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This is the home of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) Podcast with host attorney Scott Key. This podcast is by criminal defense lawyers for criminal defense lawyers. Materials are copyrighted by GACDL. To learn more about GACDL, please visit


  • 003 Insights from the Inside: Shon Hopwood

    24/01/2018 Duração: 29min

    This month GACDL President Scott Key interviewed Georgetown Associate Law Professor Shon Hopwood. Shon was a bank robber who studied law in prison and became a lawyer. In this interview, he shares some great tips on how to understand our clients' stories, how to better communicate with our clients, how to deal with "jailhouse lawyers," how prisons can improve, and more insights from the inside. We hope you enjoy this short and informative edition of the GACDL podcast. Some things discussed in the Podcast: 60 Minutes piece on Shon: Prison Professors, soon to be Yelp for prisons: You can find Shon's book Law Man and other resources here: Shon's contact information: Host Scott Key's blog can be found here: If you are a criminal defense lawyer an

  • 002 Marketing for Lawyers with Erin Gerstenzang - 12:26:17, 10.55 AM

    26/12/2017 Duração: 01h02min

    Erin Gerstenzang’s practice is elegant in its simplicity. From the moment a new client calls her until the case is closed, there is a process. Her intake, practice management, and file handling process are all automated. On the day we recorded the podcast, there was not a single piece of paper to be seen until someone brought in the mail. Her office layout is minimimalistic, yet, there is nothing impersonal about Erin. Clients know that they can call her cell or text her with questions. She says that the clients are happy and are careful not to intrude. She learned to practice this way from her father years ago. The outgoing message on his office’s answering machine directed clients to call him at home if they needed him. You will learn something from this interview about how to market and manage a criminal defense practice. The key, according to Erin, is to bring your authentic self to the table and to practice simply. Her office was a relaxing place to record a podcast. It must be a great place to come

  • Episode 001 -Author Jason Sheffield 10 30 17, 2.54 PM

    19/12/2017 Duração: 01h10min

    In Episode 001 of the GACDL podcast, attorney Scott Key interviews attorney and author Jason Sheffield. Jason is an officer with GACDL, a noted speaker and teacher on trial advocacy, and an attorney with Decatur law firm, Peters, Rubin & Sheffield. His new book, Son of a Bitch is available for electronic download to the Kindle or the Kindle App from Amazon and other major book sellers. It is also available on the shelf at local Atlanta bookstores. In today’s show, Scott and Jason talk about Jason’s story of growing up the son of a noted criminal defense attorney and his often reluctant journey to law school and to becoming a criminal defense attorney. Jason also offers advice on being a successful trial lawyer and human being. They also dive deep into some of the central conflicts in his new semi-autobiographical novel, including the struggles women have faced and face in the legal profession as told through Carter Scales, the mother of the book’s protagonist. They also talk about all that is messy, fraugh