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  • Mastering API Testing: Using Shoulda Matchers and Super Diff in Ruby - RUBY 640

    12/06/2024 Duração: 31min

    Elliot Winkler is a Staff Software Engineer, Shared Libraries at MetaMask. This episode blends a diverse range of topics, from casual gaming to innovative testing approaches. They explore Elliot's transition to JavaScript and TypeScript at MetaMask while maintaining his Ruby roots through open-source projects like Shoulda Matchers. They also talk about the history and purpose of these matchers, their role in testing Ruby on Rails applications, and the intelligent diffing capabilities of Super Diff. So, sit back and get ready for a deep dive into the world of Ruby, testing methodologies, and a bit of fun along the way!SocialsLinkedIn: Elliot WinklerPicksCharles - Sleeping Queens | Board GameBecome a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Evolution with Bridgestone - RUBY 639

    05/06/2024 Duração: 01h06min

    In this episode, they delve into the world of Bridgetown - a progressive site generator and full-stack framework powered by Ruby. Ayush shares his journey of discovering and contributing to Bridgetown, leading to career opportunities in freelancing. The team discusses the platform's capabilities, deployment aspects, and advanced customization using Ruby. They also explore the limitations and possibilities of Bridgetown, including themes and CSS frameworks. Join them for an insightful discussion on the evolving landscape of static site generation and the innovative potential of Bridgetown.SocialsLinkedIn: Ayush NewatiaPicksCharles - Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – World War HulkCharles - Vite RubyValentino - Sublayer - Bring Generative AI to Your Product Development Valentino - Olympia | Better Than ChatGPTBecome a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Reactivity: Navigating Front-end Solutions and Innovations - RUBY 638

    29/05/2024 Duração: 01h18min

    In this episode, they dive into a wide range of topics related to application development and the choices developers face when it comes to using third-party libraries, building from scratch, and evaluating the trade-offs involved. They share their insights on showcasing skills through public projects, the development of their Rails and Hotwire book, and the importance of building everything from scratch instead of relying on third-party gems. Moreover, they share their experiences using Vite Ruby and Vite Rails gems, as well as their frustrations with the stimulus documentation.Throughout the episode, the conversation touches on vital elements of application development, from security considerations in authentication to the preferences for PWAs over native apps. They also share their thoughts and experiences on various tools and libraries, as well as their perspectives on the turbo native framework and communication layers.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End De

  • Ruby Revelations: Boosting Speed and Efficiency - RUBY 637

    22/05/2024 Duração: 01h04min

    In this episode, the focus is on the cutting-edge developments in Ruby technology. They delve into the intricacies of high-performance web servers, such as Agoo, and explore the advantages of using multiple workers to optimize Ruby applications while sharing insights on overcoming challenges like GBL lock issues. From discussions on GraphQL implementation to comparisons between Ruby and Go in development environments, this episode offers a captivating exploration of the evolution of web processes, middleware usage, and the future of project direction. Join them as they unpack the dynamic landscape of Ruby technology and its impact on modern web development practices.SocialsPeter OhlerGitHub: ohler55Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby in the Browser: Exploring Web Performance, Reactivity, and Front-End Complexity - RUBY 636

    08/05/2024 Duração: 01h09min

    Cameron Dutro is the Staff Software Engineer at GitHub. They dive deep into the world of web development and explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations. In this episode, they have an enlightening discussion on the state of front-end development with a focus on Ruby and Rails. They delve into the use of web components, the limitations of existing technologies, and the potential for a new Ruby implementation, Garnet, to revolutionize front-end development. From the impact of Hotwire to the challenges of integrating front-end frameworks, this episode offers valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions for developers navigating the ever-evolving landscape of web development. SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinksKuby CoreSocialsLinkedIn: Cameron Dutro GitHub: camertron Become a supporter of this podcast:

  • The Life and Death of a Rails App with Olivier Lacan - RUBY 635

    01/05/2024 Duração: 01h07min

    Olivier Lacan joins the panel again. He currently works for Pluralsight. Today they are talking about the spectrum of creating a Rails app, or any app, from the birth of the idea to the death of the project. They stress the importance of planning for updates. Olivier talks about his experience in maintaining Code School, which has now been incorporated into Pluralsight. David also shares his experience with the life and death of a project. They talk about technical debt and the trouble that it can create, and the importance of making your Rails application maintainable. Olivier talks about his experience when Code School was acquired by Pluralsight. The panel discusses the inevitability of the end of an application and different ways of managing company integration. They talk about ways to plan for shutting down a project. One of the best ways to make integration easier is to clean up your code and always be considering what data needs to be kept and what can be truncated. They discuss some of the issues arou

  • Avo: Building Custom Interfaces, Managing Users, and Creating Authorization Systems - RUBY 634

