins, a former venture capitalist and private equity investor. Together they discuss the economic impact of demographic decline. They explore various topics, including the declining fertility rates in countries like South Korea, the US, and China, and the potential consequences for the economy. Collins emphasizes that the current economic system is built on the presumption of constant growth, driven by a rising population, and highlights the unsustainability of the current trends. He also delves into the sociological forces contributing to demographic decline, such as the urban monoculture and the economic pressures faced by individuals. Collins argues that capitalism, while a powerful system, is not well-equipped to address the long-term value of adding humans to the system. Additionally, he challenges the notion that immigration can solve the demographic decline issue, pointing out the complexities and potential dependencies it creates. The conversation touches on the importa

  • 636: Creating Wealth In Times of Financial Crises with Kerry Lutz

    11/07/2023 Duração: 38min

    Jason Welcomes Kerry Lutz of https://www.financialsurvivalnetwork.com/  They briefly talk about Jason's 4 year legal battle to clear his name, big tech censorships, the changing landscape of CBDCs and crypto. They continue talking about the current state of the economy and the financial crisis of 2008, the recent banking debacle and how one can take advantage of situations like these to make a healthy profit.    Key Takeaways: 1:11 A digital lynching like no other 5:02 Alphabet has been engaged in censorship 7:20 Turning the tide on this totalitarian web and treating social media companies as common carriers  11:40 The Great Reset, digital slaves and CBDCs 14:03 The problem with Crypto 16:25 The unreal real economy, recession and inflation 24:41 Timing versus cycle investing in the stock market 31:09 Making money during banking/financial crises   Websites: https://www.financialsurvivalnetwork.com/ http://kerrylutz.com/ email: [email protected]   Follow Jason on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN Twitter.com/Ja

  • 635: Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery with Siddharth Kara

    05/06/2023 Duração: 32min

    Has slavery truly been abolished in modern society? Unfortunately not. Siddharth Kara is the first Fellow on Human Trafficking with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a founding member of Harvard’s Advisory Collective on Human Rights. He is also the author of Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery. #StopModernSlavery #EndHumanTrafficking #AntiSlavery #HumanRights #FreedomNow #RaiseAwareness #FightForJustice #BreakTheChains #NoMoreSlavery #JusticeForAll Follow Jason on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & LINKEDIN Twitter.com/JasonHartmanROI Instagram.com/jasonhartman1/ Linkedin.com/in/jasonhartmaninvestor/ Call our Investment Counselors at: 1-800-HARTMAN (US) or visit: https://www.jasonhartman.com/ Free Class:  Easily get up to $250,000 in funding for real estate, business or anything else: http://JasonHartman.com/Fund CYA Protect Your Assets, Save Taxes & Estate Planning: http://JasonHartman.com/Protect Get wholesale real estate deals for investment or build a great busin

  • 634: Deep Survival Featuring Laurence Gonzales

    13/02/2023 Duração: 34min

    If you are interested in the mysteries of human behavior and our place in the cosmos, this is the interview for you! If you are wondering how human beings have gotten into such trouble on the planet earth, then Laurence Gonzales, author of Everyday Survival will give you a new vision of yourself and the [...]

  • 633: When All Hell Breaks Loose! Survival Skills: Before, During and After

    06/02/2023 Duração: 39min

    Most of us have been through the standard fire and earthquake drills, but what are you going to do if disaster strikes your community and you are responsible for your family’s ultimate survival? If you question the best practices in an emergency situation, you must listen to this episode of The Holistic Survival Show [...]

  • 632: What Does The Future Have in Store with Gerald Celente

    30/01/2023 Duração: 52min

    The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring, and to be prepared for the unexpected. Gerald Celente, founder of The Trends Research Institute and author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century, [...]

