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Welcome to the Conquer Local podcast, hosted by Chief Revenue Officer at Vendasta and international sales educator George Leith. On this podcast, you'll get insider content geared specifically toward helping you better serve local businesses, from interviews with industry experts and stories from the SMB trenches to fireside chats and data-backed case studies hot off the press, as well as exciting new ideas to improve your digital revenue dramatically. Subscribe now to start conquering.


  • 433: 39 Ideas When You Don't Know What to Post on Social Media

    25/08/2021 Duração: 21min

    This week our host, George Leith, goes over 39 ideas for you to pick and choose from the next time you’re struggling with what to post on social media. Now, this list isn't to be implemented all in one day. However, it's important to understand that this is social media, and content can come from absolutely anywhere. Don't get stuck thinking you must post your offering and only your offering. Social media is a place to connect with your audience. Be authentic, be honest, and most importantly- be confident. Show the world who you are and what you're up to and watch opportunity unravel.The 39 ideas for when you don't know what to post on social media:Remind people of who you are, write a post about how you startedBehind the scenesPersonal story or struggleShare a quote from someone who inspires youShare your morning routineShare what inspired you to create your product, service, or brandAsk a questionPost a poll on a subjectShare a review of your favorite bookAsk for recommendations (apps, t

  • 432: Sales Integrity and Same Side Selling, with Ian Altman

    18/08/2021 Duração: 28min

    Sales integrity means aligning needs, not enforcing yours. “The most widely used metaphors in sales are those related to sports, battle, or games. The challenge with this mindset is it requires that one person wins, and the other loses.” - Ian Altman, Same Side SellingIn this week's podcast, George Leith hosts Amazon #1 best-selling author of Same Side Selling, Ian Altman. Ian highly values sales integrity and the effective communication needed in order to ensure both parties winning, or in some cases understanding that the buyer and seller aren't a good fit. We explore how to communicate effectively with buyers, how to show your buyer what they want to see when they want to see it, the integral part layout of a contract plays in decision making, the relationship of price and value for price-focused buyers, and integrity-based negotiations.Ian started, sold, and grew his prior companies from zero to over $1 Billion in value. He has since spent more than a decade helping others to achieve explosive gro

  • 431: Outcome Based Selling, with Phil M. Jones

    11/08/2021 Duração: 41min

    Outcome based selling requires understanding where satisfaction comes from, and what if we always knew exactly what to say in this process? Don't get us wrong, there's a bit more to it than that. But when incredible feats were being accomplished, this week's guest recalls, “I would never say wow, I’d simply ask how. And then dig in and say yea- but really, how?”. This is how Phil M. Jones molded a robust, outcome based, and quite frankly very impressive career. George Leith speaks with Phil M. Jones, Philmjones International on this week’s podcast. Phil takes great pride in adding value. He discusses at what point we should celebrate a sale, outcome based selling, preparation, and understanding an audience's capacity to understand your message. Phil went from single-handedly washing cars at weekends to hiring a fleet of friends working on his behalf, resulting in him earning more than his teachers by the time he was 15. Soon after, at just 18, Phil was offered the role of Sales Manager at fash

  • 430: Modern Sales Driven by Authenticity, with Morgan Ingram

    04/08/2021 Duração: 26min

    The modern sales process doesn't have any smoke or mirrors. Instead, sales are being lubricated with researched inquiries, catered scripts, and genuine interest in order to optimize value for the person on the other end. This is business in 2021, and we welcome it with open arms.Our host, George Leith interviews the renowned Morgan Ingram on this week's episode. At only 27, Morgan has been named one of the Top 50 Sales Leaders to follow by LinkedIn, a Top 25 Sales Development Thought Leader by Inside Sales, and LinkedIn's Top Sales Voices of 2018, 2019, and 2020. Morgan’s work has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, the Hubspot blog, and the Harvard Business Review. He is the Director of Execution and Evolution at JBarrows Sales Training, focusing on delivering to sales development teams to enhance their skill sets and performance. In addition, Morgan started his own YouTube series, The SDR Chronicles, with more than 100 videos providing SDRs with motivation, advice, and tactics. In his previou