    24/04/2024 Duração: 01h02min

    Adrian Marin is the Co-Founder and CTO at SuperStuff.a. He is also the Author of Avo Admin for Ruby on Rails. They delve into the world of Ruby on Rails and explore the latest developments in the tech industry. Adrian shares his journey of building Avo, his approach to differentiation, and the emphasis on customization and user support. They also discuss the challenges and maturity of open-source projects, sustainability, and the importance of offering free and paid versions to cater to diverse user needs. Join them as they uncover the technical aspects of gem distribution and the upcoming Friendly.rb conference in Bucharest, Romania. SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipSocialsADRIAN MARINLinkedIn: Adrian MarinPicksAyush - Big Big TrainCharles - DoomlingsBecome a supporter of this podcast:

  • Scaling and Shopify with Kir Shatrov - RUBY 633

    17/04/2024 Duração: 51min

    Today’s guest Kir Shatrov is a production engineer on Shopify based in London, UK. Today, he and the panel are discussing capacity planning. Kir believes that capacity planning becomes a priority when your company starts losing money and your customers are suffering. When someone does get to the point of scaling their app, it’s important to look at the limitations of the hosting service. It is also important to remember that scaling is not a job that is ever completed.Kir talks about his experience and time with Shopify and what types of changes have happened in the four years he’s been with the company. Kir explains that when Shopify was founded about 12 years ago, they were some of the first contributors to Rails, and Rails was just a zip file they shared over an email. This is important to know because the monolith code for Shopify has never been rewritten, so they put a lot of care into keeping it working. He talks about some of the techniques Shopify uses to avoid splitting into microservices when scalin

  • The Power of Turbo Native with Ayush Newatia - RUBY 632

    11/04/2024 Duração: 01h02min

    Ayush Newatia is a Freelance Web Developer. They delve into the world of modern app development, Chuck and Ayush take us on a journey through the intricacies of utilizing Turbo Native and Hotwire in Rails applications. They share their insights on using native elements as the backbone of apps while incorporating web content, simplifying app development, and bridging the gap between web and native code with the help of Strata. With a focus on enhancing user experiences, they explore the benefits and challenges of native and hybrid apps, along with a deep dive into the features and requirements of Turbo Streams. Join them as they unravel the complexities and potential of modern web and app development in this thought-provoking episode.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipSocialsLinkedIn: Ayush NewatiaBecome a supporter of this podcast:

  • Navigating the Changing Tech Landscape with Fabio Akita - RUBY 631

    03/04/2024 Duração: 01h02min

    Dive into an insightful conversation with Fabio Akita, a prominent figure in the tech industry with a successful YouTube channel dedicated to programming techniques and a thriving software development company in Brazil. Join us as we explore Fabio's journey in content creation, his experiences in the tech industry, and his valuable insights on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of programming. From discussing career decisions to the shift in the Ruby community, we uncover practical advice and thought-provoking perspectives that are sure to inspire and inform developers at all levels. Get ready for an engaging and enlightening discussion that delves into the true essence of the tech industry and the skills necessary for success.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipSocialsLinkedIn: Fabio AkitaBecome a supporter of this podcast:

  • Leveraging SQLite in Web Development - RUBY 630

    27/03/2024 Duração: 01h15min

    Stephen Margheim is the Head of Engineering at Test IO. They explore the world of web development with a focus on the use of SQLite, a powerful and often underestimated database tool. They dive deep into the capabilities and potential of SQLite for web applications. The episode covers a range of topics, from the evolving feasibility and challenges of handling concurrent web requests to the misconceptions surrounding SQLite's performance limitations. They discuss the potential limitations of SQLite in handling massive write throughput and its suitability for various application scales, highlighting the considerations related to expected growth and performance requirements.Join them as they delve into the practicality and benefits of using minimal software components, the simplicity and efficiency of a simple system using a Rails app with SQLite, and the advantage of branch-specific database setup. From the evolving capabilities of SQLite to the practical considerations of web development, this episode offers v

  • Building Skills and Connections with Nathan Bellow - RUBY 629

    20/03/2024 Duração: 01h01min

    Nathan Bellow is a Ruby software developer at Illuxi. They explore the premium benefits of membership, including exclusive access to Ruby Rogues without ads and personalized assistance with job hunts and deployment issues. They share their experiences in the Ruby community, from learning the language to securing professional opportunities. Join them as they discuss the value of personal connections at conferences and meetups, the impact of mentorship, and the crucial role of networking in career development. This promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking episode for developers and enthusiasts alike.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipSocialsLinkedIn: Nathan BellowPicksCharles - ChallengerNathan - Bullet Train: The Ruby on Rails SaaS TemplateAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Homebrew Unleashed: Diving into the Fast and Efficient Packaging Process - RUBY 628

