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Join the team behind on The Praisecast as we discuss things that shape and influence the culture in which we live through the lens of praise and worship. Along the way there will be interviews with artists, actors, and leaders, as well as a thoughtful and sometimes humorous look at the world around us.


  • Cade Thompson Has a ‘Bigger Story’ to Tell (Ep. 71)


    Emerging contemporary Christian musical artist Cade Thompson joins us to share the importance of remembering all the wonderful things God has done for us and that through life’s beautiful mystery the best is yet to come. The Praisecast team discusses a few ways to ensure your well of creativity never runs dry in this world of quarantine we are living in, they discuss the power of authentic relationships God has for us, and Kimberly takes us on Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “The Great Adventure” with her singing voice. This week’s bizarre quote: “Let me just say my bright orange beanie stood out like a beacon.””””

  • Amy Grant Thankful for Opportunity to Bring Her Music to a New Generation (Ep. 70)


    Six-time Grammy winner Amy Grant joins us to share her thoughtful reflections about the album that defined a turning point in her legendary career, the health scare that led to her highly invasive surgery, and the importance of mentoring the next generation of Christian musical artists. The Praisecast team discusses five ways to praise ourselves out of a funk, how to best grieve the ones we love and have lost, and Kimberly explains why she may have looked to zebras for sustenance during a trip to Kenya. And this episode’s bizarre quote: “That’s a pretty sophisticated piece of technology you have in your ear!”””

  • Ellie Holcomb Finds a Deeper Sorrow and Higher Hope in ‘Canyon’ (Ep. 69)


    Rising contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb joins us to share how a recent trip to the Grand Canyon inspired her to scrap songs for a new album and record an entirely different record, one that is an affirmation of God’s promises brought to life. The Praisecast team discusses a few things that are beautiful about the Church, they take a look at a few Back to School products that make you go … hmm, and Chris details a recent mistake he made that could bring a financial windfall during the holiday season. And this episode’s bizarre quote: “And another thing, I am powered by sophisticated puppetry!””

  • MercyMe Wants Everyone to Take a Deep Breath with Latest Album (Ep. 68)


    Eight-time Dove Award winning Mercy Me’s Bart Millard and Mike Scheuchzer join us to share how the coronavirus pandemic heavily influenced the recording of their latest album, “Inhale (Exhale)” and how it serves as a potent reminder that Jesus is still in control. The Praisecast team discusses the terrifying truth about bad habits and how to make them into good ones through the power of prayer, and speaking of the power of prayer, Chris shares how a recent hiking adventure showed him a whole new dimension of fervent personal intercession.”

  • Mike Donehey on Life after Tenth Avenue North (Ep. 67)


    Former Tenth Avenue North frontman Mike Donehey joins us to share valuable lessons that God has taught him during his 20 year tenure with the three-time Dove Award-winning band. He also fills us in on what he has been up to during the pandemic and shares a few of his greatest songwriter influences. The Praisecast team discuss what to do when God says no to your dream, they take a look at graduation products that make you go … hmm, and they wade through the intricacies and inconsistencies of getting back to normal from the pandemic. And if that is not enough, can it be possible that Chris has gone from being hangry to being sluggish and sleepy?”

  • Harry Connick Jr. on the Importance of Being ‘Alone with My Faith’ (Ep. 66)


    Grammy and Emmy Award-winning entertainer Harry Connick Jr. joins us to share how he spent the last year recording a new Gospel album all by himself as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Beyond playing multiple instruments and singing every note, it is his desire that listeners will find a sense of comfort from these time-tested hymns of hope and redemption. The Praisecast team discuss how to know whether your dream is from God or somewhere else, they take a look at products for the new job that make you go … hmm, and they bid a fond farewell to Bekah who is leaving the podcast. What? It can’t be so! ”

  • Author Jeannie Ortega-Law on How to Defeat Your Unseen Spiritual Enemy (Ep. 65)


    Author, journalist, and Christian entertainer Jeannie Ortega-Law joins us to discuss her new book, “What is Happening to Me?”, how to guard your heart and mind from evil, and how to find the love of God and His purpose for your life. The Praisecast team takes inventory of some of the quirkier developments during the coronavirus pandemic, they sift through the various ways to find out if you are spending too much time on social media, and Kimberly declares she would prefer prison to spending a few days in the belly of a whale. Let’s just say she’s no Jonah!”

