Nobody Cares: The Reincarnation Of Indecisive Buffoon



Nobody really cares what this says. Hosts:Number Blue (Zach)MasterEth (Ethan)


  • Nobody Cares 22 - Anakin Fanfiction

    26/05/2020 Duração: 48min

    Star Wars Episode 3 is LITERAL fanfictionHosted by MasterEth & Number Blue

  • Nobody Cares 21 - Garage Alexa

    08/02/2019 Duração: 16min

    Zach amp Ethan discuss Ethans rap album Zachs review on it Alexa in the house Alarm clocks Negative weather Ethans client work Air Pods Commenting on our friends podcast Zachs new table Getting DMs Jonathan Coltons new album and Zachs closing announcements

  • Nobody Cares 20 - Paths in Life

    28/12/2018 Duração: 33min

    Zach amp Ethan discuss The meaning of our show Ethans freelancing gig Christmas shopping Best of MasterEth video Management training program Zach wants to talk about free will Spiderman Into The Spiderverse Peter Rabbit Collecting DVDs Zachs new best friend The satanic temple Providing value with content 2019 video plans Adler Davidsons Comedy Special We Bare Bears Working with an animator Meeting a person on instagram The opposite of We Bare Bears Ethan found some analysis channels Ethans to do list Creative Minds The MasterEth channel amp Backup plans

  • Nobody Cares 19 - It's A Whole Adventure

    30/11/2018 Duração: 29min

    Zach amp Ethan discuss Ethan has mic troubles Ethan gave his 2 week notice Ethans Freelance Editing Job Upwork Zachs video style We Were Here Ethan finds a brand new strategy game that he cant find The return of Zaptie The Adventure Zone Ethans New Computer Overwatch and end with very weird and ethical situations

  • Nobody Cares 18 - Foot Tacos

    03/11/2018 Duração: 44min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss Ethan MISSING a weekly upload for YouTube NEW computer mental breakdowns Work Stories A cleaning Inspector A store manager Zach is back at his old job Getting an Oculus Rift a really fun ethical question Grey areas Sending merch through the mail Keybinding on a mouse GCP Greys Walk In The Woods amp The attention Economy

  • Nobody Cares 17 - ProcrastinationCast

    05/10/2018 Duração: 33min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss New Jobs Zachs Procrastination The REAL reason we recorded this episode Celtx Screenplays Lost Number Blue video Female version of Zach Ethans new music taste Spotify Recommendations Eminem How Ethan got into Logic Being a kid at heart Why Ethan has a cleaning job The cynical mind Zachs thoughts on backup plans 2 different viewpoints on jobs Food service for work Customers Gary Vaynerchuk BTS of Advice with Number Blue The best commenter IncenseZencom amp Ethan is different

  • Nobody Cares 16 - Goo Spat

    07/09/2018 Duração: 24min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss Their summer trips Zachs ring Are fidget spinners dead Livestreams on playback Ethan being unemployed Zach changes careersagainagain The vendor at Mall of America New glasses How to NOT how to describe women We talked about this last episode Google Docs How Ethan wrote 3 scripts in 1 weekend The Beginners Guide SPOILERS Ethans song is wellloved The next Gems of the Internet Ethan got roasted in his comment section Commentary Ethans collab with HA and Zach is a bystander to YouTube

  • Nobody Cares 15 - Memes Need To Die

    10/08/2018 Duração: 31min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss Zach IS the Candy Man Troubles at work Zachy Zachy Literature Club Ethans Sisster Summer Trips Thinkers My videos being played in public Ethan is in a MOVIE Appearing in Popular YouTubers videos Number Blues last hope for his internet presence Memes need to die Comment below if youre listening on YouTube Ethans Anchor Podcast The Beginners Guide video Analytical Content Daily Vlogs and Casey Neistat

  • Nobody Cares 14 - Why Not Brunch?

    13/07/2018 Duração: 19min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss People who say SPOILER ALERT Griffin Appreciating the small changes in life Zachs Lunch Break Ethan yells about IHOP Andriod is always late on updates The slow road Working on vacation Life observations with Ethan Living in a simlulation Emily is Away A Flaw in The Cheapskate Chronicles Lessons from the screenplay Ethans heaviest video to edit Ethan criticizes his videos Confidence Ethan loves to analyze LoFi Tally Hall and weird is not creative

  • Nobody Cares 13 - RoombaVentures

    09/06/2018 Duração: 24min

    Number Blue and MasterEth discuss Yanny VS Laurel Chocolate milk Our first LIVE episode Ethan sighs when Zach asks Hows Life Zachs work life Death days Cutting back for mental sanity Every job becomes a job Slushies at McDonalds Rewards Zachs RoombaVentures Ethan yells about the Massage setting in shower Arctic Monkeys Open mic night Music Artists ARE Genres Zachs favorite people Cool Dude on instagram The Disappointed in Ethan Corner and a LIVE Q amp A with the livestream chat

  • Nobody Cares 12 - A Cheap Fallback

    18/05/2018 Duração: 26min

    NumZach and MasEth discuss Zachs perfect analogy we havent talked in 2 months life updates Ethan is ALMOST done with school A BRAND NEW Podcast ETHAN REACHED 1000 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE Negative bias Ethans VIRAL video Will Number Blue make another video Leeching Fanbase content VS Discoverable content MasterEth MEETUP Ethan is going to BlimeyCon 2018 SECRET PROJECT Weekly MasterEth videos Exercise update Our new stage of life Adulting Is Minecraft MEAT dead Zachs work stories Zach is a professional starter Backhanded compliment and Infinity War MAJOR SPOILERSSSSSSS

