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A history podcast detailing the history of America, from Jamestown to Tokyo Bay.


  • Episode 55 – Basilikon Doron


    This episode concludes our discussion James VI/I as King of Scotland, and covers his final victory over the Kirk. We talk about the Edinburgh Riots and how James turned that chaos to his advantage, the story of the Bold Buccleuch’s daring raid on Carlisle Castle and James’ response, and the political philosophy held by James … Continue reading Episode 55 – Basilikon Doron

  • Episode 54 – Maitland’s Supremacy


    In this lecture, we discuss James’s political alliance with the Kirk, spearheaded by his indefatigable Chancellor, John Maitland. This period (1587-1594) was marked first by the rivalry between Maitland and the Earl of Huntly, and later on between the King and the Earl of Bothwell. This latter conflict, however, severely weakened James’s relationship with the … Continue reading Episode 54 – Maitland’s Supremacy

  • Episode 53 – Sole King


    Now that James had escaped the Ruthven Raiders, the Episcopal/Catholic faction seemed to be back in control, under the Earl of Arran’s leadership. But England had other ideas, and before long, Arran had been sacrificed to placate Scotland’s powerful southern neighbor. Scotland now moved closer to England, and indeed, Elizabeth was soon to remove the … Continue reading Episode 53 – Sole King

  • From Settlement to Superpower Update


    We’re back! From Settlement to Superpower will be restarting shortly, alongside, a new project which will combine detailed historical narratives with animated visuals. Go check it out, and we’ll be back soon with our regular podcasting schedule.

  • Episode 51 – Crown and Parliament


    In this, the final of our introductory episodes, we talk about the two primary organs of the English government in 1600: The Crown, via the Privy Council, and Parliament. These constitutional arrangements and the disputes which they engendered are going to take center stage in our discussions of Stuart Britain.

  • Episode 50 – Puritans and Papists


    In this episode, we examine the state of religion in Britain at the turn of the Seventeenth Century. We look at the Church of England and its dissenters, both Catholic and Puritan, before turning our attention northwards to discuss the early years of the Presbyterian Scottish Kirk.

  • Episode 49 – Untamed Frontiers – Scotland and Ireland


    In this episode, the second of our introductory episodes, we move from the relatively quiet and peaceful Kingdom of England to the tumultuous borderlands, the Scottish Highlands, and Ireland. Lots of clans, feuds, and raids in this episode.

  • Episode 48 – Merrie England


    In this, the first of our contextual episodes on Stuart Britain, we discuss the basic economic and social geography of the Kingdom of England (which of course includes both England and Wales). We discuss the function market towns and cities played in holding England’s villages together into a cohesive whole, and we take a quick … Continue reading Episode 48 – Merrie England

  • Episode 47 – Introduction to Chapter 2 (1603-1625)


    It’s a girl!!! In this brief episode, I lay out out the basic scheme of what next chapter is going to include: King James I’s reign, The Virginia Company (up until its dissolution), and the Jamestown Settlement. At the very end, we will conduct a survey of the Northeast Woodland Indians. Enjoy!

  • Episode 46 – Elizabethan Twilight


    In this episode, we wrap up Elizabeth’s reign and cover the final seven years, from 1596 through 1603. We discuss the rivalry between Essex and Cecil, Essex’s coup, and Elizabeth’s famous “Golden Speech” to the Parliament of 1601. We bid a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth, whose reign was so instrumental in leading the English … Continue reading Episode 46 – Elizabethan Twilight

  • Episode 45 – Drake’s Drum


    In this episode, we discuss the final expedition of John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake (1595 – 1596). Both Drake and the Indies had changed over the last decade, and it showed on this melancholy voyage.

  • Episode 44 – Flores and Crozon


    In this episode, we begin to wrap up our coverage of the great Elizabethans and their activities in the Americas. In this episode, we cover the Battle of Flores (1591) and the Siege of Crozon (1594).

  • Episode 43 – The Mystery


    So, what actually happened to the Roanoke colonists? In this episode, we explore several hypotheses. We talk about the reports of gray or blue-eyed Indians in the Carolinas, Tuscarora oral tradition, and a possible massacre by the Powhatan Confederacy. In the second half of the episode, we explore the intriguing saga of the Dare Stones.

  • Episode 42 – The Lost Colony


    White did not have an easy time getting relief for his colonists. Ignored by Walter Raleigh and betrayed by such unscrupuluos pirates as Arthur Facy, White failed to get out of England before the crisis of the Spanish Armada trapped him in. By the time White actually got out in 1590, accompanied by Abraham Cocke … Continue reading Episode 42 – The Lost Colony

  • Episode 41 – Fernandes’ Betrayal


    In this episode, we discuss Raleigh’s second attempt at colonizing Virginia, this time under the command of John White. Although Raleigh, Grenville, and White had their own idea of where the colony was to be planted, Simon Fernandes decided to do things his way, and in doing so he seriuosly compromised the new colony. We … Continue reading Episode 41 – Fernandes’ Betrayal

  • Episode 40 – The First Roanoke Colony


    We’re back, after a month’s hiatus, and in this episode we discuss Sir Walter Raleigh’s first colony at Roanoke Island. Commanded by Governor Ralph Lane, the colonists soon managed to make enemies of the local Roanoc Indians. Warned of a planned Indian surprise attack by Manteo, Lane succeeded in killing Wingina in a surprise attack … Continue reading Episode 40 – The First Roanoke Colony

  • Episode 39 – A Tale of Two Drakes


    In this episode we discuss the two pre-emptive expeditions which Elizabeth sent to the new world in 1585. The first is Bernard Drake’s destruction of the Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets in Newfoundland, and the second is Sir Francis Drake’s sacking of Santiago, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, and St Augustine. On his return home, Drake visited … Continue reading Episode 39 – A Tale of Two Drakes

  • Episode 38 – Richard Grenville and the Goblet of Fire


    Following Amadas and Barlowe’s return from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Raleigh sent over a fleet and about 100 colonists. The colony was to be governed by Ralph Lane, while the fleet which conveyed them was placed under the command of Richard Grenville, Raleigh’s cousin. As it turned out, Grenville had an unfortunate habit of setting … Continue reading Episode 38 – Richard Grenville and the Goblet of Fire

  • Episode 37 – Welcome to Windgancon


    Following Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s death at sea in 1583, his half-brother, Sir Walter Raleigh, took up the mantle of American colonization. This episode discusses the reconnaissance voyage sent out by Raleigh in 1584, under the command of Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe. The Amadas-Barlowe expedition chose Roanoke Island as the best site for a future … Continue reading Episode 37 – Welcome to Windgancon

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