  • 631: Practical Self-Defense Skills Needed For Modern Survival

    23/01/2023 Duração: 34min

    View Transcript Much of what is being taught today in martial arts schools, seminars and videos, just won’t work on the street! Learn from one of the world’s best self-defense experts, Michael Pace as Jason discusses what he has perfected throughout his training and teaching of martial arts for over 40 years. Visit http://holisticsurvival.com/podcast-with-holistic-survival.php. About [...]

  • 629: When Technology Fails, An interview with Matthew Stein

    09/01/2023 Duração: 48min

    View Transcript With innovative luxurious such as the computer, refrigerator, washer and dryer, iPhone, electric light, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), etc. we have become acclimated to a technology-dependent lifestyle. Visit http://www.holisticsurvival.com/podcast-with-holistic-survival.php. As mentioned in the first episode of The Holistic Survival Show, Jason Hartman states, “Thou shalt practice the primitive annually - be able [...]

  • 628: Emergency Food Storage Preparedness and Management

    02/01/2023 Duração: 26min

    View Transcript Food storage is a wise investment for future individual and family stability. Many believe the idea of food storage is for extreme disasters, but there also are many everyday reasons to put extra food away... especially in uncertain times. Visit http://www.holisticsurvival.com/podcast-with-holistic-survival.php.  We are all subject to events beyond our control. Electrical blackouts, unexpected [...]

  • 627: How to weather the Financial Armageddon Ahead

    26/12/2022 Duração: 47min

    View Transcript The term “Armageddon” is defined as “the scene of a final battle between the forces of good and evil, prophesied to occur at the end of the world.” In this episode of The Holistic Survival Show, host Jason Hartman interviews Michael Panzner on his financially relevant books, Financial Armageddon and When Giants Fall [...]

  • 626: Emergency Preparedness: Are You and Your Family Prepared for Disaster?


    #2 - Emergency Preparedness – Are You and Your Family Prepared for Disaster? View Transcript Emergency planning and survival equipment can reduce fear and losses that come with disasters. Where will you and your family be when disaster strikes? At home, school, the office, on the road? Regardless of your location, you will need an [...]

  • 624: Pandemic Nursing Home Disaster Left Our Vulnerable Behind! Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci

    13/10/2022 Duração: 26min

    The pandemic has brought to light some of the major shortcomings and issues facing long term care in nursing homes and Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci, also known as Dr. Buffy The Germ Slayer, is fighting for the need to prioritize and prepare long term care settings for the next emergent health crisis that may come. Dr. Buffy is one of the foremost authorities on infection prevention and control in nursing homes and long-term care facilities and joins Jason Hartman for this revealing discussion outlined in her book. She is a frequent contributor and interview source for national and trade press concerning infection prevention and control and mitigation. She is an advocate for the long term care industry and improved wages and conditions for its workers. This industry was already facing a staffing shortage before the pandemic and nursing homes were the last healthcare setting to get PPE. The number of people in long term care facilities will only get larger and we must correct a system that is not working and leaving

  • 623: Inflation | Interest Rates How They Affect The Price of Real Estate

    05/10/2022 Duração: 38min

    Your favorite real estate expert Jason Hartman takes a deep dive into today’s economic environment and explains what to keep in mind while valuing the price of real estate. Watch the video on Jason's YouTube channel HERE. Key Takeaways: 0:00 Real estate investor David Ordoñez welcomes Jason Hartman 1:28 The amount of money that has been created is astronomical 2:41 Empowered Investor - helping investors buy properties nationwide 4:03 Last year’s homeowner’s equity increase 6:07 All real estate is local, but inventory is tight everywhere 7:47 Inflation induced debt destruction 9:42 Comparing real estate prices to a basket of good with the Hartman Comparison Index™ 11:17 High land values in cyclical markets 12:57 Comparing the value of real estate historically 15:40 Other factors affecting commodity prices 19:09 Wealth inequality gap 23:53 Consumer Price Index and understated inflation numbers 25:09 Comparing the monthly mortgage payment 27:34 Low birth rates, Great Resignation = people inventory shortage 29:4

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