  • 429: 8 Skills Every Top Performer Should Possess | Master Sales Series

    28/07/2021 Duração: 15min

    A top performer is labeled as such because they internalize the work in front of them. This is not just a job- this is a very exciting life and duty becomes a wonderful opportunity to provide value. This means confidently stamping their name on the day's work and approaching the next hill ready to sprint.Our host, George Leith is eager to sneak you some industry insight on common denominators (listed below) throughout every top performer he's come in contact with over the years- and how he has leveraged these skills in his own career. If you're looking to outperform or perhaps are in pursuit of some defining skills to focus on to maintain your current output, you're not going to want to miss this episode of the Conquer Local Podcast.8 skills every top performer should possess: 1. demonstrate active listening 2. resilience and grit 3. show empathy 4. always prepared 5. self-motivated and competitive 6. strive to establish trust 7. a

  • 428: Introverts Networking, with Matthew Pollard - Part 2

    21/07/2021 Duração: 27min

    Introverts networking, approaching events like they're building a rocketship to go to space. They are methodical, attentive, and interact with scripted purpose- and that is how the new-age introvert is conquering networking events and developing lasting, meaningful connections.Matthew Pollard, the Founder of Rapid Growth Coach moves on to his second book in this 2 part series podcast. The Introvert's Edge to Networking challenges our preconceived notions toward introverts networking through Matthew Pollard highlighting the following;Why introverts make better networkersChanneling your superpowerYou can’t please everyoneWe all tell storiesOur differences define usSpeak to the right peopleWhat to do in a roomThe step everyone forgetsThe feedback factoryThe Digital FrontierIf you tuned-in to last week's episode, you already know that Matthew Pollard is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories, all before the age of 30. His humble beginnings, the adversities he faced, and his

  • 427: Introverted Salespeople, with Matthew Pollard - Part 1

    14/07/2021 Duração: 31min

    Introverted salespeople seems like a typo. Taking a deeper dive, the fact is that introverts have a special set of innate skills comparable to superpowers that can be leveraged to not only compete with but greatly surpass extroverts in a sales setting.On this episode, we bring you the Founder of Rapid Growth Coach, Matthew Pollard. We immediately knew this had to be a 2 part series and couldn't be more excited to showcase this incredibly insightful topic of introverted salespeople. We explore Matthew's first book, The Introverts Edge, that covers;Set the Stage - Step 1: Trust an agendaMine for Gold - Step 2: Ask probing questionsSpeak to the Right Person - Step 3: QualificationDon’t sell - tell - Step 4: Story-based sellingDon’t argue—augment - Step 5: Dealing with objectionsTake their temperature - Step 6: Trial closeAsk without asking - Step 7: Assume the saleMatthew Pollard is responsible for five multi-million-dollar business success stories, all before the age of 30. His humble beginnings, the ad

  • 426: Educating Your Clients, with Jenni White

    07/07/2021 Duração: 36min

    Educating your clients makes them feel that you want to improve their experience and encourage them to make better, more informed decisions. We are excited to bring you marketing guru - Jenni White. ( ) She is the CEO & Founder of Polaris Marketing & Consulting ( ) ; they help businesses enhance their marketing strategies, widen their reach, and increase their revenue. Jenni has an excellent tip on how to save time while educating your clients. She explains why it's important to educate clients on the fundamentals while balancing your precious time. Not everyone wants to be engaged, but if they know more about the products and ROI, it will mean less work for you in the long term. When you take the time and effort to educate your clients, they feel taken care of. Jenni has been a much sought-after marketing guru from tech start-ups to long-term established businesses. She specializes in building strategic partnerships,

  • 425: 5 Mistakes Leaders Make with their SDRs, with David Dulany

    30/06/2021 Duração: 36min

    By recognizing and avoiding mistakes leaders make, your Sales Development team will have greater ROI and deliver better results for years to come. David Dulany, ( ) Founder and CEO of Tenbound ( ) , joins the podcast this week. We are talking about building the most robust SDR team that is laser-focused on qualifying leads and filling calendars with meetings. David shares with us the 5 biggest mistakes leaders make with their sales development program. Mistake 1: Hiring SDRs before setting up their processes Mistake 2: Hiring SDRs without an experienced Manager in place Mistake 3: Using unstructured data Mistake 4: Not having a go-to-market script or strategy in place Mistake 5: Set it, forget it, and then criticize it David is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, research and advisory firm focused and dedicated to Sales Development. Tenbound has become the hub of the Sales Development industry, with a thriving online research center, market m

  • 424: Learning from your Misadventures, with Larry Long Jr.

