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**ORGINAL PAGE WAS DELETED** Which had over Eight Hundred Thousand Plays/listens "KeepItBasement With @TheSweenz" Podcast Is Based On Energy surrounding Hip-hop, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Comedy, Sex Talk and more. I have conducted interviews with Grammy nominated Musicians, Successful Entrepreneurs, Nationally syndicated Radio Personalities, Comedians, Entertainers, Porn Stars, and New York Times Best selling [email protected] is the host of the show: He is a Awkward Derelict, Question Asker, & Entertainer Add me on social media @TheSweenz and subscribe to my Youtube Page KeepItBasement Thanks Bitches!


  • Is Pete Davidson A F*ck Boy? Covid Dick Is Real! + Fresh and Fit On Flagrant 2, Podcast Success

    31/01/2022 Duração: 01h22min

    The Sweenz and Zappia discuss comedy show etiquette, Fresh and Fit’s awkward appearance on Flagrant 2 and how they rose to internet prominence so quickly. Is Pete Davidson a fuck boy? COVID d*** and more

  • BarStool Pizza Review, Onlyfans Girls, Full Send Antonio Brown, Kanye West Dating

    11/01/2022 Duração: 58min

    #149 Barstool Pizza Review, OnlyFans Money, Full Send Antonio Brown, Kanye West Dating, Too Old For Snapchat? Online Dating The boys are back to discuss The Sweenz’s hometown pizzeria, DeLucia’s, getting one of the highest pizza review scores in Barstool history, Antonio Brown’s appearance on the Full Send podcast, a father and son posing together on OnlyFans? Kanye West/Julia Fox relationship, girls who don’t have social media but are on dating apps, open relationships and more. Subscribe to our new for full video and exclusive video interviews! Rather A Hype-beast Or A No Namer? Clout Over Talent?

  • Akaash Singh Talks Success Of Flagrant 2, Cancel Culture + Competing With The Internet

    11/10/2021 Duração: 37min

    Akaash Singh Talks Success Of Flagrant 2, Cancel Culture + Competing With The Internet Flagrant 2 Helped Akash Singh's Career We caught up with Flagrant 2 Podcast co-host, Akaash Singh to talk about the explosivity and rise of Flagrant 2, especially during the pandemic, his chemistry with Andrew Schulz, internet beef, the early stages of the podcast, and talks of a comedy special that’s in the works.

  • Yannis Pappas: "Just Be Funny" Importance Of A Online Audience, Cancel Culture, Joe Rogan Podcast

    25/08/2021 Duração: 29min

    Yannis Pappas Interview #2: "Just Be Funny" Importance Of A Online Audience, Cancel Culture, Joe Rogan Podcast “Comedy Is Painting Over The Pain” @TheSweenz caught up with comedian Yannis Pappas in Jersey to continue the discussion about audience building and creating your own content. They discuss Yannis’s viral “stimmy” tweet, cancel culture, and comedians being too woke in order to cover up their past. Talks being On Joe Rogan, Spotify, Clout Journalists, Fake Journalism, Just being funny on the internet. He also drops some words of wisdom - (time over money). Listen to LongDays and subscribe on Patreon. Anywhere you get podcasts. Use promo code “KIBFL” for 10% off all Fleshlight products.

  • UFC Fighter Mickey Gall Talks Recent Fight Win & How Timing Is Everything

    12/08/2021 Duração: 46min

    Our friend Mickey Gall returns once again off of a clean victory against Jordan Williams. We talk about his phenomenal striking and tactics in this fight, discussion of his preparation for this fight, other projects he’s been working on, new merch drop, and will we see him on the UFC 268 card at MSG? Filmed at Mickey’s home gym Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Lebanon, NJ.

