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Stacie Speaker Communication and Conflict Resolution Expert and Coach gets in the trenches to help untangle, dissect and finally understand this thing we call communication.This podcast is dedicated to helping smart women and men sharpen their communication skills to help improve their lives both professionally and personally. As a communication expert, Stacie knows what it takes to have conversations that work. She and her guests will provide actionable tips, strategies and insights on how to build up your communication toolbox so you no longer struggle, manipulate or beg to get what you want from others, can finally have those hard conversations and create real relationships in every area of your life.


  • Stacie's Season Finale!

    30/05/2018 Duração: 11min

    Stacie wraps up this season of Communication Untangled! She shares how she'll be spending her summer, what she's learning from her business, and where she's heading with it, as well as what she plans to accomplish between seasons. She finishes off the series by reinforcing the power of good communication skills, and leaves us with a fond farewell!   More Stacie  

  • Women Interested in Leaving Law with Elena Deutsch

    23/05/2018 Duração: 33min

    In this episode, Stacie welcomes Elena Deutsch to the Communication Untangled podcast! Elena works with attorney's in order to help them figure out their next step, kick that inner nay-sayer to the curb, and to take action on their dreams. The funny thing: Elena is not, and has never been a lawyer, but she has a massive passion for helping women in law.   In This Episode How and why she decided to work with lawyers The core concept that Elena goes through with her clients Saying no and created a desired life Questioning your thought process using 4 simple questions     “This idea of helping women lawyers kept waking me up” “She's saying yes to sleep and recuperation” “They are a generation of change agents” “When you're not taking other people's inventory, there's a lot more space for you to take your own”   More Elena More Stacie  

  • The Worst Delivered, Best Advice I've Ever Recieved with Ellen Fields

    16/05/2018 Duração: 37min

    Stacie is excited to welcome Ellen Fields onto this episode of Communication Untangle. Ellen has over 30 years in Corporate America to draw from, first in the consumer healthcare industry, and now she's a communication executive. She started off wanting to make the world better, ad now she helps leaders communicate in a better way!   In This Episode Growing within an industry as a woman, and an executive The power of perception Being yourself is important, but so are your goals. Things Ellen would say to her younger self Communicating during the interview process   “In the early part of my career, gender wasn't as big of an issue” “I couldn't take that comment personally” “What is your goal, and what does it take for you to do that?” “What types of things do you want to be doing?” “It was delivered poorly, but he gave me excellent advice”   More Ellen   More Stacie  

  • Why Men Don't Like Being Vulnerable with Rick Sharpe

    09/05/2018 Duração: 35min

    Stacie Speaker is unbelievably thrilled to welcome Rick Sharpe to the show to discuss mental health, and how Men are being more outwardly communicative about their emotions and feelings. Rick has written an awesome book called The Price of Heartbreak. Rick is a man on a mission and he is here to help us raise awareness about emotional struggle and the importance of communication within that struggle.   In This Episode Heartbreak, Patterns and how the book came to be Why men tend to avoid the deep emotional conversations. How men like to be received in conversation in order to open up more Why men will die on their white horse before risking a fall off of it Finding someone you would die for, and living for them.   “I had to go places in my past in order to figure out why this was happening” “I had to look at myself in the mirror and say 'you're an idiot'” “When you lie to yourself, that's a huge betrayal” “If those open conversations take place, we actually enhance each other”   More Rick www.rick

  • The One With Ray

    02/05/2018 Duração: 32min

    In this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie is totally stoked to welcome her husband Raymond Lee to the show! Ray is a football coach, and he sees it as a way to help a great many people, and he finds enjoyment in a lot of aspects of it. Although he doesn't consider himself a master communicator, he enjoys the challenge and often finds that the hardest young people to get through to often create the biggest rewards in life.   In This Episode Communicating with high school students to steer them in a productive and successful direction Ray explains that men do express their feelings, they're typically just not public about it Communication between men and women doesn't have to differ or be tougher than other types of communication How to create a positive team environment and foster a positive group relationship The challenges in communication between Ray and Stacie   “You have to have a multi-pronged communication approach” “You have to spend a good amount of time getting to know the kids”