    23/06/2021 Duração: 31min

    Misadventures are bound to happen throughout your life; it's how you react, grow, and help others learn from your experiences. The passionate Larry Long Jr. ( ) , Founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC, ( ) is this week's guest on the Conquer Local Podcast. ( ) Larry shares how his career started with his dream of being a baseball player in the MLB to scaling sales team and being a keynote speaker. This episode has a bit of everything - we discuss building relationships with your clients, learning from your misadventures and failures, being passionate about what you do, helping your clients succeed, and segmented sales teams. Larry has an infectious personality and speaks in such an engaging manner that you can't help but smile and laugh with him. Larry Long Jr is the Founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC, which focuses on sales motivation, inspiration, training & coaching, and the host of the ‘Midweek Midd

  • 423: Building a Positive Team Culture | Master Sales Series

    16/06/2021 Duração: 33min

    By fostering a positive team culture, we see better performance, higher employee retention rates, increased profitability, and improved employee morale. Today on the Master Sales Series with our host, George Leith ( ) , we are talking about building a positive team culture. A great quote around this topic comes from Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Teamwork is a practice and a skill, a skill as leaders, collaborators, and colleagues we can embrace and improve on continuously. We explore 16 ways to create a positive team culture. * What are the Benefits * Build a Culture of Success * Set Goals * Identify Values * Respect * Responsibility * Commitment * Continuous Development * Kudos & Praise * Support * Working Together * More than Just Work * Lead by Example * Clear Expectations * Communicate, Over and Over Again * Be Patient Join the conversation in the Conquer Local Community ( https://

  • 422: A Guide to Google Ads, with Mike Rhodes

    09/06/2021 Duração: 29min

    You have to play by Google's rules to know who will convert and when - how to get an $8 return on your $1. So what is the ultimate guide to Google Ads? Founder & CEO of, ( ) Mike Rhodes, ( ) joins the podcast this week all the way from Melbourne, Australia. WebSavvy is an award-winning agency based in Australia named by Google as one of the Top 18 agencies worldwide. Mike gets into the nuts and bolts of Google Ads, Artificial Intelligence Learning, and Google Shopping. We also take a look at privacy concerns and how it impacts the usefulness of the information. Mike is the CEO and founder AgencySavvy and WebSavvy, and co-author of the world's best-selling book on Google Ads, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads ( ).’His award-winning digital marketing agency WebSavvyis based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2006, Mike and his team have been running campaigns

  • 421: Passionate Marketing Agency Owner, with Cheryl O'Hern

    02/06/2021 Duração: 24min

    A Passionate Marketing Agency Owner means ensuring your client's needs are met by educating, building a relationship, and getting involved. We bring Cheryl O'Hern ( ) , Founder of Spin Markket + Digital ( ) , on the podcast this week to discuss what it means to be an agency owner. Chery is the definition of a passionate marketing agency owner; she is dedicated to her clients and the local businesses they serve. In this episode, Cheryl and George explore what it means to build a connection with your client, why it's crucial to the success of the working relationship, educating on what you as their marketing guru deliver, and when they will hear the cha-ching! As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Cheryl develops innovative campaigns across a wide range of businesses that create the EXPERIENCE to engage the targeted audiences' hearts and minds. By utilizing data that evaluates the behaviors, interests, diversity, and the EXPERIENCE to the righ

  • 420: Entrepreneurial Life, with Jeff Adamson

    26/05/2021 Duração: 34min

    The Entrepreneurial Life is less about skills and more about the drive. What matters is that you determine your goals and live them out, whatever that looks like. Jeff Adamson, ( ) Co-Founder & CMO at Neo Financial ( ) and Co-Founder of SkipTheDishes ( ) , is on the podcast as he is the definition of embracing the entrepreneurial life. He shares the nitty-gritty details of what he went through to ensure he succeed in his undertakings of being an entrepreneur. From sleeping in his car, having nothing but doubters saying this won't work, and using his credit card limits as the investments. Jeff has not only successfully co-founded not one but two organizations to a multi-billion valuation. Jeff Adamson is a former world-class athlete who ditched his comfy corporate job to co-found Canada's most popular consumer tech brand, Having grown SkipTheDishes to a multi-billion dollar brand, J

  • 419: Four Fastest ways to Burn a Lead | Master Sales Series

    19/05/2021 Duração: 18min

    In this Master Sales Series, we’re talking about the Four Fastest ways to Burn a Lead. We work tirelessly to market, attract, and qualify leads. We can burn them in a single step, with a click of a button, and we spend a lot of time talking about how we can do it right. In this episode, we hone in on where we might be going wrong. We will cover: * The cost of wasting leads * How slow follow-up impacts conversion * Not enough points of contact * Not having a specific person assigned for follow-up * Weak discovery and qualification Join the conversation in the Conquer Local Community ( ) and keep the learning going in the Conquer Local Academy. ( )

