Road To Infinity



Podcast by David Armstrong


  • 19 - Avengers: Infinity War

    02/05/2018 Duração: 01h21min

    What's this!? The Road To Infinity ends with the war, but we can't not cover the war itself, right? All of humanity, nay, all existence in the universe is threatened! Well, I saw it over the opening weekend (where it has become the biggest opening of all time!) and my guest Chris Daily (NCT! Comics! Card Games! The other two Avengers episodes!) was so hyped to talk to me about it we set up one last time! The first 20 minutes or so, we talk spoiler-free, after that it's all Gauntlets off and we talk our favorite moments both happy and sad, we talk about theories, and some what-ifs for Avengers 4. Enjoy!

  • A Mini-sode! Infinity War - Prep-isode!

    26/04/2018 Duração: 31min

    It's Infinity War Eve (sorta, kinda... it's Wednesday. And I'm releasing this on Thursday) and I thought I'd do a quick review of the best scenes of each movie so you can YouTube 'em while you're sitting and waiting in line for the premiere! I also review everybody's theories on who might not make it out alive as well as other theories to do with the movie. I also accidentally got on a soapbox at the end. So please enjoy! And have fun at the movie if you're going this weekend!

  • 18 - Black Panther

    24/04/2018 Duração: 01h04min

    And here it is, the final detour before Infinity War itself! The excellent Black Panther finally brings Wakanda to the MCU, and my friend Rich Soublet (@richsoubletphotography on IG!) talk about this awesome cast, the representation that matters, and everything in between, including our two Tolkien white guys. There's a lot to love in this episode, so don't miss out, because we've still got another few days before Infinity War!