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Hilarious comedy sketches from South Wales based comedy troupe Comedy Geek. Starring Daniel Morgan, Amy Webber, Thomas Woodrow and Jamie Davies.


  • Best of Season 2 - Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast

    26/12/2019 Duração: 01h04min

    This special episode features highlights from Season 2 of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast (Jan 2019-Dec 2019). We have selected the very best of our 2019 sketches for your listening pleasure! What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Join Dan, Amy and Jamie along with a shed load of wonderful special guests from the world of comedy for this very special BEST OF episode! Episode running order: The Swearingtons (with Tom Rhys Evans) Living the Dream (with Chris Chopping) Death at the Garden Centre (with Steffan Alun) A Chicken Named Beatrice (with Dan Thomas) Model Behaviour (with Nathan Webb) I'm Looking Right At You (with Stefan Pejic) The Sarah Breese Museum - Part 1 (with Sarah Breese) The Ultimate Sacrifice (with Nathan Webb) MagnaniMousse (with Steffan Alun) Princesses & Pirates Movie Trailer (with Stefan Pejic) The Sarah Breese Museum - Part 2 (with Sarah Breese) Weird Q&A Session (with Dan Thomas) Mispronouncing Food in Wales (with Tom Rhys Evans)

  • Halloween Special 2019 - S2Ep11

    28/10/2019 Duração: 42min

    It’s the big Halloween Special you've all been waiting for!    Join Comedy Geek for a pumpkin-flavoured comedy sketch show that will leave you quivering under your bed sheets with fear.   In this episode: The Swearingtons return with some ghostly goings on that will leave your v*** b***ing like a c*** full of m***, we visit the set of a horror movie that’s just a little bit too scary, Lipson Jacket attempts to finish what he has already started, and we travel to the distant future where our special guest has liberated all of mankind (along with her cat Malcolm). Plus our scariest character to date is unleashed at a wedding.   Written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber. Special guest star Sarah Breese. Narrated by Jamie Davies.   For more great comedy sketches visit our website at and subscribe to our show on your favourite podcatcher.   Don't forget to tune in to watch Sarah in the second series of Tourist Trap which starts back tonight (28th October 2019) on BBC One

  • Sarah Breese Interview

    24/10/2019 Duração: 55min

    If you've ever wondered "what's the best Travel Lodge in the UK?" then this is the episode for you! Join us for a lovely interview with standup comedian, writer, producer and performer Sarah Breese and listen to us munching on some delicious pizza as we chat about Sarah's busy fun-filled life as a comedy show producer, her experiences performing standup comedy, and her innate bike-repairing skills. With series 2 of BBC Wales' hilarious Welsh tourism board mockumentary Tourist Trap about to air, we geek out and ask Sarah what its like working alongside the hilarious Sally Phillips and get a first-hand account of how this brilliant show - which also stars Welsh comedy stalwarts Tudur Owen and Elis James, a tremendous supporting cast and an array of glorious cameos - is put together. We had tons of fun nattering, giggling and recording comedy sketches with Sarah and we are thrilled she could join us on the show as a special guest for our Halloween Special which goes live next week - be sure to subscribe to our

  • Geekanory Part 4: "L.A. Daggers" - S2Ep10

    21/09/2019 Duração: 18min

    Part 4 of our Geekanory special arrives with aplomb! This week's short story is read by standup comedian and podcaster Zach Williams and was penned by Daniel Morgan; a short story entitled "L.A. Daggers", which sees local journalist Ashley Quinlaven trying - and failing - to fit in backstage with Swansea's hottest rock group. Zach is a great friend of our show and you will instantly recognise his mellifluous voice from the Most Best Podcast. If you haven't listened to this show before then we urge you to do so at once! Fans of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast may want to start with the episode Dan guested on... but they're all incredibly fun listens! When he's not pursuing his quest to find the co-host with the mo-host, Zach can usually be found making people laugh in various locations on the South Wales standup scene with his unique brand of dark and musical comedy so be sure to go and watch him the first chance you get. You will be glad you did. As always we encourage you to subscribe to our show and leave

  • Geekanory Part 3: "The Race to Not Sit Next to the Boss at the Work's Christmas Lunch" - S2Ep9

