Mary & Friends Podcast



I'm Mary, and this is podcast where anything goes and there are no boundaries.Join me every week when I invite my friends to discuss with me anything from religion and politics, to dating and music and everything that is in between whilst trying to entertain you and ourselves in the process.If you feel like getting in contact, I would love to hear your opinions and feedback. I'm a chatty patty so you'll be sure to get a conversation out of me.


  • Ep 29: #QUARANTINECONVOS w/ @BolaBankz

    01/06/2020 Duração: 01h28min

    I'm joined today with Bola, where we played our usual games with a drunken twist, checked in with what he's been up to during lockdown. This episode we touched on Alhan and his culture wahala, being a trendsetter, and whether imitation is really the highest point of flattery (it ain't). catch us on our socials: @bolabankz @maryandfrens join the convo by using the hashtag #maryandfriends

  • Ep 28: #QUARANTINECONVOS w/ @YankBoogie

    20/05/2020 Duração: 01h31min

    Due to technical difficulties, it wasn't possible to upload on Monday but we back for our fortnightly chat and catch up with a friend. This time around I'm chatting to Yank, who basically filled me in on what's going on with him at home, we played a couple games and I deffo won if it was a competition lol. We also spoke about addiction, the bondage of addiction and how to free ourselves. Catch us on our socials: @YankBoogie on everything @maryandfrens on everything