Scruffy Little Podcast



Two former Knoxville radio personalities with opposite lifestyles and interests sit down each week to discuss the scruffy little city they share. Casey Beaman (the Top 40 family man) and Mitch Wheeler (the metalhead bar rat) talk about the things they love most about Knoxville, TN, the places and events they go to, and use every episode to learn something new about the Marble City (including why thats a ridiculous nickname).


  • 20: Beers and Bikes

    10/10/2018 Duração: 32min

    This is what happens when Mitch tries to do a podcast the day after Brewers Jam. Thankfully, as always, Erin is there to save the day with Wes from AMBC to talk about all the cool events they have coming up, and what’s going on in the rest of the city.

  • 19: We Only Sound Married

    04/10/2018 Duração: 46min

    Erin is back from vacation and Mitch is completely unprepared. One of those things is out of the usual. Instead of brining a guest on, the two discuss racing llamas, story telling, and what episode would be complete without a discussion of booze?

  • 18: Wine Drunk Blues

    27/09/2018 Duração: 53min

    Mitch and, guest co-host, Jay Harris are joined by Hana Rothenberg to discuss this ins and outs of wine, local liquor stores, and the blues.

  • 17: Pirates of Appalachia

    20/09/2018 Duração: 36min

    Mitch is joined by guest co-host Mike Howard, and filmmaker Carson Hunt to discuss the upcoming Tennessee Pirate Festival, places to watch movies around town, and of course, all the nonsense that happens outside of the perfect little city of Knoxville.

  • 16: Bachelor Party Hangover

    12/09/2018 Duração: 34min

    While Mitch and his best friend Kyle are fumbling their way through the hangovers resulting from a weekend long bachelor party, Erin saves the day with Not Knoxville News and plenty of laughter. Naturally, we'll fill you in on all the cool stuff coming!

  • 15: The Nutty Cicerone

    05/09/2018 Duração: 40min

    Cicerone Jeremy Walker joins the crew this week to talk about the good and bad things local breweries are doing, as well as the beer culture in Knoxville. As always, they explore the horrificly dumb things people that don't live in Knoxville do too.

  • 14: SandMitches

    29/08/2018 Duração: 40min

    Matt and Meredith from Steamboat Sandwiches on Central join us to talk about, we’ll, sandwiches. Of course, we’ll dive into Not Knoxville News and all the stuff happening in and around town!

  • 13: Dungeons and Botanical Beers


    Erin and Mitch are joined by Jay Anderson. The crew dives into the tabletop gaming culture and how to get involved. If you have never played a tabletop RPG, never fear, we have you covered. And of course, all the upcoming events in town.

  • 12: Wrestling with Dairy and Avocados


    We went WAY over time this week because we were just having too much fun. Jay Harris from The Concourse joins Erin and Mitch to talk about the latest Knoxville news, upcoming events, and tangents galore!

  • 11: Food-Trucknado


    Joined by Chad Grennor, the guys take the show on the road to get coffee, burritos, and beermosas at Central Filling Station. While there they discuss some of the cool stuff coming up in Knoxville including Shark Week, tattoos, and halloween.

  • 10: Cigar Bars and Sack Races


    Tyler Ivens of WNML fills in for Mitch this week to talk cigar bars and tug of war! He and Casey discuss Knoxville’s upcoming Adult Field Day, fun times at Ijams Nature Center, and crazy stories with the Tennessee Smokies.

  • 8: Even Giants Gotta Eat


    Jody Collins joins us this week to talk about some of our favorite local restaurants; big ones, small ones, some as big as your head! Obviously, there is no way we could get to all of them, but if you’re not hungry now, you will be.

  • Episode 7: Always Record


    Casey and Mitch are joined by Krisha Brook of Flying Anvil Theater, Some Antics, and Full Disclosure Comedy to talk about the best sandwich in town, where to find live comedy shows all over Knoxville, and Mitch forgets podcasting 101…hit record.

  • 6: Circle of Friends


    Erin Donovan joins the show this week to talk about a really cool non-profit organization you may not know about. Mitch spends most of the show lecturing Casey on why he needs to buy a record player, and the word snow is mentioned far too many times!

  • 5: Knoxville's Most Reasonable


    Casey and Mitch go through Blank News’s ballot for Knoxville’s Finest and offer their opinion on some of the categories. They also discuss Casey’s recent antique shopping adventure and where Mitch likes to get used tires.

  • Episode 4: Tinker Toys and Robots


    Dominique Oakley from Knox Makers joins Casey and Mitch this week to talk about what exactly a Maker is and how to become one. Casey tells us about his upcoming antique spree, and Mitch ponders the joy of food trucks. All that and more this week!

  • Episode 3: Don't Play with Fire and Kegs


    The guys are joined by Jennifer Johnsey of Night Moon Productions to talk about some of the big events and conventions that happen in Knoxville, share some radio stories, and discuss the upcoming Chocolatefest Knoxville!

  • Episode 2: The Blue Cat's Phenomenon


    The guys are joined by musician and local entreprenuer, Chad Grennor to discuss the local music scene more. Including the former music club that defined an era, some bands and venues to check out, and Casey wearing the tshirt of the band he went to see.

  • Episode 1: You look like Tetanus


    Casey and Mitch sit down to figure out what they're trying to accomplish with this podcast, why they called it Scruffy, and debate snow. That and more on the first episode of Scruffy Little Podcast