    15/09/2019 Duração: 11min

    In this 3rd instalment of our Geekanory extravaganza, Comedy Geek cast regular Marie Edwards reads a short story written by Eleanor Freeman entitled "The Race to Not Sit Next to the Boss at the Work's Christmas Lunch", a tale of one woman's struggle to avoid becoming separated from the "fun crew" at the annual works festivities. Will she get stuck next to the boring accounts department, the smelly cleaner, or worse... the boss? You'll just have to listen and find out! Eleanor Freeman lives with her husband, daughter and hamster Pootle in Warwickshire and has written many short stories, play and poems. She has just completed her first novel, set in the 14th century during the Black Death, and is also working on another novel set in a 19th century workhouse, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these. When Eleanor is not writing about death and disease, she likes to lighten things up a little by watching and writing comedy, even taking the plunge and performing standup comedy under the mentorship of Phoenix

  • Geekanory Part 2: "Sick Masterpiece" - S2Ep8

    08/09/2019 Duração: 13min

    Welcome back to part 2 of our Comedy Geek short story collection! This week on Geekanory, a short story written and read by Comedy Geek's very own Dan Morgan featuring a heartbroken down-on-his-luck artist who inadvertently creates a very spewy work of art. As a comedy writer, Dan enjoys writing short stories and hopes to one day get something published. He is also working on a humorous novel don't you know! More on this in the future possibly! Remember to subscribe to our podcast channel and check out the rest of our Geekanory shorts! You can visit our website at to hear these and all of our other comedy sketch and interview episodes. If you have the time, we'd love it if you could leave us a favourable review on your preferred podcast app - we'll be your best friends if you do! The Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast is proud to be part of Brit Pod Scene, a collection of the very finest independent British podcasts. To discover to more great shows head to

  • Geekanory Part 1: "Mr Hyde with a Y" - S2Ep7

    01/09/2019 Duração: 11min

    Welcome to part 1 of Comedy Geek's fun-filled literary extravaganza! Put on your comfiest pants and snuggle up in your favourite armchair with Geekanory, a collection of hilarious short stories that we hope you will enjoy and share with your friends, written by some very talented collaborators and read by our own Comedy Geek cast. Part 1 features a short story written by Robbie Sunderland entitled "Mr Hyde with a Y". Robbie has been a writer and performer on BBC Radio Norfolk's New Comedy show since its inception in 2015, going out on the last Sunday of every month, and you can listen to the latest episode on the BBC Sounds app and BBC iPlayer. Robbie is also the creator of some hilarious sketch comedy characters including football mastermind Bobby Chambrake, which you can watch on Punkanary's Comedy on Demand service: Bobby Chambrake's Soccer Skillz. Why not follow Robbie on Twitter at @robbie_sun89, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and tell him how much you enjoyed his ghoulish comedy story on Geekanory.

  • Chris Chopping chopping (Kitchen interview)

    06/08/2019 Duração: 59min

    He’s hoping to make it through life without ever contracting tapeworm, it’s standup comedian and all-round lovely guy, Chris Chopping chopping... and no, that is not a grammatical faux pas!   Join us for a Comedy Geek first as we head into the kitchen with Chris for a delightful chat as he whips up a delicious pork chow mein for us! We probe Chris about his comedy, his current stint at the Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival 2019, the artwork for his show posters, nostalgia, and his love of The Beatles. We then head through to the dining table with chopsticks in hand to sample Chris’ culinary efforts. And boy was it tasty!   For more great comedy sketches and interviews visit our website at and subscribe to our show on your favourite podcatcher.   You can find Chris Chopping on Twitter as @MrChrisChopping and we highly recommend you follow him and send him endless compliments. Also be sure to catch Chris at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 where he will be performing his

  • Turning Down Dinner With The Queen... Like a Boss - S2Ep6

    01/08/2019 Duração: 32min

    If you're looking for hilarious scripted comedy sketches then you are in the right place! It is our great pleasure to present to you another fine episode of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast. But what delicious treats do we have in store for you this time we hear you asking? Wow, that is such a thoughtful question!   Coming up; a naughty comedy sketch gets written in the clouds, some bees make a huge evolutionary leap when they discover a new dance, The Geek Reporters sample some highly pretentious food, aliens arrive on Earth and create unacceptable potholes, and a singer-songwriter called Tom tells us how he is conquering the music world one open mic night at a time. Also, we meet a man seeking help because he can’t stop complimenting everyone.   This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber with Jamie Davies and special guest Chris Chopping.   For more great comedy sketches visit our website at and subscribe to our show on your favourite podcatcher.   Y

