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    "ITIS IN YOUR NATURE" Jabari Hall --------------------------------- So how do we step out of our comfort zone ? How do we change our existing Nature ? How do we become this person we want to be or are meant to be ? . 1. Become aware of the problem or issue and thing you want to change. 2. Acknowledge it; Say hello, but be prepared to say good bye. 3. Take that first step in the direction of change. That could making a declaration, or leaving the relationship, updating your resume, something ! 4. Force yourself to recognize when that “old you” surfaces itself again. And make the necessary adjustment that the “new you” demands. See you're doing things the old you wants you to do, and if you don’t dig deep inside yourself, yank that summa **** out, then the old you will sit and wait for your next weak moment. But you have the power and the authority to change. And it will only happen if you want to. And if you continue to practice on the new you, build on the new you, be disciplined enough to not go back to


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    Jabari Hall "AREN'T YOU TIRED ?" ----------------------------- . From my personal experience I am saying to you... I know some of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. And if you are, take the leap man. Start somewhere. Believe in yourself. Just do it. . Open the book to start studying for that exam. Apply for that scholarship before its too late. Go to the gym just once. Start your business by writing "your mission" statement". Buy the ticket and go on vacation. Update your resume then start applying. Smile a little more. Say yes to life, say yes to you... Its the only way youre gonna be as successful as you can be. . Because like the saying goes, "You must be willing to do the things today others wont do, in order to have the things tomorrow, others wont have." . So if you are truly tired. If you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. Start doing something today !!! Start doing anything !!!! Take that step in your future !!! Take a step into your greatness !!! Take a Step into what


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    "GO TAKE IT" Jabari Hall || JABARIHALL.COM -------------------------------------------- In order for you to obtain the biggest success of your life, you must suffer the most pain, sacrifice all the things you never imagined yourself giving up, and be willing to throw your entire self into this. And if you are not ready, I understand! Because like Rooplean said :: "Quitting is never an option on that road to success".. But if you are ready today, then, I challenge you to fight back! I challenge you to get back up! I challenge you to recognize that there is something that you have been wanting, and waiting, and dreaming, and begging for, and training day in and day out, and reading and studying, and loosing hours and days of sleep for. And recognize that it's YOU. That you just gotta go out there and TAKE IT That you just gotta go out there and TAKE IT That you just have to go out there and TAKE IT !!


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    "INVEST IN YOURSELF" Jabari Hall -------------------------------------------- Christopher Gardner’s story taught me that you have got to INVEST IN YOURSELF . That if you think success is gonna come on home and carriage, and some fancy freakin’ parade then you are sadly mistaken . You got to live and breathe thi s… day after day after day . You have got to throw your entire being into what you want to become . And recognize that you have a choice ... Iou always have a choice . Like Neil Peart said, “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice” . And if you choose to reach this goal, then you have go to INVEST IN YOURSELF . And that starts with First 1. Acknowledging it 2. Accepting it 3. Putting it into action And that action starts with doing the little things, doing it over and over and over, and over and over and over until you master it, and during the process of mastering the little thing, you will realize something about yourself . That you are powerful!! … . That you were meant for this


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    "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" Jabari Hall -------------------------------------------- You ask any successful person today. And 100% of them, not 9 of 10, not most, not some, ALL of them, would say that in order succeed at anything in life, you have got to "Believe In Yourself". Because they know above all else. Above, around, and below the great words like 'Passion', and 'Love', and 'Not Quitting', 'Perseverance'... at the core of it is BELIEF... And I think that Robert Bolton said it best in saying "A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind". And it is that very understanding, that very conclusion, that very choice I had to make to get myself out of the poor mentality; That mindset where I let other people decide on my abilities and capabilities, and allow their limitations to become mine. So like a Nat Turner, a Barack Obama, a Steve Jobs, a Thomas Edison, or that guy or girl you grew up with that you now see living their dreams... Believe In You. Believe and be


