Gametime (video) With Andy Zitzmann



GAMETIME with Andy Zitzmann is a daily 3 to 5 minute video podcast of motivation, inspiration and empowering information designed to help you wake up, have a little pick me up, and get fired up, so you can set up your game in life and business every single day! Andy has a love for life with unbridled enthusiasm, passion and positive energy. Each day, he brings to life powerful quotes, moving stories, and thought provoking questions that will help you live with more consciousness, intention, clarity, purpose, passion and meaning. Andy shares his experiences with how-to tips, tools, skills and strategies that you can implement to improve your life and business. If you’re ready to be inspired every day, check it out… it’s Time, it’s YOUR Time, it’s GAMETIME!


  • 153: Recipes to Unleash Your Champion Inside

    153: Recipes to Unleash Your Champion Inside

    11/11/2014 Duração: 07min