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An up close look at the world of the daily carry, Matthew hosts and each episode will interview a new, different and interesting person about all that they carry with them. Listen in to find out how what someone carries illustrates how they think, also listen if you are obsessed with knifes, multi tools, flashlights, gadgets, knives again, and bags - for previews and reviews of as much of the latest gear as HE can bring you!


  • PDPC#8 - Defense Never Rests


    MANIFESTO: Toward a Fire Matt introduces the show, and what he's trying to do with it.  Other than stick it in your ear. SNAKE OIL: Coast HP1 Matt whole heartedly recommends this flashlight PREVIEWS: C R K T Climbing Tools you can look at them all right HERE, as well as read up on a man who might just loose all of his coffee cups to a poltergeist someday...  INTERVIEW: Rob part 2 Second half of Rob's interview, his SIG, Squid, Surefire, Tom Bihn, Leatherman are all mentioned.  This time around he answers yes to cramming, lists a ton of man purses in his basement as his own personal junk drawer, and wishes to find a nice custom fixed blade to settle down with.   R3V3RS3 3NGIN33RING: Kydex holster A story of carrying a gun, told backwards from a new holster, back to just jamming it in your pants. BDC CONTEST Flashlight, Knife, & Multi Tool all for $40, or less.  submit your budget daily carry shopping lists to [email protected]  PLUGS & THANKS As always Spencer Albee and the band Rocktopus.  The whole Rogue I

  • PDPC#7- Rob Loblaw's Law Blog


    Up front a welcome back to school from Matt   Preview This episode the Crisis Card from Kabar Full Disclosure A story and a half from Matt, about street crime Interview with Rob Rob went to some schools and now he gets to argue in front of judges, you know for money. Gun Sig P238 Knife CRKT Squid   Bag Tom Bihn Co-pilot   Multi tool Leatherman Skeletool   Flashlight Coast HP1 is discontinued, but you can pick it up from Amazon through this link and benefit Rogue Intel!   Streamlight stylus PRO with two AA bateries   Weight unspecified   Last used, when we talked was the Squid, to open some sealed bags of hops.   Cram is a yes, but you’ll have to listen to the next episode to find out exactly what.   The wishing tree and the Junk drawer will be on the next episode of the pdpc.   Shiny www.redtailholsters.com [email protected] the KEYper from red tail holsters LLC is another of those “wish I’d thought of that” creations, and unlike some of the other things we’ve spotlighted on SHINY, this not only alre

  • PDPC#6 Jaws < Quint


    The tables are turned, and Matt is answering the questions this time around.  Chris, the co host of Rogue Intel’s Prime is the special guest host for this Pocket dump.  Two count them Two previews this week and a Shiny from down under that you've got to see!        Manifesto: Matt talks about the format of this episode, and mentions the three new shows on the network, yeah the plugs are right up front, is your mind blown? Preview: Buck Apex, a 1.75oz folding knife that’s either bad at two things, or great at them. Bonus! Buck’s Bow Tool, the model 737, is a bonus preview for episode six Basics GUN                   Nope KNIFE                Spyderco Endura 4   emerson  FLASHLIGHT   Fenix E05 MULTI TOOL     gerber MT 600 basic BAG                   Victorinox in the car WEIGHT            33oz LAST USED      knife for box cutting CRAM                sort of Also Carried True utility 247 Key tool, Nite-Ize Doohickey, C R K T  PECK modified with a p-38, two keys. the Brous BMT, a PNY 64gb USB3 memory stick, with

  • PDPC#5 - Styling and Profiling


    Manifesto: Matt introduces himself, and the show, as well as the guest today, Chris, a deputy.   Preview: Gerber MP 600 Bladeless Travel maybe, versatile definitely, a pouch sized MT with no knife.      R3v3rs3 3ngin33ring: Matt tells a story, backwards, of how he came to have the Brous BMT. Brous BMT, FIXR, 247 Key tool, Nite Ize Doohickey, CRKT P.E.C.K. Note: the FIXR is available in the US through NEBO tools, now i’m extra confused.  If you want one get it here.   Chris’ Basics: Gun Knife Multitool Bag Glock 23 Buck Vantage Force Pro Victorinox Tinker Gerber Flik   Leatherman MUT Eberlestock Gunslinger 2(multicam) Victorinox backpack Flashlight Last used Weight Cram Klarus ST11 Flik 100.7oz no Junk Drawer Kershaw Scallion Wishing Tree Kakadu Traveller’s vest   Interview Links: Life gear mini light, 18650 battery, the Trayvax wallet, CRKT Sting fixed blade,safariland 6378   Shiny: www.theblackeyeproducts.com A Scope mounted accesory that should make you more