  • Effective Communication with Tiana Sanchez

    25/04/2018 Duração: 32min

    On this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie Speaker welcomes Tiana Sanchez in a #1 best selling author on Amazon, as well as a corporate trainer who serves innovative companies throughout the U.S. Tiana also hosts an awesome podcast called Like A Real Boss.   In This Episode Management at 17 years old, and learning the complexities of people. Why focusing on communication can mess things up for people One of the best things you can do when you find yourself in a new environment Navigating conflict, and how to deal with people who are frustrated or upset. What is an empathy statement, and why you may want to start using them.   “People are complex and we are all uniquely different” “The best part of my career was developing others” “There's nothing soft about the soft skills” “If you don't have trust first, you're not going to communicate effectively” “Seek to understand, not seek to judge”   To find out more about Tiana More Stacie    

  • The 3 Listening Styles and Their Impact

    18/04/2018 Duração: 22min

    Stop. Communicate and Listen, Stacie's back with a brand new mission (admit it, you read that in the style of Vanilla Ice). But Seriously! Stacie is back and talking about the skill of active listening, and how it can improve your communication skills and help you have better conversations with the people in your life.   In This Episode Objective Listening Subjective Listening Intuitive Listening How Sympathy and Empathy differ   “It's unbelievably imperative that not only do we talk to each other, but we listen to each other” “You want to be genuinely interested” “You notice their tone of voice, you notice their body language” “You're empathizing with the person, you're putting yourself into their situation” “There's a difference between sympathy and empathy” “You have to listen because you don't know what that other person is experiencing”   Courageous Conversations  

  • Keeping Cool Under Pressure with Alison Deutsch

    11/04/2018 Duração: 35min

    In this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie Speaker reunites with Alison Deutsch . Alison is a certified positive psychology practitioner and professional coach who has experienced the challenge of relocating with her young family 4 times over a period of 10 years both domestically and overseas. Stacie first welcomed Alison as a guest on Reignite Your Light, and is thrilled to speak with her again!   In this episode Stress and how the body responds to it. The 3 Super Powers and how they keep you calm. The cuddle hormone, and hugging yourself. Shining light on the issue, and feeling powerful. Taking power away from yourself and subtle self sabotage.   “That moment when you're up in front of the room, or the mic goes live... it's like a free fall” “The breath is a way of calming down that fear” “We all need a chance to breathe” Here is the link to Alison:   Here are the links to the Ted Talks we mention:

  • A Shift in Conversation With Michael O'Brien

    04/04/2018 Duração: 41min

    Stacie is excited to welcome Michael O'Brien to the Communication Untangled Podcast. Michael helps sales and marketing leaders who are juggling it all slay the internal feelings of worry and doubt so they can accomplish complete success.   In this episode: Comparison, and the “Do Have Be” way of life Life and Death From Victim to Victor Doing less in order to have better conversations Asking Why   “If I got that new car, I'd be happy” “I caught happiness for a bit, but then it flew away, like any good vapor finish line” “I didn't have to put on the brave face anymore, but I was scared to death” “The conversation I was having with myself wasn't fueling me” “I want to be present with my family as opposed to just doing all the time”   For Michael  

  • Bringing Self Realization Into the Conversation with Anastasia Netri

    28/03/2018 Duração: 40min

    Anastasia Netri is a coach and guide and has been for nearly a decade. She works with people who wish to live a self realized life awake and free.   In this episode, Stacie and Anastasia: Discuss self-realization, what it feels like, and why it's so important. Personal and Professional conversations, and how Anastasia navigates them. Values and where they fit into personal and professional relationships   “We form these identities and we don't know who we are” “Knowing who you are has everything to do with good communication” “This person I am as a coach doesn't really get turned off when I'm in relationships.” “How is it that they see the world from their point of view?” “What we value dictates how we see the world”   More Stacie Communication Untangled Group

