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An eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, business people, and influencers that have one thing in come.... They are amazing people! We interview the top in all industries while always bringing it back to HIP HOP!! A refreshing twist on the traditional that will make you laugh, cry, and ultimately enriching your soul! Learn from the greatest in the world in an light and fun arena!!!!



    26/08/2021 Duração: 01h29min

    NeCole and Orlando Cumberlander has been in the beauty industry for almost 30 years and has achieved a plethora of awards and accomplishments. NeCole started out like most hair stylists behind the chair but, shortly after beauty school, became a national educator for John Paul Mitchell systems. After several years of educating around the world in 1994, NeCole realized her dream to become co-owner of the award winning Noir et Blanc Salon and Spa with her husband and business partner Orlando. They later sold the salon after 15 very successful years in business. During her years as a salon owner she became involved in The Professional Beauty Association, the largest national salon business owners association in North America, where she was an active member and past president. NeCole’s passion and commitment for the beauty industry also led to the appointment to The State Board of Cosmetology by former Governor Vonivich. In 2004, NeCole and Orlando were encouraged to open Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland a


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    Robert is an ivy-league-educated Positive Psychology Expert, Celebrity Happiness Coach, Executive Coach, and Author. Robert studied under the direction of Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology, at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). UPenn is the only institution in the world to offer a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology. Robert is one of the world's leading experts on the relationship between happiness and success. He helps individuals and organizations achieve an energizing balance of authentic personal happiness and effortless professional success, based on time-tested, face-valid, empirical data and timeless, transcendental wisdom. Robert's work has been endorsed by Oprah, Vanessa Williams, and many others, and he ​has been seen on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, OWN, GQ, Self, Health, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. Robert's first book, Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment, is celebrity-endorsed and critically-acclaimed.


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    Steve Ody is a husband, father and entrepreneur who sees beauty and happiness everywhere. Steve is unapologetically optimistic about everything in life and is a true lifter of people. This is not unrealistic optimism, he still has tough and challenging times but, as an optimist, he knows that if he’s in a dark tunnel there will be light at the end of that tunnel. His podcast, The Travelling Optimist, is a series of incredibly uplifting conversations with people trying to make a difference. But it’s never been about the numbers if the podcast has a positive impact on just one person Steve believes the podcast has been a success and worth every second of effort. Optimism is his life force and has been used in full throughout his life, it’s the golden thread that has connected him to amazing people, got him through tough times and led him to incredible experiences. Steve’s message is that it’s okay to be optimistic about your life, to live your life with passion and to keep dancing when the lights go out because


    19/08/2021 Duração: 44min

    Born in California, but today calls Nashville, Tennessee home, real estate developer Meg Epstein has over a decade of experience creating efficient, modern lifestyles for people where it matters most: their homes and neighborhoods. Developing and establishing spaces that support whole living and simplify home and work life for individuals is a personal passion of hers. To that end, Meg founded CA South in 2015 with the idea of bringing to Nashville her sense of design and style of building honed from her days in construction California. Meg quickly recognized the unique opportunity to fill the demand for residential condos that were in short supply in this market. As CA South raised its first dedicated comingled fund in early 2019, the firm expanded beyond residential condos to include industrial and office projects. Meg currently acts as managing member of the private equity fund, as well as CEO of CA South. Over the course of her career, she has been involved in the development and construction of over 36


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    Erik is truly a man of integrity, work ethic and an overcomer. Growing up with a complicated childhood and broken home, to raising himself from the age of 14. Unfortunately finding trouble along the way desperately trying to fill the gaping voids in his life. As a young man Erik found himself empty and tired of settling for less. After the feverish pursuit of the Holy Spirit, Erik decided to surrender and trust the one that would never let him down. Once Erik gave his life to Christ, his life completely turned around. He met a beautiful woman and a new chapter was written. Now, Erik and his wife of 16+ years and their two children live in Northern Idaho and live a humble and blessed life. Together they are breaking the cycles handed down to them of addictions, depression, abuse, and lies. They are leaving a new legacy for their next generation built on a biblical foundation. Along with being the sole provider for his family, Erik is an entrepreneur and avid MMA fan. Which he has created the best MMA podca