  • Tom Rhys Evans Interview

    08/07/2019 Duração: 01h07min

    He escaped from school on Day 1 and hasn't looked back since, it's twenty-laughs-a-minute-standup comedian Tom Rhys Evans! If you've listened to S2Ep5 (Yo B****! Where You At?) then you will have heard Tom's mellifluous voice and infectious laughter on a bunch of our comedy sketches already! With his trusty acoustic guitar close at hand, we had a great conversation with Tom about being a standup comedian, some of the personal challenges he has faced in life as a youngster and as an adult, his love of music, and his move from South Wales to Liverpool. Tom also treats us to some of his favourite comedy acoustic songs! Comedy and music... what else could you possibly wish for! If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe to our podcast and consider leaving us a favourable review - it really is the best way to support our little show! ALSO! We now have our very own website! Check out and listen to every single episode of our podcast, peruse our video gallery and meet the team!

  • Yo B****! Where You At? - S2Ep5

    01/07/2019 Duração: 36min

    Another b****ing episode of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast has arrived! In this f*** of an episode, we catch up with The Swearingtons, we force our special guest to over-pronounce Mexican food in a t***ish Welsh accent, a s***y shopping channel tries to sell us all some f***ing candles, and we discover a mysterious island that is definitely not a p*** take of the convoluted w***-basket of a TV show Lost.   This mother-j***ing episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber with Jamie Davies and special guest Tom Rhys Evans.   Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast now has a c***ing website! Visit to get all the latest news, podcast episodes, videos and events from the Comedy Geek team.   Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of f***ing great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more j***tastic shows.

  • Bog Snorkelling in Renaissance Italy - S2Ep4

    01/06/2019 Duração: 33min

    The reviews are in and they all say Boffo! It’s the one and only Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast and in this fourth exciting instalment of Season 2, the Protectors rally their troupes for a monster attack... but what is their Endgame? Also: the GEEK Report meet a wellness expert who may not be doing so well, we delve into the topic of privacy on The Truth Hour, and we are introduced to an extremely delicious chicken named Beatrice.    This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber with special guest Dan Thomas. Additional voices by Stefan Pejic. Narration by Jamie Davies.   If you haven't already, follow @danthomascomedy on Twitter and Instagram   Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more great shows.

  • Dan Thomas Interview

    20/05/2019 Duração: 01h04min

    He finally got round to learning how to ride a bike this year, it’s frenetic and utterly charming standup comedian Dan Thomas.   Dan has been performing standup comedy since 2005 and has toured all across the UK, performing in both English and Welsh and supporting Russel Kane on tour. As you can imagine, we were thrilled to record a bunch of comedy sketches with Dan recently in Cardiff and these will be featured in the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast S2Ep4 (available June 1st 2019).   Amidst the comedy sketch madness we took some time out to chat with Dan about his passion for books and movies, outdated video game consoles, t-shirts with obscure pop culture references, his outlook on standup comedy, his favourite salad (Spoiler: It's just lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes), and why it’s ok to eat sushi incorrectly. He also regales us with a truly memorable story that we wish we could un-hear. Seriously…ew. You have been warned.   Follow Dan Thomas on Twitter and Instagram @danthomascomedy and make sure you catch him

  • Nathan Webb Interview

    10/05/2019 Duração: 01h42s

    He once stuck a Blutack willy onto his parents’ nativity scene for a laugh, it’s observational standup comedian and all-round funny guy Nathan Webb.   Join Amy Webber and Daniel Morgan for some enjoyable tangents and whimsical banter as they leisurely chat their way through some of life’s big questions with Nathan, get presented with an Easter egg live on the show, and give the Antiques Roadshow theme music that big remix it deserves.   Having taken a break from standup comedy for almost a decade, Nathan tells us what its like returning to the South Wales comedy scene and reveals his approach to creating hilarious routines, nob jokes and all.      If you enjoy this episode please leave us a nice review wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe to our show for more comedy sketch madness and hilarious interviews with some very funny people.   Don't forget to follow Nathan Webb on Instagram and Facebook and check out his great videos on BBC Sesh.   The Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast are proud members of Brit Pod