  • PDPC#4 - The Bigger Half


    Manifesto: Main street Matt introduces himself and the show, and talks briefly about the culture of the local shop, quick hint, he’s for it! Preview: Spyderco Roadie No lock, internationally legal “gentleman’s" knife, originally designed for TSA compliance. See it at the official Spyderco website. Guest :Matt Lolli Gun Knife Bag Last Used No SOG Flash Tanto Kershaw Volt 2 serrated black blade Mission Workshop Vandal (29L TO 64L ) The bag Flashlight Multi Tool Weight Cram Nightrider Lumia 600 No Under 15lbs No Junk Drawer Wishing Tree Egg beaters Chrome Pro Barrage The Full Monty: Everything Matt Carries Green Guru Recycled Tube Wallet W/ ID Window  2-3 Field Notes Books   BBP Clicker type Wet weather gear in a stuff sack Reflective/ Rip-stop stuff sacks for work clothes (home made ) iPhone in an Otterbox, and a zipper top bag to repel sweat iPad used daily for bike fittings at work NIiterider Lumina 600  Mobile solar charger Tyny Tools silicone strap set   Giro Aeon h

  • PDPC#3 - 20" of Hell and Fury


    Manifesto Matt introduces himself and the show, also talks about format and feedback on the episode that host the pdpc’s first multi part interview.  Matt wants to hear your feedback on how long the show should be, on a weekly basis?  is a half hour program better for you? do you want more more more?  let us know either via iTunes review, or a comment on Facebook, or a direct email to [email protected] Preview: SOG Switchplier 2.0 the first MT from SOG with a pocket clip. $64 MSRP $49 at knifecenter.com Length: 6.1" Handle Material: Stainless Steel Blade Steel: 420 Stainless Steel Finish: Black and Silver Tool Count: 12 Weight: 6.3 oz. Made in Taiwan 3-sided file Bolt grip channel Can opener Medium flat screwdriver Needle nose pliers Ruler Awl Bottle opener Hard wire cutter Multi-angle needle nose pliers Philips screwdriver Small flat screwdriver Guest:Matt Lolli  Gun Knife Bag Last Used No SOG Fash tanto Shimano Kershaw Volt 2 serrated black blade Miss

  • PDPC #2 - Kris Kross


    MANIFESTO:   Matt introduces himself and the show, also expands on the three levels of manufacturing  [USA made, overseas produced, and Chinese knockoff] PREVIEW: SUREFIRE TITAN: Matt introduces us to the newest offering from high end flashlight company SUREFIRE, which could be considered the new state of the art; 125 lumens from a single AAA battery, or an included rechargeable NI-MH cell. Today's Guest: Kris Gulbrandsen, Gunsmith, Knife Lover Website: https://jggunsmith.wordpress.com/gunsmithing/ Kris has a gallery of his work on custom guns, and can handle all of your repair needs, If you have questions you want him to answer on a future episode, email those to [email protected]  The Basic 10: GUN KNIFE BAG LAST USED CZ 75b... TWO no   FLASHLIGHT MULTI TOOL WEIGHT DID YOU CRAM Surefire z2x 32O lumen off of 2x123 cells, 2.5hr runtime no one hundred ten oz/ 6.84lbs break down in the show notes, no JUNK DRAWER WISHING TREE 5.11 holster shirt IWB hybrid with retention s

  • PDPC #01 - Duff Breaks Everything


    Manifesto: Matt introduces himself, and explains a little about the show. Preview: Item: Leatherman Tread Matt waxes poetic about a wrist mounted multi-tool, the first one of its’ kind. Guest Info: Patrick Duffy is the founder of the Rogue Intel podcast network, host of the Rogue Intel: Prime podcast, IT Administrator - all day, and audio engineer and producer - all night.  He is an avid user, and abuser of Leatherman multi-tools. The Basic Eight: Eight questions that help us get to know our guests. Own a Gun? Flashlight? Bag? Total E.D.C. Weight? No Yes, Mult-LED 3xAAA Wenger Swissgear 10+ lbs. Knife? Multi-tool? Last Used? Did You Cram? Kershaw Kuro Leatherman O.H.T. O.H.T. All Day! No We spoke on the subject of his daily carry, and spoke a bit about new shows and the welcoming of auditions or ideas for new shows on the network.  I begged Duff to send his broken tools in for repair. What’s in the Junk Drawer? What’s on your Wishing Tree? Skeletool CX; snapped pliers (