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    COACH DUFFY was born in 1956 at South Ruislip AFB in London, England. Dan’s dad was transferred to Vandenberg Air Force Base in 1959. Dan attended schools from K-12 in the Lompoc Unified School District, graduating from Cabrillo High in 1974. While at Cabrillo, Dan was a member of the swim team all four years. He served as Varsity Basketball Manager 1971-74, and Varsity Football Manager 1971-73. Dan played Water Polo his Senior year. During Dan’s junior year he achieved BSA’s highest honor, Eagle Scout, in 1973. After graduating from Cabrillo in 1974 he attended Loyola Marymount University, where he was a 4-year lettermen in Water Polo, and served as Co-Captain Junior and Senior Years. Dan was voted Most Inspirational Player both Junior and Senior year as well. Dan graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. Dan returned to Lompoc in 1978 and began substitute teaching and coaching at Cabrillo. He served as assistant coach in the Varsity Water Polo program, instructing goalies, and s


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    Slade Heller is a professional touring artist, public speaker, and success coach. He is the drummer for Jeremiah James and The Revival. Slade was born without a left hand and has spent years crafting his own distinctive approach to studio work and live performances. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. The attention that he has garnered has allowed him to inspire others and foster the unique voice inside of us all. He offers coaching in one-on-one sessions, as well as group presentations. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER- MADDOX CARDENAS


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    Kelly and Bill talk about family, life, and business. The usual. This is a must listen to episode! Securities and investment advisory services offered through Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (WFS) member FINRA/SIPC. WFS. is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of WFS. Views expressed in this podcast are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide or be a substitute for specific professional financial, tax or legal advice or recommendations for any individuals. Information is based on sources believed to be reliable; however, their accuracy or completeness cannot be guaranteed. Highlights • Starting with your heart - 1:40 • What family means to him - 2:59 • Family is not only blood - 4:57 • What do free days look like for Kelly - 9:25 • An opportunity to honor people - 18:11 • What money means to Kelly - 28:03 • Money as a tool - 32:50 • Invest in yourself - 36:56 Episode Resources • Connect with


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    Justin has 12+ years in the performance, health, nutrition, and mindset space. He’s worked as a performance director in the NHL & NCAA, and runs a private camp for professional hockey players. He’s written three books on body development and fitness (Amazon best sellers). Justin runs the Outer Energy team at Own It. From a young age he has always been self-motivated to improve, developing the discipline and work ethic necessary to excel everywhere he’s been. His relentless work ethic and enthusiasm rub off on anybody who speaks with him, and his knack for making the complex simple is among the best in the performance industry. Nobody takes the latest research on nutrition, training, and recovery, and packages it into digestible, applicable steps for anybody. Alyse has 11+ years of experience as an executive in the luxury fashion industry. She’s a core energy coach through iPEC and ELI-MP certified coach, with hundreds of hours of formal training. She possesses a calm lead


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    This episode is from my appearance on THE OWN IT SHOW with Justin Roethlingshoefer and Alyse Gaulin. We discuss what true ownership is and how my Mama set me up to win! Thank you so much for listening! The greatest compliment we can get is for you to share this episode! Check out their show Here is my book EXECUTIVE PRODUCER-BROOKLYN CARDENAS


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    Destiny’s musical record: • 27 Original Songs (written and performed by Destiny) • 3 released albums in 2020 Temptations (Official Music Video) Silver Lining (Official Music Video) Destiny Malibu is a singer, songwriter, musician, mental health advocate, and Instagram verified independent artist who has performed in several different countries across the world. A former • American Idol alum, Destiny has • persevered throughout the pandemic by • releasing albums, music videos, and livestreamed events. Destiny is continuing recording and her nationwide • tour. Her music has elements of Pop, Soul/R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, EDM, Country, Classical, and Rock in all her • compositions, depending on the vision for each song. Has formed partnerships • with Imperfectly Perfect, American Heart Association, and SiriusXM. ENGAGEMENTS Vamos (Official Music Video) We Will Rise (Tribute Anthem) 9 music videos 2018 American Idol alumni Named “Top 25 Break Out Artist” by Shutter 16 Magazine Nominated for Best Independent Pop So


    07/07/2021 Duração: 26min

    I HAD THE AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO BE ON THE “BE YOUR OWN LOUD” PODCAST When life gives you lemons, instead of focusing on how sour they are, try turning them into lemonade. In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Kelly Cardenas, business owner, author, Forbes contributor, inspirational speaker, culture coach, and podcaster. Kelly believes that even though he wasn’t rich in money while growing up, he was rich in opportunities. Today, he shares how his optimistic attitude has helped him create unbelievable opportunities and overcome adversities. Kelly discusses: How all great journeys start with a single step Why you should always believe that you are perfectly, wonderfully made Reasons to give your 100% at any particular moment instead of trying to find a “balance” One magic word that will transform your perspective on life’s challenges And more Resources: “6 Indicators for Business and Life” by Kelly Cardenas Kelly Cardenas Salon Products Collec