  • Nobody Cares 11 - No Chromebooks at Lunch

    20/04/2018 Duração: 45min

    2 guests Vulpinx and Xiedinian join Zach and EthanEthan and Vulpinx discuss Recording Fortnite Creative projects Homestuck Minecraft Steam An unreleased Cool Dude video The direction of Vulpinxs channel YouTube Gaming is oversaturated Feeling drained The Blocking Dead DCU Films Who was the best SpiderMan Chromebooks at school Parents not knowing about their childs YouTube channel What does Ethan do in life and stop sending Vulpinx 8Ball Zach and Xiedinian discuss Xiedinians stolen comedy routine Animation is hard The diverse thing Female Ghostbusters Dissapointed in DC Hating the villian in Wonder Woman Infinity War SPOILERS The Force Awakens theory Thrawn Will wants to be a film guy Hollywood Treasure Planet When to release a movie in theaters Ideas VS Time management Mind Crack Zach and Xiedinian compliment Ethans videos Digital Puppetry A new music video Mediocre guitars DELUXE Memes A LIVE callin Subtlety Zachs Short Film idea Wonder Jerks in real life and Telling the truth doesnt mean you have to be a j

  • Nobody Cares 10 - Tears of Josad

    30/03/2018 Duração: 29min

    Zach and Ethan discuss Ethans social media initiative Exercising Different clothes different modes Is Zach confident Zach rants about the YouTube community Snapchat updated Black Panther No Spoilers Nobody looks at links in group chats XCOM Not caring Zach hates tests George Lucas How to watch Star Wars Zachs dream Star Wars netflix show and oversaturation

  • Nobody Cares 9 - Stupidity Is Hilarious

    09/02/2018 Duração: 29min

    Zach and Ethan discuss A guest on the podcast which is Hannah Hallett Zach rants about Ethans we need to talk video Ethan got a new microphone Ethan has an old cringey fan account How Hannah and Ethan met Zachs tired rant about satire stupidity and comedy I think Zach Efron Ethan Hates Musicals and The Greatest Showman

  • Nobody Cares 8 - Depression Beard

    05/01/2018 Duração: 35min

    Zach and Ethan discuss A 5 minute review of The Founder What has happened in 3 months Ethan took the SAT Ethans life was a country song Ethan has a realization Zachs car has problems Ethans BIG plans for 2018 Resolutions An update on Zachs Album Ethans new podcast and the new podcast schedule

  • Nobody Cares: Episode 7 - Brownie Points

    06/10/2017 Duração: 33min

    Zach and Ethan discuss Ethans NEW Podcast Motivation Sweatshirt vs Hoodie vs Jacket NUMBER BLUE WAS WRONG 2 Writing Letters Productivity Ethan Bought a Car Brownie Points For America Lucid Revere Traveling On The Road The Tryouts Number Blues Channel Video Ideas Number Blue has a Revelation Journals Planning on Reviewing The Founder and The Good Place

  • Nobody Cares: Episode 6 - Dihydrogen Monoxide

    11/08/2017 Duração: 30min

    Zach and Ethan talk about An update on Zachs ducttaped microphone stand Who is Emerrias AutoTune Itched vs Scratched Hippies Hipsters Introverts vs Extroverts ETHAN GOT HIS LICENSE car shopping Zach needs a GhostWriter and we MAY have a new host next episode

  • Nobody Cares: Episode 5 - OUR MOST RACIST PODCAST EPISODE

    20/04/2017 Duração: 35min

    Zach and Ethan have a SPECIAL GUEST in this episode They talk about Zachs new microphone Ethans Scar Anime SAO Deathnote Attack on Titan and Manga The Lego Batman Movie The LiveAction Beauty and the Beast movie Zachs wimpy injuries Does Pineapple belong on pizza Whos better Zach or Ethan Leave a comment down below Having lunch with Mr Taco Bell Mature or muhchoor Zachs fidget spinner Hamilton Harry Potter Reading Zach and Haley argue About 4 timesOh boy XD How to say Feat and How to say MasterEth

  • Nobody Cares: Episode 4 - IS PEWDIEPIE A NAZI

    26/02/2017 Duração: 33min

    Zach and Ethan are not dead Also they talk about Ethans experience with the Whole 30 Naturebox Ethans failed attempt at exercising Bikeriding A possibility of vlogging PasterEth Zach wants ANOTHER drone IS PEWDIEPIE A NAZI What constitutes a bad word Zachs next video Are Zach and Ethan friends or enemies This podcast doesnt want to die Ethans artwork for Indecisive Buffoon Possible guest for next episode One of Ethans worst fears Our videos on YouTube MasterEth is the next PewDiePie Ethans LIT joke and What Zach thinks of Ethans newest video

  • Nobody Cares: Episode 3 - Giant Space Face

    28/11/2016 Duração: 29min

    Zach Number Blue and Ethan MasterEth talk about Doctor Strange Vine dying and the whole CONQUERING YOUTUBE situation that Ethan started

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