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  • Shadowrun 2E - Free Seattle, episode2

    03/10/2020 Duração: 02h03min

    We finally move along, heading for the Gala to continue our investigation. Some of us are less pleased about being trapped in a crowd of people, but we're certain we'll make it out intact. Probably. Hopefully. ...maybe... Ah, at least we'll get good information, right?

  • Timewatch - Uncommon Dogma

    26/09/2020 Duração: 02h53min

    We're back with another zany adventure through messed up time. This time, our group of Timewatch Agents finds themselves smack in the middle of a messed up timeline where there seems to be an entire religion devoted to worshipping...dogs? Tune in to find out how this came about! Dog puns included.

  • Shadowrun 2E - Free Seattle, episode 1

    19/09/2020 Duração: 02h10min

    Join us as we venture into the world of Shadowrun, using a starter campaign titled 'Free Seattle'. Our ragtag group of Shadowrunners is competent, we swear. This time we start by getting the details of our first job, given to us by a Mr Johnson that hails by the name "Romeo". Will it be a task we can handle?

  • Off The Rails - Playing during Lockdown

    12/09/2020 Duração: 01h30min

    We took a week off from our usual games to talk about a topic that's caused no end of confusion and hardships for us (and probably also for many of you) : finding ways to continue our favorite hobby while in this quarantine. We've found a bunch of things that have helped us out, and thought we'd share!   Here are some links to some of the things we talk about during the session: Our discord bot on GitHub: Sidekick Dungeon Scrawl

  • Eclipse Phase 2e - Forge Ahead - Episode 2: Approachable Bug Monster

    05/09/2020 Duração: 02h14min

    Our criminal enterprise is back and nearly up and running! We've explored the area around us a bit and now have to set ourselves up with some work.   But can our group pull off a mission successfully? Only time will tell.

  • Eclipse Phase 2e - Forge Ahead - Episode 1: Meet-Cute

    29/08/2020 Duração: 02h03min

    Welcome to Forge Ahead, totally legal and in no way shady enterprise, where we want to help you with all your body modification needs! We're just getting things together at the moment, so please don't mind the dust.

  • Wild Talents - Black Hat University - Day 1

    22/08/2020 Duração: 03h17min

    Welcome back to Black Hat University for the first day of classes! There's plenty of zany characters to meet and get to know.   What sort of mayhem will our super villains to be get up to this time?

  • Timewatch - Something's Bugging Grimlock

    15/08/2020 Duração: 01h58min

    In a strange twist, our team must take on a threat directed at one of its own. Will we manage to save our favorite caveman, or is he doomed to vanish no matter what we try?

  • Witcher - To All a Good Night

    08/08/2020 Duração: 03h35min

    We're back with the Witcher again! This time we venture into a city where all the children seem to be missing. Monsters abound (even within the party) as we seek answers and safety from Nilfgaard.

  • Wild Talents - Black Hat University - Orientation

    01/08/2020 Duração: 02h25min

    Welcome to your first day at Black Hat University, premier college for any aspiring super villain in the making! We'll be following the antics and learnings of a handful of students. All of them are gifted, more than they seem, and ready to cause trouble.   Can they follow the bare minimum rules, set down by the villains who came before them, to become super villains of their own? Or will they end up self-destructing and being no better than henchmen?

  • Witcher - Still Waters

    25/07/2020 Duração: 01h44min

    Tonight we dabble in the Witcher. The module we're playing is "Still Waters", released for free RPG day.   This is our first foray into the system, so apologies of we get anything wrong!

  • Alien - Chariot of the Gods, part 2

    18/07/2020 Duração: 02h39min

    Welcome to part 2 of the module for 'Chariot of the Gods'. Our crew has left our ship, the Montero, and is currently dealing with the Chronus to see if there are survivors or anything to bring back for the company. But with a ship that's been dead for many, many years, is there anything left that's salvageable, or will we only be met with death?

  • Timewatch - It's a Small Timeline After All

    11/07/2020 Duração: 03h40min

    Something's gone hinky with the timeline! Things are spiraling out of control, and our ragtag team of Timewatch Agents are the closest in time and space to be able to deal with it. Someone has tracked the anomaly down to coincide with the grand opening of Disneyland. But what could the Happiest Place on Earth possibly be doing to wreck all of time?

  • Alien - Chariot of the Gods, part 1

    04/07/2020 Duração: 02h58min

    Welcome to our first foray into the Alien system. We got started before the official rule book was out, so apologies for anything we got wrong or anything that has changed since this play through! We got our hands on the module for 'Chariot of the Gods', along with its pre-generated characters and decided to take it for a spin. But with the company man as the NPC, can we manage to get through the disaster about to strike, or are we still doomed to fail?

  • Red Markets - E-Motors - Mr JOLS, part 2

    27/06/2020 Duração: 03h12min

    Finally at their destination, the crew of S.A.S.S. dares to enter the abandoned Dronkey factory. After dealing with crazed Taker-killers, bands of slavers, and several types of zombies, will this be a pleasant end to their Taking career, or will they have crazier stories yet to pass along, assuming they survive?

  • Legend of the 5 Rings - Topaz Championship, part 2

    20/06/2020 Duração: 03h41min

    We continue on the beginner adventure, finally starting with the actual Championship tournament itself. Our group of samurai will be put through multiple trials, where they must not only show their skills, but also please the judges. Will they succeed in clearing their Gempukku and becoming official samurai, or will they fail and break horribly in front of the seven great clans? Listen in and find out!

  • Delta Green - BLACKSAT

    13/06/2020 Duração: 03h35min

    In a slight departure from our usual adventures and tangles with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, a group of Astronauts prepare for what will most likely be their last trip to space and get a new mission. They must escort a pair of civilians up into space to enact repairs on a specialized satellite, as only these two are qualified to do the work required. But with neither civilian truly in shape for the task ahead, will the crew manage to complete the mission successfully, or is it doomed from the start?

  • Legend of the 5 Rings - Topaz Championship, part 1

    06/06/2020 Duração: 02h32min

    Our group takes a first look into the Legend of the 5 Rings (L5R) system with the beginner game scenario 'Topaz Championship'. The players must head into Crane lands to compete in this tournament, thereby completing their Gempukku. Along the way, they meet a fellow samurai from a minor clan and learn about a mystery the Crane clan would rather keep quiet. Listen in as we learn about Rokugan and (try to) follow samurai culture!   Note: "Gempukku" is the term for a rite of passage ceremony to say that a samurai is officially a samurai.

  • Delta Green - Working Group: Pyxis - Retrospective

    30/05/2020 Duração: 02h18min

    Our long campaign at an end, some of our players get together to talk about the campaign, going over some things we liked and hearing some thoughts from our GM on the challenge of running something like this!

  • Red Markets - E-Motors - Mr JOLS, part 1

    23/05/2020 Duração: 03h38min

    The group is finally at retirement! Time for one last job: Mr JOLS. The way to the abandoned Dronkey factory isn't all sunshine and roses, however. Will they plan well enough to get to their destination intact?

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