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    Jason Yates President, John Paul Mitchell Systems® Jason Yates began his career more than 30 years ago as a hairdresser in the UK, working his way up from salon apprentice to manager and eventually managing director for a group of 22 salons. During that time, he also worked as a platform artist and educator for a hair care manufacturer, which provided him with additional opportunities in the industry and opened a new career path beyond the salon. Jason joined JPMS™ in 2012 as Vice President of Marketing, where he led the marketing strategy for the entire portfolio of hair care, hair color and appliance brands, later expanding his leadership role to make him the first-ever Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the company’s history. With hands-on experience in every facet of the professional beauty industry—from hairstyling to business management, marketing and sales—Jason was appointed to Chief Operating Officer and now President, where he oversees the company’s global daily operations. The guiding princ


    24/06/2021 Duração: 56min

    An 8 year veteran of the National Football League and a Super Bowl winner with his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, today he’s an emotional intelligence and integrative psychology professional, using his psychology expertise not only as a Keynote & Motivational speaker, but mainly as a mental performance coach for venture capitalists, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and current/former pro athletes. Through his own professional journey through business, college and professional sports, Chukky Okobi has the personal experience to guide other ambitious corporate leaders to recognize that Success is Simple...if you know the Basic Instructions of Mind Mastery


    23/06/2021 Duração: 49min

    Julie Vargas is an innovative, results driven leader with over 30 years of service in the industry. If you ask any member of Julie Vargas’ team, they will tell you that she is an expert in motivating and inspiring so many with her wide range of skills in coaching, leadership training, technical training, education, and public speaking. With her vast knowledge of customer service relations, public relations, and project & event management, she teaches and promotes the growth of others at every step in her career. In addition to all her achievements, Julie has recently celebrated her 33rd year in the Beauty Industry. Julie currently serves as Vice President of Career Opportunities and Talent Engagement at Sport Clips. She and her team are responsible for influencing, training, creating excitement and engagement, driving brand awareness around career pathing and opportunity, to attract and retain stylists across more than 1800+ Sport Clips stores in the United States and Canada. Julie served 6 years as a Com


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    Certified in Servant Leadership from Cornell University, Andrea is focused on strategic initiatives which deliver results with MLCV. Andrea identifies, creates and executes special projects that enhance the company’s mission and core values. Key initiative is to bridge all businesses within the organization’s portfolio to enhance the company culture, engage opportunities for organizational growth and initiatives while providing tools and resources for leaders to deliver on the behaviors of servant leadership. A personal mission is to help all within MLCV and other organizations to foster a culture of servant leadership. Creating authentic leaders who inspire and support others passion in serving others is vital to delivering on a culture of servant leadership. During her tenure, Andrea has helped spearhead several signature programs helping to foster Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures servant leadership focused culture, including an internal leadership development conference, where 450 leaders across the company l


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    Edie Horstman is the owner and founder of Wellness with Edie, a health coaching business and wellness consultancy. She encourages women to re-evaluate what it means to be well. She believes in practical, sustainable wellness—that your daily habits have the power to change your life. She inspires women to tap into their body and pursue health from a place of self-kindness. She also has a specialty in postpartum and babies nutrition, nourishing new moms as they navigate motherhood. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and toddler.


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    JEREMIAH JAMES has been singing and performing since early childhood. His father played 5-string banjo and family time was often spent with his father playing old country and bluegrass while Jeremiah accompanied him and sang. This was the start of Jeremiah’s passion for music. Performing at family gatherings in his early adolescence and then in various rock bands throughout high school and college, Jeremiah believes he received his real music education in the working class drinking establishments throughout the East coast. Jeremiah’s life experiences have inspired his songwriting and drives the passion that is evident in his live performances. Jeremiah’s music connects with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Jeremiah’s release of the album “Augustus” encompasses twelve songs composed by Jeremiah himself. The album has been well received by the industry and is gaining momentum on radio across the country, Musical style influences include; soul, southern-rock, country, classic rock, and R&B. Artist inf


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    Chris Naugle has dedicated his life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor. His success includes managing over 30 million dollars in assets in the financial services and advisory industry and tens of millions in real estate business, with over 200 transactions and an HGTV pilot show since 2014. In 20 years, Chris has built and owned 16 companies, with his businesses being featured in Forbes, ABC and House Hunters. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy™, founder of The Money School™, and Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier. As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, he empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors with the knowledge of how money works. Innovating what it takes to break the chains of financial slavery, Chris is driven to deliver the financial knowledge that fuels lasting freedom. To date, he has spoken to and taught over ten thousand Americans.

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