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  • Podcast #42: Ben Porter – Ask Me Anything (part 2)


    The second instalment of Ask Me Anything, where previous podcast guests get to turn the tables on Ben and ask him to share his thoughts and experiences. Featuring questions about splitting audiences, favourite views, dream podcast guests, and the future for York’s arts scene, submitted by poet Katie Greenbrown, artist and printmaker Gill Douglas, Grace Abell of Abell Design, Rose Drew of York Spoken Word, Charlotte Dawson of York River Art Market, and writer / director Nikolaus Morris.… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #41: Ben Porter – Ask Me Anything


    Thanks to everyone who has watched and listened to the podcast this year, it’s been lovely to see how many people have engaged with it and I really appreciate the feedback that people have sent in! I’m taking a short… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #40: Dr Davy Smith


    Dr Davy Smith is a researcher, creative technologist and designer, working at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York. His research focuses on the applications of interactive storytelling and artificial intelligence to broadcast media, bridging fine art, interactive… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #39: Richard O’Hare


    Richard O’Hare is one of the founders of Orillo Films, and works within the company as a cinematographer, drone pilot, producer and director. As a production company Orillo work all over the world with clients such as Dulux, Jack Wills, and Toyota, but they’re also known for their other creative endeavours in events and merchandise, including their outdoor cinemas, clothing, and their Orillo branded Vodka. In this episode we discuss the motivation behind taking on these extra creative challenges which aren’t necessarily part of your core business, we get into the ethics and morality of creating branded marketing content, as well as the murky waters of taking on free work, and Richard offers his advice on growing your company, through hiring for passion to build a strong and resilient team. http://facebook.com/orillofilms http://instagram.com/orillofilms http://twitter.com/orillofilms … Continue reading →

  • Podcast #38: Mim Robson


    Mim Robson is an artist and workshop facilitator working primarily in ephemeral art with natural materials, often within the landscape. She creates temporary artworks ranging from delicate and vibrant flower and leaf mandalas, to huge scale beach artworks. Mim also… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #37: Joanne Coates


    “The projects you do best are the ones that you love” Joanne Coates is a documentary photographer, and the founder of Lens Think – a social enterprise set up to promote diversity in the creative arts. Lens Think put on… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #36: Colin Jackson


    “I found a vent for my creativity within the classroom. There’s an artistry in creating those kind of engagements.” Colin Jackson (@colin_clp) has worked in arts & cultural education for 28 years, and is the founder of Creative Learning Partnerships,… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #35: Jeff Clark


    “Being an artist is just doing it. You can’t question whether or not someone is an artist if they’re making something.” Jeff Clark is the co-owner of the Art of Protest Gallery, an urban contemporary art gallery based in Little… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #34: Heather Niven


    Heather Niven is an artist and musician, and the head of Science City York, an organisation tasked with supporting the science, digital and creative sectors in the city and stimulating their growth. We discuss the projects Science City are running… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #33: Lauren Roberts


    Lauren Roberts (@LaLaLaLauren911) is a tattoo artist specialising in watercolour tattooing. She has developed a distinct abstract painted style, building up her portfolio and reputation as an incredible artist. In 2017 she opened a studio of her own, Adara, with… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #31: Artist Development


    This week’s episode is a bit different, it’s a follow on from my interview with Tom Higham (@tomhigham), creative director of York Mediale. Tom he turns the tables on me and asks me for my thoughts on the creative scene in… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #30: Rose Drew


    Rose Drew (@rosebonecrone) is a poet, anthropologist, book publisher and events manager. Along with her partner Alan she runs Stairwell Books, and has co-hosted York Spoken Word Poetry & Prose Open Mic since January 2006. In this episode we cover… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #29: Tom Higham


    Tom Higham (@tomhigham) is a creative director and producer who works with artists, developers, designers, arts organisations and policy makers all over the world to produce ambitious artworks and creative projects. He is currently creative director of York Mediale, a brand… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #28: Gemma Curry


    Gemma Curry is an actress, storyteller & theatre maker. After over 15 years experience in theatre she started her own professional touring theatre company, Hedgepig Theatre. As her family own grew so did her company, as Hedgepig added a children’s… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #27: Rick Chadwick


    Rick Chadwick (@rickary) is a freelance web developer, in 2013 he started DotYork, a one day annual conference that brings together around 250 curious minds to hear intriguing and inspiring stories and discussions. In 2015 he grew tired of working from… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #26: David Jarman


    David Jarman (@JarmanPoetry) is a poet, playwright and songwriter, currently working on a solo show called “Made of Nowhere” to be produced in autumn 2018. This time last year he was Poet in Residence at the Great Yorkshire Fringe, he’s an… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #24: Nikolaus Morris


    Nikolaus Morris (@nikjacek) is a freelance writer, director and animator working for agencies and production companies across the UK, as well as writing and developing his own original content. In this episode we chat about the illusion of trying to… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #23: Daniel Maule


    Daniel Maule is a director and screenwriter from York, who has just completed his first feature film entitled ‘Our End’, which will be released later this year. In this episode we chat about his approach to screenwriting and how projects… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #22: Drew Wintie-Hawkins


    Drew Wintie-Hawkins is the Co-Director of York Dance Space, an arts organisation set up to develop dance across York and North Yorkshire. With a background as a performer he takes a hands on approach to developing learning programmes in dance, supporting… Continue reading →

  • Podcast #21: Nicole Vogwill


    This weeks guest is Nicole Vogwill. Nicole is a photographer specialising in boudoir and weddings, who has just taken the leap to go self employed full time. In this episode we discuss the misconceptions around boudoir photography, how her work… Continue reading →

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