  • The Praisecast Remembers Hannah Goodwyn (Ep. 64)


    In a very special episode, the Praisecast team remembers and pays tribute to former co-host Hannah Goodwyn. After a 13 month long battle, Hannah lost her fight with cancer on March 5th. While Hannah has departed this earth, she will certainly be remembered as a dear colleague and friend. We honor Hannah for what she meant to The Praisecast as an original co-host, life lessons that we can learn from her, and most importantly, her unbridled and unrelenting faith in Jesus Christ. Along the way, the Praiscast team and friends share a few funny stories about Hannah, her passion for travel, writing, and film, and above all her loyal friendship and kindness. A must listen.”

  • Author Ryan Casey Waller on ‘Anxiety, Depression, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About' (Ep. 63)


    Author, therapist, and ordained minister Ryan Casey Waller joins us to offer guidance and companionship to Christians who have who have experienced mental illness or love someone who has. He also believes a conversation is long overdue in the Church and the wider culture on how to best come alongside those who suffer. The Praisecast team reviews a new study that has determined what an American’s ideal age is (hint, hint, it’s probably not yours), they reveal their ultimate high school Christian music playlits, and it’s that time of year for Chris to suffer through his annual pet peeve. “So, you love to cook but you don’t like the idea of cooking? Uh, ok.”

  • Newsboys United Bassist Phil Joel on New Solo Release “Better Than I Found it” (Ep. 62)


    Dove Award-nominated Christian recording artist Phil Joel joins us to talk about his latest solo album, the importance of ecological stewardship of what God has given us, and leaving listeners space to interpret faith-infused lyrics. The Praisecast team discusses important things to look for when dating a Christian, why the Five Love Languages quiz could open the door to better relationships, and a few Super Bowl commercials that caught their eye. And for the record, we still don’t quite understand what the song “Entertaining Angels” means!”

  • Jordan Feliz Wants Everyone to ‘Say It’ (Ep. 61)


    Dove Award-winning Christian recording artist Jordan Feliz joins us to talk about his latest album, "Say It", why he decided to release it just a few days before Christmas, and how the thread of hope and heaven weaves itself throughout the recording’s 13 songs. The Praisecast team discusses how to effectively de-clutter your life in the new year, they challenge you to make a resolution that scares you in 2021, and Chris chronicles his recent visit to the socially distanced Department of Motor Vehicles. And yes, there are even two Name Dropping Alerts!”

  • Rebecca St. James is Back and Better Than Ever (Ep. 60)


    Grammy Award-winning Christian recording artist Rebecca St. James joins us to talk about her new podcast and why it is so important to weave elements of faith into it during these trying times we are living in. She also updates us on her new album and baby! The Praisecast team discusses how to overcome being easily offended by others from a faith-based perspective, they try to make the best of what is a rather bizarre Christmas season, and Chris, Kimberly, and Garrett take a look at a few COVID Christmas products that will make you go … hmm? “I would like to think that listening to our podcast is like a big hug.” Aww…”

  • ‘Clouds’ Director, Screenwriter on the Song That Became a Viral Music Phenomenon (Ep. 59)


    Director Justin Baldoni and screenwriter Laura Sobiech from the movie “Clouds” join us to discuss how God brought the project to fruition, the importance of recognizing that each cancer patient has their own story, and how Laura learned to give her son back over to God at the end of his life. The Praisecast team mulls over various ways to put Thanksgiving back in the holiday mainstream, they determine whether it is ok for a Christian to be rich, and they search for three things to be thankful for in a year that has been fueled by the coronavirus pandemic. So, how do you successfully fit an entire turkey into a crockpot? We will tell you how!”