  • Knitting with Hot Spaghetti - S2Ep3

    01/05/2019 Duração: 25min

    In what promises to be the greatest podcast download of the decade, the Comedy Geek gang decide to do a bit of modelling for the fans, exchange friendship wigs, and do a lot of grunting. Also in this episode, confidence guru David Tickle attempts to make “The Ultimate Sacrifice” and the Geek Report are joined by showbiz consultant and kebab expert Jane Jalapeño.   This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber and features special guest Nathan Webb. Narration by Jamie Davies.   You can check out all the latest news, live dates and videos from Nathan Webb at and make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel for some hilarious parody songs and homemade curry recipes!   Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more great shows.

  • Sweet Child O' Mine on Repeat Forever - S2Ep2

    01/04/2019 Duração: 31min

    In this truly hypnotic episode of Wales’ best comedy sketch podcast... we meet the Grim Reaper at the local garden centre, we venture into space and encounter an unexpected ice cream van, and we discover the tasty new dessert/hair-styling product that is taking the world by storm. Also featured in this episode: more GEEK Report, more traffic cones, and a proper nappy-filler of a song that you’ll be singing for at least several minutes afterwards.   This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber and also starred Jamie Davies and special guest Steffan Alun.   Follow Steffan on Twitter at @StAlun and check out his page on Facebook to see where he's performing next.   Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more great shows.

  • Trailer 2019 - Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast

    16/03/2019 Duração: 01min

    Season 2 of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast has arrived! New comedy sketches dropping straight into your podcatcher on the 1st of every month! Featuring special guests from the world of standup comedy and entertainment! Lots of silliness! Lots of exclamation marks! Plus: cheeky little bonus interview episodes between shows. Wow! Theres plenty for all to discover in the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast. Warning: may contain chocolate cake.

  • Steffan Alun Interview

    10/03/2019 Duração: 55min

    He once performed a Welsh language standup routine in front of a stunned audience that turned out to be entirely English-speaking, it's the multilingual, multi-talented, multiversally funny Steffan Alun. Aside from being the biggest Doctor Who fan in the world, Steffan has crafted his standup act to be simultaneously thought-provoking and downright hilarious. So who can blame us for being absolutely thrilled to have him on the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast! After a fun day recording silly sketches, we had some chill time with Steffan and asked all about his introduction to the Welsh comedy scene, how he approaches writing his material, and what its like to perform standup in two different languages. Episode 2 of Comedy Geek Season 2 will be live at the beginning of April so be sure to tune in and hear what we got up to with Steffan Alun. Get your funny on by subscribing to the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast! And please leave us a favourable rating on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you get your poddy-fix) as these rea

  • A Day In The Life of a Paper Clip - S2Ep1

    01/03/2019 Duração: 25min

    Things are about to get crazy on this brand new season of the rambunctious sketch show that everyone should be talking about... It's the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast!   On this episode: A mysterious movie trailer... The GEEK Report returns with more ridiculous news headlines... Mark struggles to find Dave on a busy street... We continue to mispronounce food... A game show that everyone isn’t talking about.   This episode was written and performed by Daniel Morgan and Amy Webber with Jamie Davies and special guest Stefan Pejic.   Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of great independent UK podcasts. Check out for more great shows.

  • Stefan Pejic Interview

    10/02/2019 Duração: 44min

    He once got paid to throw an apple at Hugh Grant's face and now he gets regular royalty payments for it. It's the multi-talented magician/comedian/writer/actor Stefan Pejic! Amy and Dan take a moment to relax with their special guest after a pleasant afternoon recording comedy sketches and learn about Stefan's journey from Butlins redcoat and child actor to the exciting world of entertainment and Cliff Richard impersonations. So whether you're on your summer holidays or just wired for sound, we're certain you'll enjoy this super special bonus episode of the Comedy Geek Sketch Podcast. What a great special guest to kick off season 2! We can't wait to launch very soooooooon... Visit Stefan Pejic's website at to find out when his next shows are happening and find him online. Facebook: Stefan Pejic Entertainer Twitter and Instagram: StefanPejic.Official Comedy Geek are proud members of Brit Pod Scene, a collective of the most fantastic independent podcasts from the UK. For more great Bri

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