Pocket Dump

PDPC #01 - Duff Breaks Everything



Manifesto: Matt introduces himself, and explains a little about the show. Preview: Item: Leatherman Tread Matt waxes poetic about a wrist mounted multi-tool, the first one of its’ kind. Guest Info: Patrick Duffy is the founder of the Rogue Intel podcast network, host of the Rogue Intel: Prime podcast, IT Administrator - all day, and audio engineer and producer - all night.  He is an avid user, and abuser of Leatherman multi-tools. The Basic Eight: Eight questions that help us get to know our guests. Own a Gun? Flashlight? Bag? Total E.D.C. Weight? No Yes, Mult-LED 3xAAA Wenger Swissgear 10+ lbs. Knife? Multi-tool? Last Used? Did You Cram? Kershaw Kuro Leatherman O.H.T. O.H.T. All Day! No We spoke on the subject of his daily carry, and spoke a bit about new shows and the welcoming of auditions or ideas for new shows on the network.  I begged Duff to send his broken tools in for repair. What’s in the Junk Drawer? What’s on your Wishing Tree? Skeletool CX; snapped pliers (