  • Drew Lynch From Did I Stutter: Talks Comedy Game, Social Media Content, Hard Work + More

    29/04/2021 Duração: 43min

    Drew Lynch Talks Comedy Game, Content Strategy, marketing on social media + Hard Work, more KeepItBasement (The Sweenz) caught up with Drew Lynch from America’s Got Talent and Did I Stutter podcast. Lynch is a nationally headlining comedian who gained notoriety after placing 2nd in the 2015 season of America’s Got Talent. He has gained online recognition amassing millions of subscribers and views on his YouTube channel. In this episode Lynch talks about being relevant on social media and delegating his content creation, thinking of entertainment as a business and trying not to focus on too many things at once. Podcast available everywhere and full video @

  • KeepItBasement Podcast: Talk Interviews, Comedy, Porn Industry (NJ Skate Shop & Vans Collaboration)

    01/04/2021 Duração: 01h24min

    We headed over to NJ Skateshop and caught up with former Big Brother editor and contributor to countless interviews for Thrasher Magazine and Vice, Chris Nieratko. He is also the owner of both NJ Skateshop locations in New Brunswick and Jersey City and is the author of Skinema. We covered the release of the brand new NJ X Vans collab based on the iconic Sayre and Fisher bricks of Nieratko's hometown, Sayreville, NJ. The bricks built every city from Richmond to Boston and the story behind their meaning that Chris explains is incredible. We also discuss Chris's career, how he got his start with Thrasher, his legendary run-ins with Heltah Skeltah, Method Man, and the time Big Pun pulled a gun on him, his love for Nas and Ghostface Killah, his experience as a father and more. Visit NJ Skateshop and go to to see availability of NJ x Vans.

  • Going Viral on Tiktok And Instagram, Niche Down Your Audience? Kevin Harts Podcast & More

    18/02/2021 Duração: 01h33min

    New ep episode discussing recently going viral off a classic @TheSweenz question to Adult Entertainer Brandi Love, Tik Tok being used as a platform to re-post other people’s content, not getting credit for your original content, trigger titles are still useful, Kevin Hart’s new podcast, Chappelle and Rogan buying comedy clubs, the History Hyenas ending it, and more.

  • Schulz Saves America? Chappelle Show, Netflix, Comedy Career, Internet & Social Media

    05/01/2021 Duração: 36min

    Schulz Saves America? Chappelle Show, Netflix, Internet & Social Media “The Internet is King Social Media Is Key” @TheSweenz Comedy Discussion about Social Media, The Internet, and the Andrew Schulz come up and elevation since KIB’s first interview with him in 2016, how Netflix serves as a right of passage to many, Schulz’s career since MTV, Him and Tim Dillon’s view on career aspirations, Chappelle’s Comedy Central deal, respecting up and comers, Tim Dillon’s rise, attracting big names through a following and more.

  • Eva Lovia Interview: Talks Porn, Answers Sex, Dating Advice, & Talks Booty Calls

    14/12/2020 Duração: 01h23min

    Eva Lovia Interview 2020: Talks Porn Industry, Answers Sex, Dating Advice, & Talks Booty Calls KeepItBasement Podcast Episode 141 With Adult Entertainer Eva Lovia aka Podcaster Candice Candice Horbacz aka Eva Lovia joins @thesweenz to discuss her transition into podcasting and content creation outside of the adult industry, OnlyFans, being in relationships/marriage as a adult entertainer, comedian and pornstar overlap, DMs, luck and timing, dating during a pandemic, getting on a girl’s radar, political views in porn, lasting longer, different fan bases, and of course she answers some fan questions! A quote that resonated with me during the episode was when she said "Porn closes more doors than it opens" I asked the question about people getting in the industry for fame so they can do other things after porn. "Porn Is not the way to open more doors it closes many" Check out Candice's podcast “Chatting with Candice” wherever you get podcasts and subscribe to her on OnlyFans @fallinlovia if your into tha