  • Communication Archetype Quiz Results with Scott Doucet

    21/03/2018 Duração: 45min

    Stacie welcomes her podcast producer, Scott Doucet of Podcast Bay to the show to discuss the results of a quiz he took in order to determine his communication archetype! Scott leads a production team, and runs a community of podcasters and aspiring podcasters online, ans so communication is a massive part of his day to day. He wanted to learn more about his archetype, but more importantly, how he can communicate more easily with others.   In this episode:   Scott shares his Communication Archetype with Stacie He shares the challenges that come along with his communication style The role of empathy in communication Men and Women communicating with each other How Scott can communicate better with the people in his life   Quotes “My archetype is almost counter-productive at times” “The phone is my nightmare” “Everybody has to have the willingness to put themselves in someone else's shoes” “Everyone needs their moment” “You don't understand. You don't get it” “You are just there to listen, and not fix

  • Tough Conversations with Luke Iorio

    14/03/2018 Duração: 31min

    Stacie welcomes back Luke Iorio!! Stacie interviewed Luke on her last Podcast, Reignite Your Light, and had a great time speaking with him. He's the President of IPEC, and hosts his own podcast as well! Stacie brings him back to the Communication Untangled podcast as a result of a post he posted on social media #notokay. He made a large point about how distorted our communication is, and how little we actually try to understand one another. Luke and Stacie talk about how to have those difficult conversations, or if opinions greatly differ: how do you stop it from turning into a shouting match? Luke shares various questions you can ask yourself during a conversation that can help you build a strong connection and great conversations. He gets excited over one of Stacie's question about how to teach children to listen in order for generational improvement. Luke gives great examples of things that parents can do to encourage empathy and understanding within our children. Luke also brings some profound insights ar

  • Communication Archetypes Revisited

    07/03/2018 Duração: 21min

    In this episode, Stacie goes over the 4 Communication Archetypes that she's talked about on the last 4 episodes of the Communication Untangled podcast!   Director Driven by the need to get things done, and the need to be in control Most comfortable in managing others and taking control Focused on results and achieving success They love autonomy and freedom Skip the small talk and give them the details   Strategist Systematic people who enjoy problem solving They are very detail oriented Proud of great work and willing to jump in without extra coaxing. Be sensitive to their time and allow them to talk in great detail. Let them now if something isn't going to get done. Influencer Friendly an enthusiastic They thrive on compliments and acknowledgment They want work to be fun for everyone. They have a tendency to tease people They are very talkative and open about themselves.   Connector Excellent listeners Friendly and approachable disposition Tend to strive for stron

  • The Connector – A Communication Archetype

    28/02/2018 Duração: 25min

    Stacie dives into the 4th communication archetype this week: The Connector. She explains why it's so crucial to understand the style of communicator you're dealing with, as well as the one that you are, in order to have smooth, effective conversations that leave you feeling great and getting results. She also summarizes the 3 types previously discussed on the show!~ If you missed out on them, go check out the last 3 episodes! Stacie describes the connector as being very open, and easy to relate to, as they are always striving to find that way to connect with the person they are speaking to. They tend to have a relaxed disposition, making them very relaxed, warm and approachable. A common fear among connectors is sudden change, they're not a fan of when things suddenly take a turn without time to prepare. They can appear stubborn, but that could be a result of wanting things to remain the same. They can also seem overly sensitive, because they want to ensure the boat doesn't get rocked. Connectors are amazing

  • The Influencer – A Communication Archetype

    21/02/2018 Duração: 24min

    This week is week 3 of the Communication Archetypes series! Which means we'll be uncovering the talents and style of the Influencer today. We've already discussed the task oriented and fact driven Director's and Strategists, and Stacie summarizes what we've learn about them so far, but now it's time to take a walk on the social side and see what the Influencer is all about hand how they can make their biggest splash on the world. Stacie is actually an Influencer when it comers to being a communicator, so this one is a little near and dear to her heart. Some of their strengths include being great at breaking the ice and getting conversations started. They have a gift for persuasion and interacting with others. Influencers have very little trouble making connections with people, and actually crave it. Influencer have their weaknesses. They have a tendency to be impatient, and don't like to be kept waiting. They sometimes have an aversion to being alone, and prefer to have at least one other person around, if no