    13/03/2024 Duração: 57min

    Mike McQuaid is the CTO and cofounder at Workbrew. They dive into the world of Homebrew, an open-source package manager for macOS and Linux. They explore the history and development of Homebrew, from its origins in the Ruby community to its evolution into a widely-used tool for installing and managing software.The conversation delves into the intricacies of building and maintaining packages, the introduction of binary packages and a new JSON API, and the creation of Workbrew, a company focused on commercializing features for Homebrew. They also touch on the latest developments in Ruby, the differences between Homebrew Cask and Homebrew Core, and the complexities of handling a large number of packages in Homebrew. Join them for an insightful and engaging discussion on all things Homebrew and software development.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinksWorkbrewSocialsmikemcquaid.comLinkedIn: Mike McQuaidPicksCharles - Fire TowerMike - Machine Vend

  • Revolutionizing Ruby Deployment with Falcon Web Server and Async Concurrency Framework - RUBY 627

    29/02/2024 Duração: 01h14min

    Samuel Williams is a Ruby Core Committer and the creator of Async & Falcon. They delve deep into the technical intricacies of Falcon, a cutting-edge application container that leverages the Async gem for event-driven concurrency. Additionally, they discuss the challenges and triumphs of deploying Ruby applications with Falcon and share insights into the evolution of async programming in Ruby. From the nitty-gritty of platform internals to the fascinating integration of async job execution in Rails, this episode is a must-listen for developers seeking to unravel the complexities of modern software deployment and concurrency.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinkssocketry / falconsocketry / asyncGitHub: Samuel WilliamsTwitter: @ioquatixAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Accelerating Growth: SaaS Frameworks, Mentorship, and Ruby Development - RUBY 626

    21/02/2024 Duração: 01h08min

    Charles and Valentino delve into a wide array of topics, from time management struggles to the intricacies of building SaaS frameworks within Rails apps. They also explore the idea of apprenticeship programs for coding, discussing the potential benefits for mentors and apprentices alike. The episode is filled with insights on open-source projects, AI model integration, and the Ruby Dev Summit.SponsorsChuck's Resume TemplateDeveloper Book ClubBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Dev Summit - Jason Swett

    16/02/2024 Duração: 20min

    Charles Wood catches up with Jason Swett to discuss the intriguing future of Ruby and his unwavering commitment to the language. The conversation delves into Jason's projects, including his upcoming CI product, and his motivation for continuing to work with Ruby. They also touch on the Sin City Ruby conference, the direction of Jason's career, and his unique approach to building relationships in the tech community. Tune in to gain insight from Jason's perspective on Ruby, technology, and his passion for connecting with others in the industry.SocialsLinkedIn: Jason SwettAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Dev Summit - Andy Maleh

    16/02/2024 Duração: 39min

    Charles Wood delves into the latest advancements in the realm of technology and software development. In this episode, he brings you an in-depth exploration of the evolving landscape of Ruby programming, featuring insights from the esteemed Andy Maleh. Join them as they uncover Andy's in-depth discussion on Ruby's expanding potential, particularly in the domains of desktop development, gaming, and cross-platform compatibility. Prepare to gain valuable insights into the future applications of Ruby, including its viability in AI, machine learning, and mobile app development. SocialsAndy MalehAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Dev Summit - Soutaro Matsumoto

    16/02/2024 Duração: 28min

    Charles Wood has the privilege of hearing from Soutaro Matsumoto, a prominent figure in the Ruby community. Soutaro offers an in-depth exploration of RBS, a crucial aspect of Ruby development, and discusses the future of the language. He delves into the complexities of type signatures in Ruby, the potential benefits of type systems, and provides valuable insights into the ongoing developments in the Ruby ecosystem. Join them as they gain a deeper understanding of Ruby's trajectory and the impactful work being done by Soutaro Matsumoto.SocialsLinkedIn: Soutaro MatsumotoAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Dev Summit - Jeremy Evans

    16/02/2024 Duração: 25min

    Charles Wood sits down with Jeremy Evans, the author of several well-known Ruby gems, including the SQL gem and the ROTA web framework. Jeremy shares his insights on the future of Ruby, including stability, performance improvements, and potential advancements. He also discusses his work in eliminating unnecessary allocations, upcoming changes in the Ruby community, and his book, "Polished Ruby Programming." Join them as they explore the exciting developments and challenges in the world of Ruby development with Jeremy Evans.SocialsJeremy EvansAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

  • Ruby Dev Summit - Alex Rudall

    16/02/2024 Duração: 31min

    In this episode, Charles Wood engages in an insightful conversation with Alex Rudall about the evolving role of AI within the Ruby community. They dissect the implications of AI advancements on the future of Ruby, addressing the declining usage of the language and its potential staying power. Through this discussion, they aim to uncover the opportunities and obstacles that await developers in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.SocialsLinkedIn: Alex RudallAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

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