  • Skillet’s John Cooper on Quarantine, Civil Unrest, and Songs That Matter (Ep. 58)


    Six-time Dove Award winner John Cooper joins us to discuss Skillet’s latest releases, “Victorious: The Aftermath”, graphic novel “Eden II”, living life in quarantine, and civil unrest in his own hometown. The Praisecast team digs into a very serious topic … the cult of comparison on social media, Chris provides insight on his recent COVID-19 test, and they engage in the first Praisecast debate ever: Holy Ghost Wiener Roast vs. Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot. And by the way, Chris’s test was negative!”

  • Author Ben Courson on Building Hope in the Face of Depression (Ep. 57)


    Millennial author/speaker Ben Courson joins us to discuss his latest book, “Flirting with Darkness”, and to offer some practical ways to build hope in your darkest hour of depression. The Praisecast team offers up a few suggestions on how to not go crazy working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, Bekah provides highlights from her first Covid era birthday party, the team tries to determine whether it would be better to be Samson or Solomon. “I’m glad you said that because neuroplasticity is one of my favorite words!”

  • Author Chad Veach on Learning to Lead the Hardest Person You Will Ever be in Charge of … You! (Ep. 56)


    Chad Veach, Pastor of Zoe Church in Los Angeles joins us to share some thought provoking leadership principles from his latest book, “Help! I Work with People”, including this tasty nugget … it is important to be unproductive at work once in a while. The Praisecast team explores a Texas megachurch pastor’s decision to step away due to the sin of pride, they try to determine whether the traditional potluck church supper is a thing of the past because of COVID-19, and they introduce a new feature called Pop Quiz! “You only have three degrees of separation to Arnold Schwarzenegger? C’mon!”

  • Nothing Reckless About Cory Asbury’s Latest Release ‘To Love a Fool’ (Ep. 55)


    Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Cory Asbury joins us to share how his song “Reckless Love” changed his entire musical trajectory, the profound benefits of a sabbatical, and how his time away helped him develop an entirely new perspective on his relationship with God. The Praisecast team takes a look at the five friends you need to stay in touch with right now during the coronavirus pandemic, and Bekah offers up an entirely new lineup of Products That Make You Go … Hmm? – the COVID-19 Back to School edition. “I dare say I would rather social distance by wearing a blow-up bubble ball with sprouting thorns than a facemask!”

  • Ryan Stevenson on Living Life Beyond Your ‘Wildest Dreams’ (Ep. 54)


    Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Ryan Stvenson joins us to share about the deep facets of his life and experiences while allowing listeners to take a peek at the innermost corners of his heart and mind. The Praisecast team takes a look at 10 church phrases that really need to go away, they ponder the importance of naming a child to honor and glorify God, and they try to determine whether Bekah’s new boating license allows her to perform weddings at sea. “And if you are on the water, please wear a personal flotation device!”

  • Christine Caine Challenges Listeners to Take Action on New Podcast (Ep. 53)


    Well-known activist/evangelist Christine Caine joins us to share about her new podcast Equip & Empower, her passion for reaching people with the Gospel message, and why it is important to make Scripture a focal point in everything we do. The Praisecast team discusses a new survey that indicates young white evangelicals are less likely to follow COVID-19 mandates, they examine how this year’s Fourth of July celebrations will be very different, and they take a look at few coronavirus facemasks that will make you go … hmm. “I’m not sure I want to live in a world where it is normal to wear my pet on my face!”

  • Comedian Michael Jr. on Faith, Fatherhood, and the Perfect Punchline (Ep. 52)


    Popular Comedian Michael Jr. joins us to share about his new movie Selfie-Dad, why people struggle so much with their self-worth, and how comedy and laughter play vital roles in leading a life of purpose. The Praisecast team discusses the critically important topic of racial reconciliation with Dr. Jennifer E. Jones, who specializes in black studies as related to television and film, and they honor Father’s Day by telling some wacky Dad jokes. For example, how does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together!

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