  • The Strategist – A Communication Archetype

    14/02/2018 Duração: 19min

    Stacie lifts the curtain and gives us a tiny peek into her life before Communication Untangles and coaching. She reveals that she grew up professionally in Hollywood, and got the chance to work on quite a few Television shows and movies. During that time, she was involved in, and witnessed, a ton of examples of good communications, and bad communication. She also recaps last week's archetype: The Director. Much like the director, the strategist is focused on tasks. They are logical and methodical in their thinking, as well as their approach. Often they let things simmer until the entire idea is planned out, before bringing it up at all. Strategists tend to enjoy communicating with people who want to hear details on how to get things done, and can sometimes require a lot of time before coming to a decision on some topics. If you do make plans with a strategist, be sure that they've got the date marked. Do the same. Also, they enjoy being recognized for their knowledge, help, or effort. A little acknowledgment

  • The Director – A Communication Archetype

    07/02/2018 Duração: 20min

    This episode kicks off a 4 part series about the communication archetypes, and which category you fall into! She describes various communication issues that people can find themselves running into as a result of not knowing the archetypes of the people who surround them, and talks about how just being aware can shift these conversations to make them more meaningful, productive and effective. She also has a quiz you can take! Stacie references personality tests, and explains that communication archetypes are similar in a way to the personality tests, but there are also differences. She lists out the 4 major communication archetypes as The Director, Strategist, Influencer and Connector. While the Director and Strategist are more task oriented, the Influencer and Connectors of the world are relationship focused. She breaks down the Director for our listening pleasure. She begins by stating that Directors are often C.E.O's, and tend to live in the realm of fact. They like to get in, get the conversation over quic

  • Coaching Conversations with Calvin Chen

    31/01/2018 Duração: 34min

    Thanks for joining us for another episode of Communication Untangled! In this episode, Stacie is joined by Calvin Chen. Calvin is an executive life coach who specializes in emotional intelligence for high performance, leadership and happiness. His coaching is based on the same values he lives his life by: Love and truth, possibility and practicality. Stacie kicks off asking Calvin about his path to coaching Calvin explains that he started off pursuing a science degree, but ended up not wanting to continue, and being sold the entrepreneurial dream through a book. He began cold calling, and learning the skills he needed to thrive within the cold calling environment. He began cold calling for Tony Robbins, and within 7 months got the opportunity to sell coaching for Tony. Stacie asks a few questions about what had happened, and Calvin shares the exact moment that he talked his way into the position. Stacie congratulates Calvin on finding his calling at a young age, and Calvin shares his thought process surroundi

  • Smart Leaders Communicate and Sell with Jessica Lorimer

    24/01/2018 Duração: 33min

    Welcome back to Communication Untangled! On this episode Stacie greets Jessica Lorimer with open arms to discuss the topic of Sales, and how to have sales conversations more effectively. Jessica is a sales coach who helps clients sell with more ease an integrity, while adding revenue to their business each month without spending all of their time on FB. Jess describes her journey into sales as a result of enjoyment, rather than a purpose from birth. She got a job at a jewelry store at a young age and really enjoyed the journey of getting to know customers and building relationships while learning their taste. After school, she was headhunted into sales in the fashion industry and excelled in that field by building genuine connections with people and communicating in a way the built solid foundations with her customers, and realized that she could dominate the sale niche with ease. Jess talks about the lifetime value of a client or customer and tells the story of one of her clients, and the relationship they'v

  • Let's Talk About Sex with Alexa Martinez

    19/01/2018 Duração: 52min

    Alexa is a sex coach and a mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexual expression across the globe. She was born in the deep south of Louisiana, and experienced an “abstinence only” style of sexual education growing up. After spending the majority of her adult life on aboard a cruise ship, and enduring a relationship that seemed perfect from the outside, but in reality was very disconnected, she decided to explore the world of sex, love and relationships. After meeting tons of people, having a lot of different experiences, and helping solve sexual disconnect within others, she found her life's purpose in her sex positive brand: The Violet Butterfly. Stacie talks about sex, and it's purpose being for reproduction, and Alexa is more than happy to debunk that myth. She shares various insights that show we as humans, have sex for pleasure, and that our connection to our sexuality is vital to our health and well being overall. She describes the relationship most people have with sex, and how we're taugh

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