  • Pornstars Kiki Klout & Arietta Adams Answer Sex, & Dating Questions

    21/11/2020 Duração: 54min

    Pornstars Kiki Klout & Arietta Adams Answer Sex Advice Questions Kiki clout Arietta Adams Topics Only fans 5:00 Blueface Show 7:00 Athletes celebs End goal for pornstars 10:00 Escorting 11:00 Dangers of escorting Covid strip clubs Success and girls etc dating 20:00 Testing Sex, Good gems 24:00 condoms and blowjobs 27:00 Dick pics and dick rates Dick shaming Small penis humiliation 27:00 small penises 28:00 pain of big dicks 30:00 oral sex with condoms terrible dick advice Rappers 38:00 40 Fake creampies 40-41 Male talent, Dick pump, and dick shots 42 nice guys dominate Soft core porn 43:00 Foreplay over fucking How to ask for casual sex 43:00 Fucking Fans 44-45 Virgins Having sex with Virgin 45:00 IG live, Porn Hub

  • Joe List From Tuesdays With Stories : Talks Anxiety, "I Hate Myself" On YouTube, Louis CK,

    09/11/2020 Duração: 25min

    Joe List joined the show to discuss how he is getting through the pandemic, anxiety, opening for Louis CK, his love for New Jersey, podcasting as therapy and his new podcast, “Mindful Metal Jacket” (Needless to say @thesweenz had plenty of anxiety questions for him) Watch Joe’s special “I Hate Myself” on YouTube, which has over a million views and listen to his podcast “Tuesday’s with Stories” with Mark Normand

  • Cipha Sounds Talks: Hot 97 Radio "Beefs", Comedy, Dave Chappelle, + Being Very Famous in NYC

    30/10/2020 Duração: 58min

    Cipha Sounds Gives Comedy Gems And Talks About Radio "I'm very famous in New York with Cipha Sounds" "Stand Back and Stand By" Cipha sounds joins Keep It Basement for the second time (even if he doesn't remember the first time) He was one of The Sweenz's first interviews ever on radio This weeks sponsor of the show is: Harpers Table, and Fleshlight Thank you Harper's table for allowing us to do the interview and the awesome service, drinks and food! Visit and use promo code "KIB" for 10% off Talking Points in the episode * Radio Industry Talk * Hot 97 and not seeing his true value * Wrestling Radio Beefs, The Entertainment Industries * Working on a morning show from Rosenberg and other personalities * Advice from Dave Chappelle * Writing for Michael Che's new show * Similarities between the comedy and hip hop/ music industry

  • Yannis Papis From The History Hyenas Podcast: "The Industry Is A Mirage" + "Marketing Is A Thing"

    06/10/2020 Duração: 41min

    Yannis Papis From The History Hyenas Podcast: "The Industry Is A Mirage" + "Marketing Is A Thing" (Episode 137) Yannis Pappas, from the Stress Factory Green Room on the Stress Factory Green Room Podcast! YANNI LONGDAYS, the History Hyena himself gave us some gems and insight on the industry and what it should mean to be a comedian today, his success with Maurica, how the industry is a mirage, internet is king, buying into the industry over the internet success early on, being in the “business” is over, needing a podcast or internet following, cancel culture’s great, this is the greatest time to be a comedian, marketing, the future of comedy, stand up is changing, production/camera men in high demand. Watch his special “Blowing the Light” on YouTube and listen to the History Hyenas podcast.

  • Mark Normand Interview: Out to Lunch, Live From the Stress Factory Green Room!

    23/09/2020 Duração: 21min

    Mark Normand, “Out to Lunch” Live From the Stress Factory Green Room! A New 2020 Interview (Episode 136) We had the chance to catch up with the ole’ fatty Mark Normand once again. Two Rogan appearances, opening for Seinfeld and 3 million+ views on a YouTube special later and Normand is really blowing up since the pandemic. We discuss the new wave that Mark is all over, producing your own content and utilizing YouTube. Rogan, comedy during COVID, gaining a following and selling out and more. Listen to Mark’s pod Tuesday’s with Stories and more importantly check out the special “Out to Lunch” on YouTube. Find @keepitbasement with @thesweenz where ever you get your podcasts. With hosts @tomzappia & @notalexnicholas Follow on IG & Twitter @keepitbasement Subscribe to KeepItBasement on YouTube iTunes - Spotify- Soundcloud Podcast/Interviews https://

  • The State Of Media: Donald Trump BarStool Sports Interview, Joe Biden, Following vs Talent

    12/08/2020 Duração: 01h27min

    “The Current State of Media” KeepItBasement Podcast discussing "The Current State Of Media" The David Portnoy Donald Trump interview and compare it to the Charlamagne- Joe Biden interview, Joe Budden Podcast vs. WALLO/Gillie the Kid beef. Is Andrew Schulz becoming like DJ Akademiks and Adam 22? Would Drake collapse the music industry if he went solo? Joe Rogan’s moving to Texas. Top selling artists of the last decade and more!