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    You who wants more, You who craves more, You who asks for more out of life… You want a better marriage, You want more income, You want a better situation, You want the cars, the girls, and a fancy life… You who want SUCCESS ... But aren't willing to put everything into what you're doing... YYYOOOUUU....STOP QUITTING! Think about it, how can you go to that next level? If you don't work for it.. If u don't put in the time necessary… If you don’t invest or commit… If everyday, you don’t do what it takes to get what you want…. So I say to you, YOU, YYYOOOUUU, who at this very moment is thinking about quiting… Don’t quit!... Don’t quit! DON’T QUIT! You can and will succeed. You can and will defeat this disease. You can and will get everything u want out of life… But you have got to BELIEVE that you are the one. And you have got to WORK… And I mean work… Work Work Work!! And you have got to get started, TODAY. Written, Edit, and Directed By Jabari Hall, Founder of JHasheart JHasheart www.JHasHeart.com JHa


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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode VI ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Someone once told me that "You'll never know what it’s like to have everything until you are prepared to give everything"! So like that pig made that commitment, we need to live like that pig, die like that pig, study practice work and LOVE like that pig. We have to commit. Because if you don't commit to what you believe in how can you expect someone else to believe. Because if everyday everyday everyday you don't work on your gift, you don't sweat for your gift, cry, lose sleep, bleed, beg, crawl, stretch, reach for your gift… … then what are you doing it all for? … It’s a commitment!! Written by Jabari Hall Founder, JHasHeart JHasHeart LLC, All Rights Reserved


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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode V ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I ask you, how bad do you want it? I mean how. Bad. Do. You. Want. It. Cuz' if you truly want to be whatever it is that you want to be. Hear me and hear me well. You better start today. Forget about yesterday forget about that 1 little hour of work you put in or the tears you cried because you didn't do jack squat. Forget about it... start today. And every time somebody doubts you, and distracts you, and says "you cant do it". Smile. Give them a thumbs up and and say watch me. Because you are on a mission where there are no invitation cards. No plus 1s. No u-turns. No quitting. No distractions. Only your obsessive, disturbing, undeniable, quest for greatness... Start.. today.


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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode IV ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take Charge of your life. Find your purpose, and follow it til the end. Live Happy, Healthy, and Loving. What are you so afraid of? The unknown , afraid that it might not work? ...Stop Stop Sssttooppp!!! You were put here for a reason! GOD only creates things with a purpose. He created the sun to shine at day, then moon to light the night sky. He created that thing beating inside your chest, and its time clock is set on your finding out WHY! Whatever is in your body, running through your veins. Pulsating . Breathing . Growing . It's Powerful. It's Pulling you in that direction. It's opening the door to your destiny. And creating an unstoppable force unlike this world has ever seen. Joel Osteen said "if you're gonna walk on water, you gotta come out of the boat". So if you're gonna figure out your WHY, you gotta step out of your comfort zone, step out of the ordinary and into what


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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode III ------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE GREATS BECOME GREAT BECAUSE THEY TURN FEAR INTO TRIUMPH. The great Nelson Mandela said “I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”. The great Franklin D Roosevelt said “The only thing to fear is fear itself”. And I say to you.. IF FEAR is holding you back. Recognize that you have to put on that armor of GOD. Look FEAR in the eye and say “ITS EITHER YOU OR ME”, burn all the ships on step onto that island. And recognize that you Beautiful, Smart, Unique, Conquering, Animalistic, Relentless, Undeniable, and Fearless YOU, will and can be as great as you are meant to be. Change the world like you are meant to. But dammit, in order for that to happen, YOU have to get started.... TODAY. ​ Jabari Hall Founder of JHasHeart JHasHeart LLC, All Rights Reserved


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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode II ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you GRIND?! - I mean every single day toward your GOAL!!! Do You? .... Motivation Tuesday! Motivate your spirit everyday

  • MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO || JABARIHALL.COM || "Motivation" means

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    Jabari Hall's Weekly Motivation Podcast - Episode I ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Think of the moment you wake up. How do you get started? How fast do you crank it up? What tools do you use to fill your spirit? What's your MOTIVATION? ..and of course.. WHY do you do it..