  • 418: Become a LinkedIn Expert, with Viveka von Rosen – Part 2

    12/05/2021 Duração: 28min

    Positioning yourself as a LinkedIn Expert, Industry Expert, or Thought Leader is all around creating a personal brand and adding meaningful value to your business network. Viveka von Rosen, ( ) Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso ( ) , is back for Part 2. She is the ultimate LinkedIn Expert and is sharing the 101 ways to rock LinkedIn. In part two, we discuss: * Connect: Connect and network with target buyers with the objective of turning every online conversation into an offline. * Feed: Feed or nurture your network with regular content to help them on their journey and create further engagement. * Cadence: Develop a daily, weekly, and monthly set of digital selling activities to drive more conversations and/or expand relationships. Cofounder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full-spectrum Modern Digital Sales transformation solutions. Known as the @LinkedInExpert, she’s the author of the best-selling “LinkedIn Marketing: A

  • 417: Become a LinkedIn Expert, with Viveka von Rosen - Part 1

    05/05/2021 Duração: 29min

    Becoming a LinkedIn Expert is vitally important, now more than ever, to create a strong personal brand so that you stand out from your competition. We get to speak with Viveka von Rosen, ( ) Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer of Vengreso ( ) , the ultimate LinkedIn Expert. Viveka is on the podcast for not one but two episodes sharing 101 ways to rock LinkedIn. In part one, we discuss: * Mindset: today’s modern seller must recognize that buyers have become better at buying faster than sellers have become at selling. Adapt or die to the buyers' decision; * Brand: establish a personal and professional presence online with a social profile that drives your prospective buyer to engage with you; * Engaging: find and engage with your buyers by discovering and sharing valuable information to help solve real business problems. Cofounder of Vengreso, the largest provider of full-spectrum Modern Digital Sales transformation solutions. Known as the @

  • 416: Empathy in Sales, with Jerry Acuff

    28/04/2021 Duração: 32min

    For sales professionals, empathy in sales is essential because, without a relationship, there's no trust. Don't reserve it exclusively for deals you're trying to close immediately. We have Jerry Acuff ( ) , CEO & Founder at DeltaPoint ( ) , as our guest this week on the Conquer Local Podcast ( ). Jerry was a reluctant salesperson. When he realized his dream of becoming a college football coach wouldn't come true, he stumbled into sales. He says so himself that he would never hire himself. Every step of the way, Jerry has remained humble to his success. Jerry drops his vast amount of knowledge with us; do what is right by your customer—even if that means they don't do business with you—trust is the most important thing you can have with a customer. Empathy in sales has to be there right along with trust. "People buy things from people they like; people buy from people they like *and* trust." Jerry’s experti

  • 415: Analyzing the IT Channel, with Andrew Down

    21/04/2021 Duração: 27min

    If you have ever worked in B2B software for any amount of time, you have probably stumbled across the IT Channel and didn't even know it. Andrew Down ( ) , Director of Sales for the IT Channel at Vendasta ( ) , never thought of himself as a technical person, but 13 years in the IT industry says otherwise. In this episode, we discuss the MSPs (Managed Service Providers), the VARs (Value Added Resellers), and what the difference is between them. The reseller channel is essential in B2B tech, both for end-users, many who buy 100% of their technology through a reseller, and for software companies, some who sell exclusively through the channel. Like almost everything else in technology, the IT Channel is changing. Fast. Andrew Down is a Saskatchewan-based business professional and entrepreneur with strong corporate, non-profit, and public sector sales experience. Other experience includes senior leadership, strategic planning, business development

  • 414: Finding Success Through the Pandemic, with Mitchell Slater

    14/04/2021 Duração: 28min

    How does a marketing agency find success through the pandemic, and how can they help their community? It's about keeping local businesses informed and helping them succeed. If they succeed, you succeed. We have Mitchell Slater ( ) , Founder and CEO, from Slater Strategies ( ) joining us from Alaska/Florida. Mitchell got his start at just 17 years old in print advertising and quickly realized he had to make the shift to the digital space. He found early success by attending conferences and learning from others' mistakes who have tried and failed. As many agencies went through the same problem, finding success through the pandemic, he knew he needed to figure out how to adapt and help local businesses. Through the challenges that 2020 brought, Mitchell had his most successful year to date. He did this by educating the local businesses around him, finding his niche, and utilizing his network. A key piece to Mitchell's success was no long

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