  • She's Just Not That Into You Bros: Sex Tips, & Dating, Instagram Is The New Online Dating

    05/08/2020 Duração: 01h12min

    KeepItBasement With @TheSweenz: She's Just Not That Into You Bros: Sex Tips & Dating Advice, How To Tell If A GIrl Is Losing Interest, Also Instagram Is The New Online Dating (EP 134) “She’s Just Not That Into You” @thesweenz sits down with @tayl0r_jj to discuss the usuals- dating tips, sex tips, how to tell if a girl is losing interest. Taylor confirms that Instagram is the new online dating, as Zappia has been saying forever. She also shares her experiences using @hinge and online dating in general, gives tips on attracting women. P.S. if you match with her, she probably won’t message you. Advice On Dating, Sex, and More A Arizona Smokey Answers Listeners DM's and questions about having a good sex game, dating, online dating, how to tell if a girl is losing interest, what to do when a girl has multiple options, and how to attract women + more.

  • Dave Sirus Writer On "The King Of Staten Island" Talks How To Write A Movie & Brick Stone

    20/06/2020 Duração: 01h01min

    KeepItBasement Ft. Dave Sirus Writer On "The King Of Staten Island" Talks How To Write A Movie Script & Brick Stone Interviews Co-writer of the brand new Judd Apatow movie, The King of Staten Island, Dave Sirus joins the show. Dave has been best friends with Pete Davidson for 8 years and they have been writing partners for almost as long. They both wrote The King of Staten Island together and Sirus has helped Pete write his weekend update pieces on SNL. Sirus also writes for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. We discuss everything about the film, the structure of the script, the cast, Pete and Dave’s chemistry, the industry, letting someone famous exploit your talent, pushing doors that open, writing for other people. Dave is also the OG for originating “Man on the Street” sketches waaay back in 1997. If you haven’t already, BUY “THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND” ON AMAZON ON DEMAND EVERYWHERE and check out “Quarantine Squares” with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on Funny or Die

  • BLM Matter Discussion: Hip-hop, Black Culture, Systemic Racism, Comedy Talk

    18/06/2020 Duração: 02h08min

    KeepItBasement Podcast Ep (132) Tom Zappia’s long time friend and comic, Grecy Jean joins the show to discuss the current dumpster fire that is the United States, untrained cops, Black culture, difference between protesting and rioting, Antifa and more. The Black community needs to continue to build their own and we all need to knock out systemic racism. Grecy has some very interesting and inspirational takes on what the Black community needs to do.

  • Call Her Daddy Fans Give Info On The Show: Talk Alexandra Cooper, Sofia Franklin, & Dave Portnoy

    24/05/2020 Duração: 01h58min

    KeepItBasement Podcast/Show Global Platform presents quality entertainment Call Her Daddy Fans Call The Show: Talk Alexandra Cooper, Sofia Franklin, & Dave Portnoy About This Episode Top Call her daddy fans Call the show to discuss the recent call her daddy podcast situation with Alexandra Cooper and Sophia Franklin The point of this episode was that I wanted to see what the diehard fans thought about this situation. I had questions and who better to ask then hot call her daddy fans. I’m doing call her daddy and barstool sports a favor/service by providing this valuable real content from every day fans these people make the show without the listeners there is no show. The value in this episode is giving the fans a voice and also to keep you updated with the latest news about this whole podcast debacle. As well as providing value for the male audience because these girls also giving dating advice. And also for creators we talk about what makes a popular podcast or how you can get exposure with your cont

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